Malcolm CasSelle: Looking to the Future

There many industries growing as a result of the tech boom. It takes a very special mind to understand the expected shifts in needs in such an uncertain time. However, it takes this kind of knowledge in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. Creating a viable business means displaying the ability to recognize the needs of various demographics and then provide for those needs in an efficient and accessible manner. A demographic that is expanding rapidly is that of gamers. Millions of more people play video games now than they did before with increasingly larger numbers in younger populations. Those entrepreneurs that can best identify and cater to the new means of these gamers will find themselves in a comfortable position as time marches on.

Many people wish it had the knowledge they have today when companies like Facebook were being established. With hindsight granted by time, they recognize the value of investing in these types of companies early on. Hindsight for everyone maybe 20/20 but foresight for an entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle seems to be almost is clear. Before everyone knew what successful companies like Facebook or Zynga would be he saw the potential. An even more modern example is his timely investment in Bitcoin. Malcolm has always displayed a passion for technology. He earned his bachelors and Masters degree in computer science. The undergrad was earned from MIT while the graduate’s degree was earned from Stanford. Since graduation, he has dedicated his expertise to the business world.

He currently applies his skill as CIO of OPSkins and also acts as president of worldwide asset exchange. The two companies create the most popular marketplace for digital assets. The digital assets in question are those obtained through video games. As a company, they recognize the need for gamers to have such a marketplace available to them. Detailed research indicates that them that there were two major problems with selling and buying these virtual items. Those problems are fraud and the fragmented nature of the marketplace. They corrected these issues by creating a popular and secure marketplace through the use of a newly developed blockchain.