Neurocore is Transforming Brain Power

Neurocore is combating mental health issues through a process known as neurofeedback, where the focus is to enhance a patient’s cognitive abilities in order to alleviate symptoms related to mental or behavioral challenges. Their approach to treating mental health therapy has started to gain traction in the medical community among both doctors and scientist alike.

Nuerocore is utilizing a neuroscience technology to train the brain for fighting against a broad spectrum of mental irregularities, which serves as an alternative to a drug-based convention. More specifically, this technology introduces the patient to Neurotherapy, which collects a patient’s brainwaves for clinicians to later analyze. Clinicians then assess the originating source within the brain responsible for the patient’s mental status.

Once the initial brainwaves have been studied, the patient then undergoes neuro feedback training, where they engage in various activities such as watching a movie or playing a video game. Promising results have shown the physical composition of gray matter within the brain can be observed as a result of such therapy. About Nuerocore center also works to integrate qEEG technology for mapping brain activities on computers for visualizing information. Such practice introduced by Neurocore demonstrates the potential for becoming a standard convention for combating mental health issues.

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