The Chainsmokers Embrace Pop’s Dark Side

In the two short years since The Chainsmokers first took the music charts by storm, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have rarely left the radio waves, with electronic-tinged, pop hits including Roses, Paris, Something Just Like This, and Don’t Let Me Down. Having first made a name for themselves as producers, the duo clearly know how to craft a hit, but what remains to be seen is their ability to keep the hits coming.

The group first came together in New York City, remixing for indie bands, only falling into pop superstardom, and the group’s name, by accident. Pall and Taggart aren’t as connected to The Chainsmokers’ moniker as they are to their music, stating in past interviews that the name really came about from a college-era predilection for weed and the fact that no one else had taken it.

For all the lack of creativity they’ve given to their title, there’s a new album on the horizon, and The Chainsmokers appear primed to start experimenting. The new music, the duo states, will be darker and edgier, but if the lead single, Sick Boy, is any indicator, will be every bit as hit-worthy as its predecessor. The darkness was inspired, as, the duo claims is all their music, by the society around them, in this case one that is social media-obsessed. Putting melody to the voices of their generation, the new music is not only a reflection of their peers, but of their own disillusionment with superstardom, perhaps best summed up by one of Sick Boy‘s lyrics:

How many likes is my life worth?

For The Chainsmokers, their biggest driver is not a futile attempt to replicate past success, to gain more likes, but to keep making music that excites them, and hopefully their fans as well. They describe it as something beyond just the sound of the music, but instead it is the emotions the music inspires. That, for them both, is the goal, and it is, they believe, most easily achieved by maintaining that balance between pop and the EDM underground scene they started out in.

Meet ATS CEO Robert Deignan

Under the guidance and leadership of CEO Robert Deignan, Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services has provided service for hundreds-of-thousands of customers through remote access and call center assistance. Formerly known as Inbound Call Experts (ICE) when it was co-founded by Deignan in 2011, the backbone of ATS is “comprehensive, consumer-focused compliance,” according to Deignan.


Robert Deignan is a 1995 graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership. In 1998 Robert co-founded a company called Franklin, Inc. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In the year 2002, he joined the team at iS3, Inc. as Executive Vice President, and remained with the company for over nine years. In the year 2011, Robert left the software developer to co-found ATS.


Founded in Boca Raton in August 2011, ATS Digital is dedicated to assuring that customers receive the highest quality service and support. Since 2011, Robert Deignan has led ATS Digital Services to become the leading premium digital support provider for consumers globally. In July of 2017, the company announced that it was teaming up with cybersecurity leader AppEsteem to offer an even greater level of protection for clients.


Aside from his professional accomplishments, Robert is also a sportsman at heart. In fact, Deignan is an award-winning professional angler. During the 79th Annual Silver Sailfish Derby, it was Deignan whose clutch efforts were responsible for bringing home the victory for his team (Team Liquid). With only 13-minutes to spare in the competition, Robert scored the winning release of a sailfish he caught with a threadfin herring as bait. Team liquid was led by Captain Art Sapp and rebounded with a 9 release rally on the second day after only two releases on the first day of the derby.


The standards and passion for excellence shown by Robert Deignan go beyond the boardroom to all areas of his life. His dedication to his company, customers, and his community are evident to all that have the pleasure of working with him.

Randal Nardone`s leadership and success in the financial industry

Randal Nardone is a renowned investor and billionaire. He is ranked as number 557 on the Forbes list of the world billionaires. Randal Nardone has an excellent educational background. Randal studied at the University of Connecticut and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also holds a J.D from Boston University. Randal Nardone is the CEO and the co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. He has been the CEO since August 2013 and the senior principal as from 1998. His company is well known for the provision of credit funds as well as for the managing of the private-equity pools. Fortress Investment Group was acquired by Softbank for $ 3.3 billion due to having interest in the six investment specialty pools in Fortress. The Fortress investment pools added and put money in various industries such as mortgage services, digital marketing and also golf courses. Softbank is committed to doubling the Fortress Investment`s assets within the next few years.

Softbank gained a professional team after buying Fortress Investment Group. Softbank bought the company $ 8.08. Mr. Masayoshi from Softbank has a good network of the sovereign funds as well as billionaires. The strategic plan of the Softbank is to identify a group of the former Wall Street traders, and salesman with connects to Abu Dhabi and Arabia.Randal Nardone still holds the position of the chief executive officer at Fortress Investment Group and Mr. Son strategic plans involved maintaining the Fortress, business model. Fortress has over $ 36.1 billion assets, and they manage more than 1,750 clients together with private investors. Fortress provides a wide range of services credit, real estate, as well as permanent capital as the investment strategies.

