Chris Burch Spends A Majority Of His Time Helping Those Less Fortunate

Founder of Burch Creative Capital and CEO, Chris Burch has been an avid investor and entrepreneur for a large variety of industries for close to forty years. He has helped to bring a number of companies and products to a new level such as Voss Water and Jawbone.

Back in 2012, Chris Burch helped to renovate a property he took over on a Indonesian Island known as Sumba. It was with his help and renovation that the luxury resort go on to become the number 1 hotel by Travel and Leisure Magazine. It was during a partnership with Philippe Stark and Alan Faena while in Argentina that he became interested in the hospitality sector.

Chris Burch then went on to create a partnership with Ellen DeGeneres to help her launch her line of lifestyle products known as ED. In the same year, Chris Burch would go on to building the Cocoon9 brand of prefab homes that include use of space saving plans to create a contemporary design while remaining energy efficient.

Mr. Burch shares a passion for healthy lifestyle options which includes the Brad’s Raw Foods brand, Little Duck Organics and even Blink Health. When he is not working hard to support brands that are healthy alternatives for snacking and eating, he is helping to make names for brands he whole heartily supports within in woman’s apparel and the accessories under the name of Trademark.

When Chris Burch is not working on his products and resorts, he spends a good amount of time helping out those who are less fortunate in the health field. It has been under his contribution that Mt. Sinai Hospital was able to make improvements. Not only did he offer some help to them but also to the Sumba Foundation. He has offered his support to the China Association of Social Work among other well known foundations that all need a form of philanthropic contributions.