Liu Qiangdong, CEO and Founder

Liu Qiangdong is both the founder and CEO of It bagan as a very small business. Now it has become an IPO that is the largest of the NASDAQ public listing. Mr. Qiangdong has a very impressive resume that includes business ventures and professional achievements that are continually growing. He is also a well-known entrepreneur that can use his intrinsic beliefs and savvy in business to accomplish his vision. Liu Qiangdong was able to achieve this status by stressing a positive commitment and the importance of customer service to make an advantageous e-commerce business landscape.

Mr. Qiangdong attended the People’s University of China where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. His studies also included learning the internet world, coding and computer programming.

With the SARS epidemic widespread in China, he realized that many people started to shop from home. That is when he started where he sold his goods.