Mental Health App, Talkspace Provides Versatile Care Options to Many

Technology has gained an ever more impressive stronghold on our lives, assisting in the management of our time, health, and professional lives. With services of all types being offered to smartphone users, it only makes sense that individuals be able to receive counseling and other services from mental health professionals. The new Talkspace service offers therapy sessions via text message, or live sessions over the phone online, depending on the service you commit to.

More and more insurance companies are beginning to realize the benefits that patients garner when they are able to take advantage of text based therapy. Attending regular counseling sessions in person requires a large amount of time, and costs patients a lot more which can often be hard to cover with limited medical insurance resources. The options that a service like Talkspace offers are within the means of most individuals and can be altered depending on the amount of mental health care needed.

These services offer flexibility overall, garnering quick text based responses and leaving the option for care open to when and where the patient needs it- without having to wait for a scheduled appointment time. The Talkspace app has already been included on the options of major health insurance providers, opening the option up to a huge number of patients and providing mental health care to countless individuals that have gone without in the past.