Madison Street Capital Was Given An Award For Its Great Work

Madison Street Capital was given the award for the distressed deal of the year by The M&A Advisor. It was given to them because of the way that they advised Sachs Capital Group, and the company said that it was an honor to receive that award. The M&A Advisor awards are given out to the companies that do the most good, and this is the 13th year of the Turnaround Awards. The awards are presented at a black-tie gala in March of 2019. The high level of the company’s performance got it noticed, and it is an honor for Madison Street Capital to accept the award.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that works internationally. It wants to be the best that it can be in regard to leadership, and it is determined to always work with integrity. Excellence is something that it is always striving for, as well, and the company always puts its clients first. It listens to their goals and works to help them reach them. The company’s dedication and the professional way that it works has helped it gain the trust of people around the world.


Madison Street Capital was formed in 1998, and it is now recognized as one of the best investment firms in the world. It is recognized for the smart way that it deals with acquisitions and mergers. The company is always bringing in more wise people to work for it and never settles for less than the best when it comes to the way that it deals with clients. It gives its clients the help of a finance professional or guidance when they are doing restructuring. The company is constantly growing because it is always taking on new opportunities and making the best of them through its great integrity.


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