Rocketship Education Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Rocketship Education is a public charter school system that usually locates in lower economic neighborhoods where there is little to no quality educational facilities. The objective is to provide a quality education for children in these areas in a most spectacular way.

The traditional model of education is largely based on one’s zip code and then the quality of education one receives has a lot to do with the tax base of the area in which the student lives. More taxes, more resources for the schools.

With Rocketship Education, the money is partially funded by government resources through vouchers and other means, and the costs are kept down because it only makes sense to do so. The outcomes of such a model have been very good because the goal is to include everyone in the area in the process who has a stake in how the educational plan works.

A true partnership between the parents, students, teachers and the community at large for the purpose of providing the best possible education for the students. Instead of the bulging classrooms where teachers have difficulty keeping order, Rocketship divides the students into smaller groups so they can focus on the subjects in detail and get their questions answered.

Digital learning is used to the fullest advantage where students are already familiar with the devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Digital learning is valuable when there are loads of facts to learn and processes such as in math, history, social studies, languages and the like. The students learn better that way and it is mostly on their own at their own pace.

Rocketship students are taught that there are certain attitudes and embodiments that hold true in any successful venture, and especially in education. Respect, empathy, accountability, and responsibility are very important to learn and carry forward even after the student’s complete school and move on into life.

The three pillars of success that Rocketship strives to accomplish are personalized learning where the instruction is tailored, talent development where the talent of each student is brought out, and parent power where the parents have a huge role to play in the success of their children’s education.