George Soros: Fighting Philanthropic Demonization is commending the philanthropic nature of Mr. George Soros. After founding his own hedge fund in 1970, Soros created the Open Society Foundations and continues to contribute to their funding. This fund was to be an intricate network of foundations, partnerships, and projects in over 100 different countries. The sole purpose of the Open Society Foundations is to fight for the people in society who needed help the most. This means the discriminated, stereotyped, and persecuted. Soros has always felt that people should be free to express who they are, and they should never be punished for that. He has put all his resources into protecting freedom of expression.

The adversity that Soros seeks to overcome in the world started in a very personal place for him. In the mid-1940’s, Soros’ family lived through intense Nazi occupation in Hungary. They survived by using false identifications that concealed their Jewish heritage and even helped other families do the same. This quick thinking allowed them to live through a time when so many were being unrightfully persecuted. Soros looks at this as a time where his family chose to live and to help others. He saw it as a victory in his lifetime, and it is an experience that he still carries with him today.

Soros believes in the Open Society Foundations so much that he has always been willing to invest his personal fortune to further its cause. Recently, Soros donated $18 Billion dollars to the network of organizations. This only adds to his overall personal donations of over $30 Billion. Clearly, there is nothing more important to Soros that fostering the growth of these benevolent organizations. During times where it feels as though people are fighting one another and tearing the world apart, people like Soros are proving that it is better to come together. His foundations will continue to be a legacy for his generosity for years to come.

Unfortunately, behind every successful philanthropist, there is a myriad of people questioning their actions. Soros has been no exception and his efforts are discussed in The Jerusalem Post in the article “George Soros and the Demonization of Philanthropy”. Even though he has dealt with significant distress in his life, there have been some that have seen his philanthropy as promoting evil agendas. Soros has done nothing but promote the best parts of humanity with his work. It is unfortunate that an authoritarian-driven dialogue is allowed to tarnish the reputation of such a kind and benevolent man. While it is certainly natural to look at the power associated with such large-scale giving and be suspicious of the motives of the giver, Soros has proven repeatedly that he is on the side of the people that he works so hard to help.

The legacy of George Soros is extensive and beautiful. Since first immigrating to the United States, he began his career with nothing and has risen in the business world to be one of the nation’s leading philanthropist. He has championed many causes and helped them to gain significant traction through his funding. While some may question his motives, the people who benefit from them and the rest of the world know the giving heart that resides within George Soros.