Porfirio Sanchez Walks Televisa to a Successful Path in Production

Currently, Televisa is a leading television producer for soap operas and Spanish programs. The company is prominent for producing as well as distributing programs in America as well as Mexico. Televisa distributes exciting programs to over fifty states across the world. This is done through various television channels, networks, cable channels as well as service providers. With such a huge market comes a responsibility that must be entrusted to experienced leaders. One such leader is Sanchez Porfirio. Sanchez is the chief executive officer of Televisa. He has been a successful leader with a proven track record of excellence in his career. It is factual that Sanchez is a living success story for prospective leaders. Under his supervision at Televisa, the company has registered extensive growth. A look at his professional background explains his ability to lead as the chief executive officer.


Before joining Televisa, Sanchez worked for several production companies. He garnered experience in his early life. With a good track record of experience, Sanchez was able to extend the same services to Televisa. His accomplishments border production and leadership. Regarding academic achievement, his credentials speak extensively about his efforts in achieving the best of results. Starting it off, Sanchez was a scholar in a software institute for research. He went to the Carnegie Mellon University and registered impressive records. In addition, he received executive education from the Stanford School. Having majored in executive programs like applied mathematics, he is equipped with managerial as well as executing skills. These academic credentials speak well of his ability to lead at different management levels.

Contribution to Televisa

Regarding professionalism, Sanchez has excellent credentials. His success in different areas of management like advertising, broadcasting as well as media and entertainment has played a fundamental role in elevating Televisa. Sanchez has helped Televisa in producing several television programs that have been aired across different states. As the chief executive officer, he has established strong business portfolios with a huge employee base that is recognized internationally. Under his belt, Televisa has made enormous progress by expanding its operations in various states. Sanchez holds the mantle at Televisa. He is a leading figure and a force to reckon with in leadership and management.