Dr. Saad Saad’s Lessons From A Long Career

Dr. Saad Saad has had quite an interesting life and career. First born in Palestine, he was forced to move to West Bank with his family due to political upheaval. At this point, he was separated from his father for several days. However, they were eventually reunited; as his father was also a sought after mechanical engineer, it also meant that they would be able to leave the West Bank.

This meant traveling to Kuwait where his father was offered a high-paying job. This led to Dr. Saad Saad’s first major life lesson; not taking anything less than what you deserve, especially when it comes to success.

His father also taught him a valuable lesson related to this; the value of a good education. Armed with this, the doctor was able to put himself through college and get his medical degree.

It also meant that he was driven to be as knowledgeable as possible; this is because Dr. Saad Saad realized that if he was the most informed and educated person he could be, then he could be anything that he wanted. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When Child Swallows Foreign Object – Advice From Dr. Saad Saad

However, it was because of his second major life lesson that he was able to put it into practice, and that life lesson was to never leave until tomorrow what you can do today.

This was the secret behind Dr. Saad Saad’s productivity and success. Not only did it drive him throughout his education, but it ensured that he was one of the most dedicated and informed pediatric surgeons in the world.

Because of that, he quickly developed a strong work ethic that led him to outshine many of his peers. After moving to the United States, this also led him to want to become a United States Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon, which would lend him much more respect and recognition.

He did so, and he became recognized as the only such pediatric surgeon to be fluent in both English and Arabic. As a result of this, he gained some worldwide attention by being named chief pediatric surgeon to the Saudi royal family.

However, it also led him to a variety of philanthropic causes; throughout his 47-year career, Dr. Saad Saad has been known to travel to Saudi Arabia regularly to help children in need. This includes the likes of complex surgeries for many impoverished and underprivileged children across the country. Furthermore, Dr. Saad Saad has used his philosophies to help innovate in the field of pediatric surgery.

Many of the techniques that he’s helped develop have not only proven to be efficient but have drastically reduced the amount of recovery time needed by patients. On common thread throughout all of the doctor’s life has been another guiding principle; not is impossible as long as you push yourself hard enough to get it.

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Sandy Chin and the Importance of a Mentor

In the modern era of economic upswing, individuals from all walks of life are looking for looking for new opportunities. Sandy Chin is an investment manager from New York. Her present venture is running Tidal Bore Capital, which was founded in 2016. As an individual with decades of experience, she has a lot of experience to share with the rising generation. These young individuals often wonder how they can set foot in such a crowded field of experienced peers. In a recent article from Gazette Day, Sandy Chin discuses the valuable role of having a mentor in this period of one’s life.

Sandy Chin may appear to be an industry expert now, but she too had to start somewhere. She has great respect for her mentor William Leach. He taught her key lessons that have steered her career to this day, such as to never turn down a meeting and always ask questions. The lessons a mentor can teach young individuals may just be the push they need to get a foothold in the industry. In addition, the sharing of knowledge to advance the industry. Mentors have a duty to pass on what they have learned so the next generation can continue to refrain the ideas and progress the field. Sandy Chin describes how her mentor taught her how to read body language and language usage to determine where the best investments are located.

A mentor is more than a person who looks over the shoulder of the one they are rising. The information and knowledge they have gained also extends to their personal contacts. Mentors can get their pupils in contact with the right people for career advancements. This provides a fast-track up the corporate leader, while also giving the pupil a chance to reach greater heights. Sandy Chin talks about how mentors don’t want the same mistakes to be repeated. They might be able to see a successful venture that their younger self would passed up. Lastly, mentors are simply the most valuable resource to leaning how to succeed in your field. Inquiring about issues and staying in contact with your mentor is the basis to a long lasting stable career. An individual could be in the industry for years, but still need to contact their mentor about a very specific issue.

The relationship between a mentor and pupil is one that requires both sides to engage. A young individual needs to be motivated and mindful of their surroundings, while the mentor has to be willing to listen and share information. When a strong bond is formed, the passage of knowledge becomes seamless. The young individual will be on the fast track to inherit everything they have learned.


Sergey Petrossov – The Young Entrepreneur Behind JetSmarter, the “Uber” of Private Jet Travel

Born in Russia, Sergey Petrossov moved to Florida at a young age with his family. While most high schoolers are concerned with typical high school activities during their teen years, he was already attempting to develop an import-export business. While attending college, he developed an interest in computer science, becoming adept as a developer of technology.


In his 20’s, Sergey Petrossov had already co-founded a company selling cloud-based software used by educational systems in Eastern Europe and Russia. His expertise was in technology, but he was beginning to ponder the industry of private jet travel. Having been invited by a fellow business owner on a flight aboard a private jet, he made several surprising observations. The booking process was very manual; passengers had to call for arrangements and sign papers. The planes were also grounded much of the time in between booked flights, and the costs were high due to empty seats.


Developing the app “JetSmarter,” was Sergey Petrossov’s answer to making the process of private jet travel more streamlined and cost-efficient. His app made travel more accessible by connecting travelers to private jet companies all over the world, organizing the industry. Putting together a development team from his prior ventures, investing his own capital and garnering support from celebrities such as Jay-Z and even royalty (the Saudi royal family), he officially launched his company in 2016.


Serge Petrossov located a niche, finding an area that needed improvement, and has developed a multi-million dollar company. Thousands of members are able to more easily book private jet travel with the simple use of an app. His JetSmarter enterprise is truly the “Uber” of private jet travel.


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Shervin Pishevar Discusses the Economy Regarding Bitcoin

Shervin Pishevar is an investor and the co-founder of several different startups. He’s always had quite a Twitter following, though it grew last year after a tweet storm that covered a wide array of topics, including the economy. More specifically, Pishevar spoke about bitcoin and its future.

