Alex Hern Is Excited About Virtual Reality


After years of effort, virtual reality is finally taking off. From games to movies, VR becomes more popular every day. The potential of VR is untapped, but many entrepreneurs who want to change that. Alex Hern believes VR is going to become one of our main forms of communication. Currently, we use VR to entertain ourselves, but the future could give us practical ways to use VR. Similar to mobile devices, people may use VR to talk to each other. We’ll communicate with the same impact we have when meeting someone in person. It’s going to take some effort to reach that point, but Alex Hern understands that.

Alex Hern

Alex Hern’s new startup Tsunami VR is taking the medium into new territory. He wants this technology to become more than entertainment. Tsunami VR’s focus on business clients sets it apart from others on the market. Professionals want technology that can improve their efficiency. They’re willing to use new technology, but it has to improve their standing. It offers people a way to talk to each other with nonverbal communication. Your audience will understand you clearly. The software company Tsunami will change the way we communicate with each other.

Market trends are hard to predict, but they seem to favor Tsunami VR. Virtual reality is the most immersive medium on the market, and business professionals will find it useful. When you talk to somebody via text, you can’t give them your complete message. They receive the words, but they don’t receive the nonverbal communication. The software Tsunami produces is going to give professionals a new way to communicate. Talking to someone face to face will have an impact on them. A replica of that sense of authenticity is going to be world changing. Alex Hern is making a bold decision with this software, but he seems to have a market for it.

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