Prime Time To Sell: Tammy Mazzocco On Ohio’s Real Estate Market

Ohio currently has one of the most successful real estate markets in the country. The average price that houses are selling for is up over eight percent in just the last year. This rise is expected to continue rising at a steady pace. There is new home development being built in New Albany. This will lead to another increase in the value of properties in Ohio. This home builder plans to construct over 200 homes in a large neighborhood. These new homes will result in an influx of commercial buildings, restaurants, and job opportunities. Real estate professionals expect that this will lead to another increase in the housing market in Ohio due to increased demand in that area. Of the main reasons that people are flocking to Ohio is that it is relatively cheap to live there. They also have a strong technology industry in that area and since that field is booming, they always have a lot of jobs. Many of these open positions are entry level so that is another selling point for people looking to move to Ohio.

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate agent and given the current market in Ohio, there is not a better time to sell. She is now a prominent member of the real estate industry and specializes in selling residential homes. Tammy Mazzocco started off with humble beginnings at The Edwards Realty Company. She worked there as a secretary and started learning about the business.

She realized that she had a talent for real estate and went on to work at Scotland Yard Condominiums. Tammy Mazzocco then got her real estate license and put her knowledge to the test at T&R Properties. She is now an experienced real estate professional that has helped a number of people sell and buy homes in the booming Ohio market.

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