Doe Deere Talks Color

Color is all around us. Different colors can evoke different kinds of emotions. When people see bright red, for example, they think of everything from Christmas to tomatoes. When people see light colors such as pink and lime green, they may feel all sorts of different emotions. This is something that businesswoman Doe Deere knows very well. The very foundation of her business has been all about the use of color in very creative ways that have not been seen before anywhere else. Color is a major factor in her own life. It informs all she does in her own life. She looks at the world and sees how color can be used in new and inviting ways. This is why she formed her own makeup company. She wanted to bring in new colors that weren’t often seen in the world of makeup. As she tells fans, Lime Crime has been a huge hit because she loves what she does and wants others to love what they choose to do as well. Her world is Lime Crime and Lime Crime is all about using and loving color.


From Russia to Alive America


Deere grew in Russia when it was ruled by the Soviet Union. She always dreamed of moving to the United States. Russia was a lovely place but she yearned to think about making her own anew in a different and truly fun place. In her mind, she realize that life in the United States would probably be a good fit for her own needs. She was able to make this dream come true when she was seventeen. At first, she settled in Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, she began to make a new life for herself. She found a lot of freedom to be who she is. She also began to realize that she wanted to be a businesswoman. She knew even then that she had the drive and the ambition to bring a concept to life. She also knew that she understood what others of her generation wanted from makeup.


Researching A Line


As she spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of products people might like to buy, she hit on an idea. She looked at the kinds of makeup products that were on the market at the time and had a realization. She could see that there were some products on the market that had some color to them. However, she could also see that many products on the market also did not have the kind of color she really liked. With this realization, her personal empire began to take shape. She began to think about how best to bring color to the world of makeup. It is not surprising that her vision became a success. People began to flock to her product line because the loved what they saw there. In turn, she offered them a world of color they could not find anywhere else. The result has been a highly successful makeup company. Learn more: