The RealReal’s Instagram Is … Real

The RealReal is a company based in San Francisco Bay area with a brick and mortar store in New York. Their sales are primarily done online with both domestic and international shipping options. Their company is based on selling secondhand luxury goods in every category with a 100% guarantee of authenticity. This allows for consumers of the middle class to indulge in the luxury lifestyle in a more affordable fashion.

In order to showcase their inventory and display a life of luxury, The RealReal uses their Instagram page to promote the site. With over 130 thousand followers, the instagram page is quite popular and features items in women’s wear, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and more.

The company uses Instagram to promote their goods and share information about products and new events happening. One image from last February featured an image of their new pop-up store with the caption: “Gearing up for our next pop-up opening February 12 at the Forum Shops at Caesers Palace. Viva Las Vegas!” They also promote celebrities and celebrity lifestyle with frequent images of their quotes.

With over 3,000 posts on their page, The RealReal showcases their items along with images of a luxury lifestyle through their clothing, location, and accessories. Most models remain anonymous with their faces hidden, but one post showed a handful of the 600 employees working for The RealReal with their children to honor the mother’s of the company for Mother’s Day. They also have occasional promotional posts with the chance for followers to win luxury items such as a post to win a Gucci bag and an opportunity to win a Stella McCartney bag.

The site also uses Instagram to announce new store openings like the ones in New York and Las Vegas, which makes their Instagram page a must follow for those loyal customers wanting the first look and notice into new events and updates from the company. All in all, the Instagram page is a great way for the company to reach out and connect with their buyers and sellers on a more personal level while also promoting the company.

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