Renovia Inc. is on the path of transforming the health conditions of the Boston women following the decision to pledge $42 million. The company is based in Boston and is presided over by Marc Beer, the co-founder, with an experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical that goes for nearly 25 years. The fund will go a long way in developing new diagnostic and therapeutic devices to treat pelvic floor disorders that are estimated to affect close to 250 million globally.

The company’s first product Leva that offers treatment solutions to urinary incontinence was approved by the FDA in April. Moreover, Renovia received financial support from the Longwood Fund that is a healthcare venture capital firm, sharing the vision to treat millions of women. The investment firm was led by Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisers. This funds will be channeled towards developing the other therapeutic devices that include the latest model of Leva device.

Mark Beer expresses much confidence in this latest move that is set to lower the healthcare costs. He is enthusiastic about the fact that many leading investors are partnering with Renovia. By integrating their ingenuity and technological aspects, it would be easier to create a digital healthcare platform that would provide the clients with valuable data on treatment solutions and promote their insight on pelvic floor disorders. This will create a better approach to combating the disorders and eventually realize a healthy society of women.

Renovia Inc. has a leadership team of experts and professionals who are up to the task of developing innovative concepts that steer the company in line with its objectives. The company is privately held and is estimated to have between 11 to 50 employees. Nevertheless, the size of the company keeps increasing as new members are appointed into the team.

Particularly, last year December, Renovia broke the news of the appointment of Samantha Pulliam as the Chief Medical Officer and Jessica McKinney as the Vice President of Medical Affairs. In addition to being the CEO of Renovia, Mark Beer serves as the Chairman. He established the organization in 2016 along with Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lories. Ever since the firm has been influential in improving the healthcare needs of women. Learn more: