Using Securus Technologies to Apprehend Wanted Criminals

As a member of the fugitive task force, my job is making sure the most wanted criminals in our region are brought to justice as quickly as possible. Each day they are able to lurk in the shadows puts each one of the city residents at risk.


In order to catch these fugitives in as timely manner as possible, we post as much information as we can online to get a buzz on social media. They we utilize the news stations in the area to put this person on the television so anyone in the area can identify them and help get us on the trail. We even use informants to help, but these leads are not as effective as in the past simply because of the violence involved. No one wants to put their family at risk for a few dollars in reward money.


We received a call from the local jail that Securus Technologies installed a new phone system and they were training the corrections officers on the equipment. We decided to join in on the fun to see what all the buzz was about. This incredible LBS software gives the officers the ability to be able to identify chatter across multiple channels when the inmates are talking about certain things. The team has already been able to identify conversations the inmates were having about using drugs in their cells.


On a hunch, we decided to see if our suspect was the topic of any conversations, and we got a hit. Seems his second cousin was doing time and was inquiring with family if they were having trouble keeping him hidden, He unknowingly led us right to where the suspect was hiding, something we could not have discovered with the Securus Technologies system monitoring inmate calls in prison.