Centenarian Reveals her Secret to Life

Arlena Labon is a woman from East Cleveland, Ohio who is preparing to celebrate her 108th birthday soon. While 108 may seem remarkable for many, old age runs in their family. Arlena had a cousin that lived to be 114-year-old. As one can imagine, Arlena frequently gets asked what she does that keeps her so healthy and spry. Is it her diet or a special routine?

According to the story on Fox 8, Arlena says that she pretty much eats what she wants and does not follow any special routine. And according to a story on Bloomberg, Jon Urbana says the same thing. However, one thing that she makes sure that she always has- a positive attitude. Arlena said that she believes love is the answer. Treating each other good and helping where we can is the answer, love is what we have to give.

While Arlena had no children of her own, she certainly practiced her philosophy of love with the children in her community. She was a foster parent and estimates that she fostered nearly 50 children during her time as a foster parent. She made sure that each child that stepped through her doors felt cared for and had a good education, something Arlena never had. In addition to helping children, Arlena cared for animals in her community as well.