USHealth Group and Advisors, Partnering for Success

USHealth Group is an insurance company based in Texas. The company specializes in many different types of insurance to cover for items where other insurance might drop off. Offering peace of mind, they work hard for their customers during unfortunate times. Many unique product offerings, such as the PremierChoice and LifeProtector plans help out in times of need. USHealth Group also celebrates its employees and the community through many different initiatives.

The company’s HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) program was started in 2010. The project has assisted local community organizations through partnerships. Hurricane Katrina assistance and children’s charities are just a couple of examples of how USHealth Group has stepped in to help organizations in need.

The company also provides a unique opportunity for its agents. Through ongoing support, training and mentoring; the company is proud to have created many success stories throughout the years.

Randy is an example of the successes that have been created by USHealth Group. As a USHealth Advisor, Randy achieved his goals and has attained financial freedom. He didn’t always have it easy and was even hesitant to get started in the process of becoming an agent.

Randy was a baseball star in both high school and college. He’d hoped for a career in baseball until his shoulder started giving out. After having to get surgery and having his shoulder fail yet again, Randy knew he had to make other plans.

After posting his resume on a couple job sites, Connie of USHealth Advisors contacted him to become an agent. He was reluctant, however, he eventually got his license after having met with a representative of the company. He wanted to give up and was uncertain he’d made the right choice. View more USHealth Advisors Careers and Jobs at

Randy remained dedicated to his new position. Rather than give up, he decided to get a mentor by the name of Kevin. Through Kevin’s persistence, Randy went on to shadow the top producers in his area. As practice makes perfect, Randy went on to become a top producer, and eventually a Satellite Division Leader.

These examples are just a small sampling of the successes achieved by partnering with USHealth Group. Many more stories and information regarding the company can be found at