Dr. Bermudes Uses TMS Health Solutions To Save Those Suffering From Depression

Dr. Richard Bermudes has spent the past ten years of his life and professional career all focused on finding and introducing innovative treatment for clinical depression. He is the founder of TMS Health Solutions and one of the foremost trailblazers in the world of Transcranial Magnetic Therapy. Not coincidentally, we are here to help you understand the benefits that can come for the treatment of clinical depression by way of Transcranial Magnetic Therapy, also known as TMS Therapy. Dr. Bermudes believes that information is the only way to stay ahead of clinical depression and we don’t disagree, so let us dig in.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation was first approved by the FDA for usage in treating clinical depression back in 2008. For the past ten years, this style of treatment for depression has been the calling card of TMS Health Solutions. In fact, TMS Therapy has progressed as a national choice for clinical depression treatment thanks in large part to the work that Dr. Bermudes and his group practice have been putting in. From treating patients of all varieties at their numerous facilities throughout Northern California to releasing important research papers to scholarly journals (American Psychiatric Association: 2018), the team at TMS Health Solutions have been making a huge difference in the world of depression treatment.

According to research, depression is one of the most common sources of disability in the United States for individuals aging from 15 to 44. Of these individuals, traditional treatment methods are only effective roughly 60% of the time. These numbers are simply out of whack with modern medicine and they are the driving force behind Dr. Bermude’s push to make TMS Therapy more popular and well known.

TMS Therapy is administered in a pain-free way. Patients who are utilizing the treatment will simply be asked to recline in a chair at one of the numerous TMS Health Solutions facilities while a certified physician uses a magnetic pulsating wand in order to provide treatment. This wang generates magnetic pulses which instigates activity in our brains, specifically in areas that are related to or cause directly the problem of clinical depression.