Under Randal Nardone`s leadership, the investment firm has $ 97 billion inform of Vision Fund at the SoftBank being the biggest technology investment company in the world. The Fortress`s workforce feels honored for working with thoughtful and smart people. SoftBank has a world-class portfolio of businesses that will be beneficial to the Fortress Investment including telecommunications, AI, smart robotics, internet services, as well as clean energy.Randal Nardone expertise and leadership has powered the prosperity of the company. The company`s shareholders signed in for the purchase of the Fortress Investment Group. Randal Nardone qualities as a leader and a noble CEO will continue to serve and head Fortress Investment Group. The reason why the company remains publically traded on New York Stock Exchange.


Mike Baur Knows If You’ve Got What It Takes To Compete In The Big Business World

If you’ve always wanted to run your own company and you’ve finally found that idea you think might be your angle, it may be time to take the next steps to building your company around it. Mike Baur, the founder and chairman of Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) has been showing new business owners how to do that, and SSUF is the place where they can learn the basics of taking ideas to the building stage. But to really build a strong business in an industry that’s highly competitive, you need to be mentally prepared for the hurdles you will face. Baur has a few pointers he believes entrepreneurs should follow.


Starting up your own business means you need to have a network of connections, and you need to build that network. You’ll usually need startup capital whether that’s in the form of venture investing or a bank loan, and Mike Baur says you need to know how to pitch your business to those who you need financing from. You also need to be willing to make changes to your business whenever times change. You never should change in terms of customer service or ethical values, but sometimes you have to adapt the way you so business. But most importantly, Baur says you need to know which risks you’re willing to take and never be afraid of failing when you take them.


Before he decided to start a business incubator, Mike Baur was an impressive bank manager both for UBS and Clariden Leu. Back in 1991 when Baur first entered banking, it was a job you would start out in as an apprentice. He was only 16 when he first started learning basic account management, credit and loans. He got his bachelor’s degree at the University of Bern and his master’s at the University of Rochester. He was an advisor to some of Switzerland’s top investors, and made it to a rarely achieved executive status when he joined Clariden Leu.


The reason Mike Baur left his position in the big bank was that the 2008 recession and its aftermath left many unpleasant changes in how banking was run. He wanted to get out of the office and take chances on something more exciting that business investing offered. It was certainly a big pay cut Baur took to get the SSUF up and running, but he certainly wouldn’t trade it for the world. The SSUF has seeded businesses from just about every industry, but the internet of things has become a growing field that’s been invested in.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Has Positioned Bradesco For Future Success

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had decided to become the new CEO for Bradesco back in 2009, the bank was at an interesting turning point. Bradesco had fallen back into the pack and its future was rather uncertain. Cappi even went so far as to temper expectations when he first took over.

In his mind, it seemed unrealistic for Bradesco to aim for the top spot as soon as he assumed control. Becoming the top bank was not the primary objective. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi believed that becoming the best bank to their customers was more important than being considered the best overall.

After becoming president in 2009 and building Bradesco’s brand, he would eventually decide to purchase the local HSBC branch for a whopping $5.2 billion US. This purchase allowed Bradesco to set their sights a bit higher. This acquisition gave Cappi the chance to speed up the process of becoming the number one banking institution in Brazil.

Instead of waiting several years for the natural growth steps to take place, the purchase served to expedite the process. Because of this bold maneuver, the future is considered to be brighter than ever for Bradesco. Industry forecasts underwent an immediate shift and Cappi was given a very prestigious award for his efforts.


ISTOE Dinhero (also known as Money) chose Cappi as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the wake of this transaction. Once the aforementioned transaction took place, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi elected to step down from his presidential chair. From there, he decided to create an environment where others could learn in his stead.

He established a corporate university and spoke to a variety of executives from all levels of Bradesco in order to make sure that the bank was being placed in the best position to win over the long haul. The proper autonomy was also granted to the executives that were promoted to fill his shoes.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi held meetings in the Noble Hall and he let attendees know that anyone who stepped to the microphone would need to have something to say. Trabuco asked all of the meeting’s attendees to have plans of action that could be used to assist the bank going forward. He also elected to open up the search for some additional market professionals that could assist Bradesco in their future endeavors.

