Jorge Moll Jets into Neurological Research

Jorge Moll is based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where he specializes in the research of concerning neural cognition and emotions. Stated on his personal researcher bio, the motivation behind Dr. Moll’s research is to find the neural and psychological mechanisms that dictate human intentions and social preferences. Beyond that, Dr. Moll aims to identify how each person is molded by morals and values while being reshaped by culture, experience, and neurotechnological interventions.


Dr. Moll earned his Masters Degree in Neurology from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro as well as his Ph.D. from Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz da Universidade de São Paolo specializing in Experimental Physiopathology. Dr. Moll is currently the President, Director, and member of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), a governing board (,222c41e0b2edf079d2bdd47da28602f1mw2nokus.html).


Dr. Moll and his team were recently cited in Greater Good Magazine posted by Berkley, a magazine that offers science-based insights for a meaningful life. Jason Marsh and Jill Suttie of Greater Good reported 5 Reasons Why Giving is Beneficial. Benefits of giving can be reaped from not only holiday shopping in the winter but also from giving your time and efforts to charities and donations. Communities are strengthened and people are overall happier and healthier upon giving. The following are 5 ways in which giving improves quality of life:

  1. Happiness is Reaped Upon Giving

The first reason specifically references Jorge Moll and his team who discovered the benefit of giving in biology. The team identified a “warm glow” effect, social connection, and other regions of the brain associated with pleasure were activated when people gave to charities.

  1. Health Improves Upon Giving

The health of any age and condition is improved through the feeling of social and emotional support including lower blood pressure and overall lower risks of dying over a five-year span.

  1. Social Connection and Cooperation is Promoted through Giving

You are more likely to give back (to either the same or different person) once given to.

  1. Gratitude is a Direct Result of Giving
  2. The Act of Giving Spreads Amongst Networks and Communities

A domino effect of kindness and gratitude is spread throughout.


Greater Good is one of the numerous articles that has cited Dr. Moll and his team’s research. Jorge Moll has been referenced in 7 publications in 2017 alone.