What Does Glen Wakeman Know About My Business? Plenty.

Have an idea for a business? Thousands of us do. According to Forbes, a half million of those ideas become startups every month. And another half million fail every month. Many were young entrepreneurs that could have benefitted from the advice of a successful entrepreneur like Glen Wakeman.



The idea for your business is just the beginning, you also need a sound plan, ongoing strategy and financing. You may already have that, but Glen Wakeman can evaluate your plan, assess your strategy, or identify new sources of financing.



Glen Wakeman gained his knowledge and experience in planning and strategy over a 20-year career with GE, managing divisions and establishing successful new ventures for GE in other countries. He relied on his Economics degree and his MBA in Finance for decision making, but being part of a large corporation gave Glen invaluable access to a wide range of mentors, advice, and resources needed to ensure success. This is the experience Glen Wakeman brings to existing businesses and new ventures through his Nova Four and Launchpad enterprises.



When Glen Wakeman founded Launchpad, it was to bring the full power of computing to solving the business problems of the young entrepreneur. The Launchpad software is adept at analyzing business data, and presenting it in useful formats critical for forecasting opportunities and exposing threats.



A lot of Glen Wakeman’s experience at GE involved international travel, as well as living abroad, giving him wide exposure to various ways of problem-solving. For instance, techniques used in other countries may not have been tried in the U.S. Young entrepreneurs, especially, benefit from mentoring (Inspirery). Glen Wakeman is a firm believer in the importance of 2 way communication between himself and the mentee. Communication also means immersion in all aspects of your business, because all business functions need to maintain a sharp focus on the customer.



Communications and the power of gratitude. Glen Wakeman reminds the new entrepreneur of the importance of these two ingredients for establishing the personal connections that build relationships into a successful network.

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