Jason Hope Sets Sights On Anti-Aging Future

Sitting down with a futurist means that you are going to be discussing technology as it is today and what it could be tomorrow. Jason Hope is one such futurist and he is heavily invested, passionately, in the idea of anti-aging technology. As someone who has long believed in the concept that aging as it is can be changed, Hope’s commitment to the concept is unsurprising.

What might be surprising, however, is the fact that Jason Hope is going all-in on investing in the concept. Hope recently partnered up with the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit anti-aging research facility in California, in order to offer a $500,000 donation. Let’s learn a little more about Hope, the SENS Foundation and what biotechnology has in store for the future.

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Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur who made his name in the tech field upon establishing the mobile communications company, Jawa. Hope was integral in getting Jawa up and off the ground and his early success in that sector led to a host of new opportunities. Hope attended Arizona State University where he got his B.A. and he went on to graduate from the W.P. Carey School of Business, as well. Now, Hope is using his education and his commitment to futurist concepts in order to enhance public awareness of certain areas, such as biotechnology. Hope has long since believed that the human process of aging hasn’t reached a final form. Hope thinks as many futurists and medical professionals do, that aging can be reversed at a cellular level. This is where biotechnology and the SENS Research Foundation comes into play.

The SENS Research Foundation is led by CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey and CEO Mike Kope. The two men have been absolutely vital to the promotion of anti-aging technology and their single-minded focus on developing biotechnological solutions to age-related illnesses is gaining a ton of attention. The SENS Foundation has been in operation for nearly a decade now and the company has been working hard the entire way. With Jason Hope on board, and his $500,000 donation in hand, the SENS Foundation has momentum back on their side.

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