The Fashion Items DonataMeirelles Has Fallen In Love With

Over the past few decades, DonataMeirelles has been working in and around the Brazilian fashion industry. Throughout this time, she’s held a variety of notable positions, with the most recent being with Vogue Brazil. As such, she’s developed quite a keen eye for fashion and everything related to it. However, it’s with putting together an outfit from scratch that Ms. Mierelles has really shined. Because of this, many people have been curious as to what fashion products, if any, that she lives by. Furthermore, many people have been curious as to if any of these items can improve their accessorizing.

Over her career, Ms. Mierelles has been more than happy to share this advice. Over the past few years specifically, she’s noted two fashion items in particular that she’s fallen in love with. The first of these is bucket bags, which Ms. Mierelles has noted has a few unique benefits. When it comes to style, bucket bags offer a range of different textures, colors and combinations that help it match any outfit. Furthermore, she’s noted that it can match almost any outfit, from Spring chic to more formal events. She’s also noted that bucket bags can be a lot more practical than others, because it can be a lot easier to organize and find products in. Read more about Donata Meirelles at

However, there’s one other thing that DonataMeirelles has fallen in love with: ankle boots. This is down to a few different reasons. The most significant of these is that, since ankle boots offer a range of different textures, styles and colors, they can match almost any outfit. With that in mind, Ms. Meirelles has said that they can be worn with most outfits, no matter the season. Because of this, she’s claimed that ankle boots can look amazing with Spring dresses all the way to Winter jeans. As such, she’s noted that ankle boots are one of the most versatile pieces of footwear that you purchase. On top of this, ankle boots can be a lot more comfortable than many other shoes or boots.

Because of this, DonataMeirelles has noted that they can often be the more practical choice for anyone who has to be on their feet for an extended period of time. With that in mind, ankle boots can be an amazing investment to make. Not only do the look and feel great, but they can be used year-round. Learn more: