OSI Group Has Proudly Announced Some Recent Expansion Operations In Spain

There is a company called OSI Group that many have heard of but many have also not. Regardless of whether they are aware of it or not, almost everyone has eaten a food product that came from OSI Group. The food provisioning giant is one of the world’s leaders in the food wholesale distribution industry. Some recognizable names in the food industry such as Subway and McDonald’s rely on OSI Group to keep them up and operating. Commitment to providing excellent customer service has gone a long way for OSI Group in the company’s growth. That growth has been steady over the century-plus that the food service giant has been in operation and began domestically before becoming international in its scope beginning in the 1970s when current Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin started to have a major impact on the direction that OSI Group was taking.

The expansion that Sheldon Lavin has supervised has seen OSI open operations in seventeen different international countries. Company President David McDonald has certainly been a major player in this expansion as well as he has been with the firm since 1987 and has been there for much of the growth that led OSI to a leading position in the global food wholesale industry. OSI has recently been proud to announce the fact that expansion plans have been enacted in the Spanish market. The company operates a food facility in Toledo which has recently been the recipient of upgrades that have helped to double production of processed chicken.

This is a major accomplishment for the OSI expert team in this region due to the fact that demand for this product is increasing every year. This made it necessary for OSI to inject a significant amount of capital into this facility in order to upgrade it. This upgrade has been good for the local Toledo economy as twenty new positions had to be filled with the new upgrades in place. The new production line that has been installed in the Toledo facility is top of the line. Overall the facility is producing more than forty thousand tons of meat products per year now. This has been a huge move toward ensuring that OSI is able to meet customer demand in this important market which includes both Spain and Portugal.