CCMP Capital Is Saved By Stephen Murray’s Leadership Prior To His Death

Stephen Murray was known as a lifer at CCMP Capital, and he had worked for the company through every name change until it was established as one of the largest and most successful funds on Wall Street. The industry mourned Stephen’s death in early 2015 because of the massive amount of respect he had among his peers, but Stephen left a wonderful parting piece for his company. Stephen’s leadership helped save a brand new fund from CCMP Capital, and this article explains how Stephen left his mark on a successful brand.

#1: Stephen Spent Decades With The Company

Stephen was an executive who started in lower management before making his way into the executive suite of the company. He was immensely successful in every job he was asked to do, and he eventually rose to serve as CEO. His time in the executive suite gave him an opportunity to work with many of his subordinates for years, and he trained many of the men and women who would take over for him.

#2: Stephen Takes A Leave Of Absence

Stephen was forced to take a leave of absence from the company when his personal health issues became too great to bear. The company was prepared for him to return to work after convalescing at home, but Stephen died suddenly in February 2015. The upper management of the company followed Stephen’s lead in reorganizing, and work continued as it should.

#3: Stephen Was Mourned Across Wall Street

Stephen has quite a lot of respect on Wall Street, and he was seen as someone who held onto traditional values of investment. His colleagues poured out to his funeral, and CCMP Capital was overwhelmed with support. These are the times when every company comes together as one family guiding the financial markets of America, and Stephen’s death brought together Wall Street like never before.

#4: The New Fund Must Go On

CCMP Capital was searching for clients for its new fund when Stephen passed away. The fund was his idea, and Stephen has found many clients for the near-four billion dollar fund himself. SEC regulations state that trading must stop for 30 days, and CCMP Capital followed regulations while reorganizing their front office. The company was able to begin trading after the hold on trading was lifted, and the company was met with great success for its massive new fund.

The death of Stephen Murray could have shaken CCMP Capital to the ground, but his death became a rallying point for his company. He trained most of the people below him, and that training helped the company complete Stephen’s work faithfully. CCMP Capital is better for having Stephen Murray as CEO, and he has left his mark on the company permanently.