Sergey Petrossov – The Young Entrepreneur Behind JetSmarter, the “Uber” of Private Jet Travel

Born in Russia, Sergey Petrossov moved to Florida at a young age with his family. While most high schoolers are concerned with typical high school activities during their teen years, he was already attempting to develop an import-export business. While attending college, he developed an interest in computer science, becoming adept as a developer of technology.


In his 20’s, Sergey Petrossov had already co-founded a company selling cloud-based software used by educational systems in Eastern Europe and Russia. His expertise was in technology, but he was beginning to ponder the industry of private jet travel. Having been invited by a fellow business owner on a flight aboard a private jet, he made several surprising observations. The booking process was very manual; passengers had to call for arrangements and sign papers. The planes were also grounded much of the time in between booked flights, and the costs were high due to empty seats.


Developing the app “JetSmarter,” was Sergey Petrossov’s answer to making the process of private jet travel more streamlined and cost-efficient. His app made travel more accessible by connecting travelers to private jet companies all over the world, organizing the industry. Putting together a development team from his prior ventures, investing his own capital and garnering support from celebrities such as Jay-Z and even royalty (the Saudi royal family), he officially launched his company in 2016.


Serge Petrossov located a niche, finding an area that needed improvement, and has developed a multi-million dollar company. Thousands of members are able to more easily book private jet travel with the simple use of an app. His JetSmarter enterprise is truly the “Uber” of private jet travel.


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