Betsy DeVos: Her Thoughts on Alternative Education

A rare look at the thoughts of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos before she took office is present in a fairly recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable. Explains to the interview team that her dedication to the field of education is very near to her heart. She learned during her time as a parent of a school-aged child that the concept of a good education is not always a given in America. She saw the struggle that many parents went through in order to give their children the same level of education that they believed their children deserved. Those parents had seen the disparaging numbers and decline in the American education system. After speaking with them Betsy DeVos saw that there was a huge difference between what parents believed to be going on with the education system and what was actually going on in the education system. She set out to help bring awareness to this fact and advocate for alternative forms of education.


One of the major things that Betsy DeVos wants her interviewers to understand is that the interest in alternative education is growing. Increasingly more students are being enrolled in alternative education programs every single year. Parents have become skeptical of the norm that is a public school. They had seen that their children are not learning in the same manner or they have suffered the meltdowns of a frustrated child. Sometimes it is even possible that children who are quite accelerated show subpar grades because they are not feeling challenged by their work in they shut down. Whatever the case parents all over the United States are pushing for some type of change.


This change has helped rocket Betsy DeVos to the forefront of the “school choice” movement. She has become some of an unofficial figurehead for the movement. The time that she has been campaigning for this has given a voice to countless parents all over the nation. The concept of school choice would allow them to enroll their children in an educational facility of their own choosing. They would not be bound to the arbitrary lines that dictate where their children go to school. Such lines can be quite damaging and make the difference between whether a child grows up to be successful or not. Betsy DeVos simply wants people to understand that they have a choice. Many parents don’t understand that concept because they have been raised in a bubble she believes that public schools are the only option available to their children. Parents are no longer taking this information lying down. They are pushing for a better type of experience for their children.


Betsy DeVos cites the work that has been done in Michigan and other states that are looking to increase their population of children in alternative educational facilities. She hopes that this increase in different types of education will help parents help their own children prepare for the future. She wants the American public to feel strong in their choices and the knowledge that they receive from where ever they want to receive it.


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