While he may have stepped down from his chair after the HSBC transaction, Trabuco remains heavily involved in the day to day aspects of working with the bank. He was even given the opportunity to become a part of the French ministry and his name was ventured as a prime candidate for a takeover.

Those who know him best say that he will leave. One of the executives who is most familiar with Cappi says that he is “born” to work with this bank and thanks to his skillful techniques, they are now positioned to succeed well into the future. Now that he has taken over for Lázaro de Mello Brandão as the chairman of the Board of Directors, that future is now even brighter.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Aloha Construction Quality Craftsmanship and Work

The Better Business Bureau gives out different awards each year, to companies that show exemplary service to its clients. One of these awards is called the Torch Award for Ethics. The Torch Award for Ethics is an award that is chosen by a panel of judges. They look for companies that show exceptional ethics and have demonstrated that they provide high quality work and services over a long period of time. In 2017, the company that was given the honor of being award the Torch Award was Aloha Construction.

Aloha Construction is a full-service construction company that is based in Zurich, Illinois. Although based in Zurich, the company completes jobs all across the state of Illinois. They are best known for the high-quality roofs that they provide for roofing jobs. In 2012, they reached the milestone of completing over 10,000 roofing job throughout the state of Illinois. Not only do they complete roofing jobs, but they also provide services such as the waterproofing of foundations, installing gutters, the installation of new windows, and they even complete total remodel jobs.

In addition to providing communities and customers with high-quality craftsmanship and work, Aloha Construction is also very active as far as giving back to their community. The company has often sponsored athletes with donations that help them go farther in their sports. They also work with the Boys and Girls Club in their community to sponsor the children in different activities. They constantly fill a void in the community, when sponsorship or support is needed from a company.

It was a complete surprise when Aloha Construction was awarded the Torch Award of Ethics, but everyone knows that the company more than deserves it. Not every company strives to not only meet the needs of their customers, but they actually go above and beyond to provide service that is personalized and kind for every customer that seeks out construction services.

Welcomes A Star In Houston- Tony Petrello

The energy department is a very profitable and exciting area for most people. The few personalities who understand the benefits of investing in energy understand that within a very short time, they can make billions.

Tony Petrello is among the top personalities in the energy department. This businessman is the chief executive officer of the leading oil and gas manufacturing firm in the United States, known as Nabors Industries. The organization commands a lot of respect in the international community due to the great leadership it has been getting from its leaders. Tony Petrello is a professional who earns a lot of money due to his prestigious role in this large organization.

Read more: Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes

Due to his position in Nabors Industries for a long time, Anthony Petrello has become a very important person in the corporate world. While many people who have accumulated wealth prefer to appear in the television every day, this businessman has remained very quiet. It is not common to see or even hear the businessman in any public forum, and this is why Tony is not a common figure in the American households. The businessman is very honest in his tasks, unlike most of the corrupt people working in the corporate world. The businessman has been supporting so many charity initiatives with his wealth, a very rare gesture for the people in the American society.

This year, Tommy Tune, a very prominent superstar who has been living away from Houston announced that he wanted to come and visit his come country. When the announcement was made, very few people knew extended a helping hand. Tony Petrello offered to welcome the businessman and even wait for him in the airport upon his arrival. When Tune landed in Houston several months ago, Tony accompanied his wife to the airport, and they all welcomed the start back to his town. There was a huge crowd gathered for this special occasion, something that has not been experienced in the past. Tune had a chance to visit his fans in his homeland and at the same time entertain them. There was a special event that was held by Tony and his wife so that the star could have some fun and spend time with the people from his hometown. Tommy Tine said that he was very shocked when he realized that people from Houston had not forgotten him even after so many years. Tune was very happy about the whole event.

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Mark Mofid, the Cutting Edge Plastic Surgeon

In the world of plastic surgeons, you will find a dozen surgeons that state that they give the best care to their patients; however, if you want to find the best surgeon in the area that addresses aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, then you need to explore the options that Dr. Mark Mofid affords to his patients.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon that is board certified through both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. His practice services the San Diego and La Jolla areas of San Diego County, California.

