Find Your Inner Goddess

Not every goddess has the true beauty of the goddess Venus. If all goddesses looked the same, the world would be a pretty dull place. Find your inner goddess, by creating a multitude of eye looks, with Lime Crime Goddess palettes. Begin with the Original Venus palette, indulge in a wide range of current trend. Venus palette 2 offers even more colors to explore and the Venus XL palette, which contains eighteen adorable shades.

The original Venus palette has the shades: deep red, mid-tone peach, shimmery gold, brownish -red, deep burgundy brown, bright red, brownish-pink, and deep oxblood red. These shades are some of the most on trend shades for 2018. If your inner goddess desire a deep, rich, red, burgundy or brown shade trend, this palette is for you. Create a perfect smokey eye, cut crease or cat eye with these flawlessly blendable shades.

Venus 2 palette has the beautiful shades: brownish-green shift, mid-blue, deep-green, golden orange, shimmery-gold, burnt-orange, deep burgundy and black. This palette graces on the trend of very deep blue shades with pops of shimmer, green and gold. Play with these magnificent shades to create halo eye, angled eye or dramatic eyeshadow looks.

Venus XL palette has these great shades: shimmery pink, shimmery peach, deep purple, pinkish beige, shimmery fucshia, mid-tone brown, reddish brown, rich shimmery brown, dark golden brown, bright orange, light coral, shimmery rust brown, shimmery light pink, deep rich burgundy red, brown, light tan, deep dark brown and dusty peach. The shades in this palette do a complete 360 from the first two, these colors are soft, velvety and rich. Follow the rosy, peachy, pink and gold trends found in this palette to create natural and subtle eyeshadow looks.

If Venus was as beautiful as these palettes from Lime Crime, she most definitely was the most beautiful goddess in the world. The texture range in each palette include matte, shimmery matte, glowy and metallic. Each palette is decorated with the beautiful Venus herself. All of these palettes would make a great addition to any collection. Try one of these palettes or the complete collection today.