Papa John’s Changes For The Better With New CEO Steve Ritchie

The new CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, has big plans for the company going forward in the future. He understands that many customers were hurt by the loss of trust that they felt in the company, but Steve Ritchie is working hard to promote healing and trust between customers, owners, and employees. Papa John’s has a lot to do with their efforts to prove that to everyone that People Are Priority Always.

To get an idea of what his company and its employees need, Steve Ritchie took a business trip to several cities around the country like Chicago and Atlanta to hear from the source what the company needs. After hearing the opinions and ideas of employees and owners across the United States, Steve Ritchie knew that he had to help Papa John’s be the best company that it could possibly be.

During his time at these different stores, he learned that the employees and owners are more of a family than co-workers. They each valued not only their work lives but their well-being in their personal lives as well. He realized that the future of the company had a far bigger reach than he had realized previously.

With the help of the team at Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie wants to start off going into the future fresh. They look forward to regaining their place in their communities and fixing the relationships with their customers that were damaged. He knows that the Papa John’s team loves their community and wants to be able to support their local charities and schools as best as they possibly can.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is striving to make the business better as their new CEO. He wants to prove that they are committed to quality as a company and for their products. It’s time to move forward and implement the ideas based on the opinions of their team. While listening to the feedback of customers and employees may be difficult sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to build a Papa John’s that is better. Just listening isn’t enough and Steve Ritchie knows that. They need to work together to make a difference.