Organo Gold, King of All Herbs and Great Coffee


Founded in 2008, Organo Gold is a food and drinks company committed to providing and selling healthy premium quality products. These products are mostly drinks. It currently boasts of several distributors across 45 countries – spread across all continents from Africa to Asian and Europe, thus making it a household name over the past years.

Works of Charity

Other than the healthy drinks, Organo Gold has also taken the initiative dubbed ‘Bags for Life,’ aimed at helping marginalized and impoverished women. This initiative involves the use of empty or used Organo bags or sachets to create beautiful handbags that are sold during Regional Conventions organized by Organo Gold. The bags once collected are sent to NGOs where mostly women are involved, and the returns used to improve their living standards while ensuring a steady production chain and environmental conservation.

Key Products

Although this supplier is known to produce the most excellent coffee and other beverages like flavored tea, they also take pride in the production of care products.

Beverages. ‘An Organo drink a day keeps the doctor away.’ This company prides itself with the chain of beverages they produce. Some of these beverages include; coffee, red and green tea. These teas are rich in herbs that have immune system benefits.

In addition to beverages, they have also ventured into body managements products like Fenix XT, body energy, stamina, and performance enhancer. Also, they have personal care products like Organo Smile- toothpaste.