Helane Morrison’s Unique and Timely Leadership in the Business, Finance and Legal Fields

Helane Morrison is known for being robust in asserting moral integrity in her career not only with herself but also with others around her. Morrison has worked as a lawyer, journalist, in the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and currently works as the managing director for Hall Capital LLC.

When the global economic crisis of 2007 struck, Morrison stepped onto the scene immediately. She formed a team in order to investigate traders who had reputations for being corrupt. At least three of these have led to lawsuits. She later published these cases in book format directly onto Google in order to reassure the public that they now had the knowledge that they would need to keep their stocks safe and secure at their fingertips. 

As a result, it wasn’t long before the government took notice her robustness in her abilities and assigned her to a position to protect both corporate businesses and individuals from fraud. There, she represented clients who were in the legal, business or financial communities and assured them that they would receive the best deals for themselves while simultaneously dealing with the press and other government-related agencies. She has done everything from exposing traders who were illegally destroying important documents to defending senior citizens from fraud.

As a result of all of the above and more, she was the first woman to be promoted to SEC’s Head of Commission and Regional Director. To this day, Morrison continues to work passionately to defend the vulnerable and bring the corrupt to justice. One of her current causes is working to bring equality between the genders in the financial field. Specifically for men and women to work co-ed in that field. Hall Capital, where she works now is one of the only financial institutions run exclusively by women.

Learn more about Helane by connecting with her on LinkedIn or visiting the following link to read her Bloomberg business profile: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=38982933&privcapId=1746886&previousCapId=1746886&previousTitle=Hall%20Capital%20Partners%20LLC