Clay Siegall and his Strife for Enhanced Cancer Treatment

Among the most stubborn illnesses the world is fighting today is cancer. Statistics show that forty percent of the people in the USA may end u with cancer. Every year has more than six hundred thousand people succumbing to cancer in the nation. These alarming facts have the attention of individuals and organization that have come forward to fight cancer.

One of these organizations is Seattle Genetics. It is making great efforts in researching treatment for cancer. The progress is impressive and the organization has never achieved as it has achieved now. Seattle Genetics is headed by the able CEO, Dr. Clay Siegall. According to Dr. Clay, identifying the solution to a problem begins by knowing the real cause. This is the approach the organization is using to develop treatment. Some causes of cancer are as a result of genes.

The known treatments for cancer are radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Seattle Genetics is working hard to ensure that people do not have to lose their lives from cancer. Additionally, treatments do not have to be agonizing with numerous side effects. Every patient will have a chance to receive treatment, recover and resume normal living.

Dr Clay’s journey to the medical field began with a degree in zoology and later a PhD in genetics at George Washington University. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 as Dr. Clay part of it. Currently, he is the president, chairman and CEO. Besides cancer therapies, Dr. Clay is interested in other areas. He has been a part of developing drugs that are meant for boosting immunity. The company owns FDA approved drugs called Adcetris.

Dr. Clay and his team at Seattle Genetics have worked hard to get where they are today. It is not the end for them because there is still a long way to go. Cancer treatments and therapies need more development and improvement. Seattle Genetics is determined to pursue this goal. Other organizations have also joined in this journey of fighting cancer. The University Hospital of Lyon, for instance is one of them. This hospital is doing some research in bladder cancer recurrence. Soon, they will help patients to get ahead of it.