When walking into the offices of Dr. Mark Mofid for your first consultation, you will be greeted by a professional and courteous staff. This is because Mofid firmly believes that all of his patients should be afforded care that is personalized, compassionate, and thorough. During a consultation at one of his offices, he will listen openly to what the potential patient wants to see happen, will make sure that he understands the goals that the patient has, and together with the patient will create an individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan may include invasive or noninvasive procedures and will most likely include state of the art aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Mark Mofid is held in high regards by both his colleagues and his previous patients for his work in the plastic surgery field that has achieved results that can be described as natural looking and beautiful. His surgical techniques are truly a work of art and are very technical in nature. It is the combination of his artistry like surgical techniques combined with his listening ear that affords his patients absolutely stunning results after having aesthetic procedures completed by Dr. Mark Mofid.

For any cosmetic procedures that are needed in the San Diego area, Dr. Mark Mofid should be considered. His cutting-edge techniques, combined with his state of the art office and his surgical artistry affords anyone who chooses him as their plastic surgeon the guarantee of phenomenal results.

The Doe Deere Crowd Embraces Lime Crime

Doe Deere has become dominant in the world cosmetics. She has been able to gravitate towards a whole lot of consumers that have been looking for a totally new way to engage in cosmetics that attract a completely different fan base. It is definitely interesting to see how she has created more fans with a different style of lipstick than what is typical for the market today.


Doe Deere has done a significant amount of work to make sure that people really get familiar with what she is bringing to the market. She has put time in with YouTube videos. Doe Deere has put time in to create different looks and photos where she shows off the lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow and the permanent hair dye that is sold by Lime Crime. All of these are things that have made it easier for Doe Deere to attract consumers that were interested in what she was trying to market.


It is evident that more people are getting connected with her brand because it speaks to consumers that would not ordinarily utilize traditional forms of makeup. A ton of people have taken interest in this type of need that women have had when it comes to changing things up.


No one wants a makeup drawer filled with lipstick that all looks the same. Doe Deere is instantly the game changer that gives people the ability to get something that is going to add a splash of color to their lives.


Doe Deere has found that it is much easier to bring forth a new way to attract consumers by putting a new line of hair dye products into the mix with the makeup that she is selling. People that have wanted to put there new colorful makeup on will now appreciate the fact that they can get a hair color that resembles the makeup that they’re using. Doe Deere has even made it known that she wants to fight more for people to have the ability to become much more accepting of the various hair colors.


She feels that students should not be restricted from wearing the type of hair colors that they would like to wear in a school environment. Doe Deere definitely believes that there is a growing amount of anticipation for hair dye products because the atmosphere is changing.


People that have started utilizing hair dye are some of the people that would be least expected to do so. There are older women that are getting in on the colorful hair dye. This exceeds the expectation that Doe Deere may have had for her consumer base. Initially, she was marketing to a group of millennials that are part of the Generation Z. Now it appears that women from the baby boomers and Generation X crowds are also becoming consumers that are embracing her products.


Doe Deere has essentially evolved into a woman that is interested in building a brand of cosmetics that caters to a crowd of consumers with various tastes. Learn more:

Jeunesse Global continues strong sales with NV foundation and bronzer

Jeunesse Global has taken many in the health and beauty industry by surprise. The company is still less than a decade old. Yet it has been growing faster than any other company in the global health and beauty space. This has left many people across the world curious as to what the magic formula is behind the incredible success of this firm, which was completely unknown just a few years ago.

Part of the Jeunesse success puzzle can be traced back to the company’s dynamic founders. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long been well-known throughout North America as one of the power couples of that region’s health and beauty industry. After spending an entire career building some of the most successful companies in the direct-marketing, health and beauty businesses, Ray and Lewis finally decided that they wanted to try retirement.

The couple retreated to their Florida mansion and began enjoying days of golf, lounging by the pool and dining out with friends. But it didn’t take long for the ambitious couple to realize that they still had the competitive itch that had driven them to excellence for so many years. Lewis began selling a few products out of the couple’s garage. It didn’t take long for Ray to jump in as well, kicking off Jeunesse Global as a going concern.

But the real secret behind Jeunesse Global’s phenomenal success has been its equally phenomenal products. One of those products is the company’s NV foundation and bronzer. As a base upon which makeup can be evenly and attractively applied, NV ranks with some of the best products on the market. But NV is also able to act as a standalone beauty-enhancement tool. Many users find that they no longer need to wear makeup at all when using the product. This is the work of a closely guarded secret molecule that the company simply refers to as APT-200.

This molecule has been specially designed by Jeunesse Global scientists. It is able to sharply reduce the number of wrinkles marring a user’s face, and it is able to prevent new wrinkles from forming. This is just one of the incredible products from Jeunesse.