Cheap Money is Dead

Shervin Pishevar mentioned in one of his tweets about how cheap money is dead. Inflation has been spreading for quite some time and gold will be rising in response. However, he also talked about bitcoin and how it will continue to crash before it stabilizes somewhere in the 2,000 to 5,000 range. Once it does, then it will have a more stable rise for the next 24 months.

Venture Capitalism

Shervin Pishevar brought up venture capitalism and the tech industry. He has identified that Silicon Valley has lost some of its competitive innovation. This means that startups need to get more creative in order to prove that they are unique. This is starting to take form in regards to cryptocurrency and how many startups are using ICOs as a way to promote themselves. They’re offering tokens that can be purchased with BTC (bitcoin) or ETH (ethereum) as a way to raise the funds that they need.

With Silicon Valley losing its edge, it’s allowing entrepreneurship to become a borderless movement. Startups no longer have to be located in Silicon Valley in order to thrive. As such, talent is showing up all over the globe.

Currency is Becoming an App

Shervin Pishevar talked heavily about Bitcoin and venture capitalism, which leads to some of his later tweets within the tweet storm. He talks about how money is going to become a platform with currency becoming the ultimate app. More crypto platforms are showing up, allowing for currency to be traded inside of apps.

The economy is changing as a result of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin paved the way and, now, more currencies are becoming available. Shervin Pishevar has been the voice to show what the world is capable of.


Neurocore is Transforming Brain Power

Neurocore is combating mental health issues through a process known as neurofeedback, where the focus is to enhance a patient’s cognitive abilities in order to alleviate symptoms related to mental or behavioral challenges. Their approach to treating mental health therapy has started to gain traction in the medical community among both doctors and scientist alike.

Nuerocore is utilizing a neuroscience technology to train the brain for fighting against a broad spectrum of mental irregularities, which serves as an alternative to a drug-based convention. More specifically, this technology introduces the patient to Neurotherapy, which collects a patient’s brainwaves for clinicians to later analyze. Clinicians then assess the originating source within the brain responsible for the patient’s mental status.

Once the initial brainwaves have been studied, the patient then undergoes neuro feedback training, where they engage in various activities such as watching a movie or playing a video game. Promising results have shown the physical composition of gray matter within the brain can be observed as a result of such therapy. About Nuerocore center also works to integrate qEEG technology for mapping brain activities on computers for visualizing information. Such practice introduced by Neurocore demonstrates the potential for becoming a standard convention for combating mental health issues.

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Chris Burch Spends A Majority Of His Time Helping Those Less Fortunate

Founder of Burch Creative Capital and CEO, Chris Burch has been an avid investor and entrepreneur for a large variety of industries for close to forty years. He has helped to bring a number of companies and products to a new level such as Voss Water and Jawbone.

Back in 2012, Chris Burch helped to renovate a property he took over on a Indonesian Island known as Sumba. It was with his help and renovation that the luxury resort go on to become the number 1 hotel by Travel and Leisure Magazine. It was during a partnership with Philippe Stark and Alan Faena while in Argentina that he became interested in the hospitality sector.

Chris Burch then went on to create a partnership with Ellen DeGeneres to help her launch her line of lifestyle products known as ED. In the same year, Chris Burch would go on to building the Cocoon9 brand of prefab homes that include use of space saving plans to create a contemporary design while remaining energy efficient.

Mr. Burch shares a passion for healthy lifestyle options which includes the Brad’s Raw Foods brand, Little Duck Organics and even Blink Health. When he is not working hard to support brands that are healthy alternatives for snacking and eating, he is helping to make names for brands he whole heartily supports within in woman’s apparel and the accessories under the name of Trademark.

When Chris Burch is not working on his products and resorts, he spends a good amount of time helping out those who are less fortunate in the health field. It has been under his contribution that Mt. Sinai Hospital was able to make improvements. Not only did he offer some help to them but also to the Sumba Foundation. He has offered his support to the China Association of Social Work among other well known foundations that all need a form of philanthropic contributions.

Choosing the Agera Energy Company

There are a lot of people who are looking to make the switch to an energy provider that they can trust. If you are tired of paying high fees and charges for the electricity and natural gas that you currently have, it is time to give Agera Energy a try for yourself. About Agera Energy works with homeowners and business owners alike, giving them the energy that they need without it costing a small fortune. Now is a great time for you to give the company a try and see just how different this can be for you and for any of your household or office needs.

When you are looking to make the switch, there is no better company available to you than Agera Energy. They have serviced millions of people all around the country and offer some of the affordable lowest rates that you will be able to find. This makes it easier than ever for you to get what you need and know that you are choosing an option that is right for you. Before you know it, you will be signing up for an Agera Energy account and getting the service that you both want and need for yourself. Now is the best time to check out the Agera Energy website and see what they are going to be able to offer to you.

You can also check out Agera Energy online by visiting their many social media accounts and seeing what other customers are saying about the service provider. You will find that they get rave reviews and fantastic ratings simply because of their reliable rates and superior customer support. You will love finally having an energy company that you can trust and one that is going to help you feel confident in your decision to make the switch. You will never want to go back to your old company ever again thanks to what this particular service provider is offering to you. Make sure that you check them out on social media and see what they can do for you and for the home or business that you run.


The Neurocore: What You Should Know

Neurocore is a famous brain training firm. The primary investors are Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education in Trump’s government and Dick, her husband. The firm applies unproven as well as medically dubious techniques to treat conditions such as depression, autism, ADHD, and other neurological and psychological conditions. The techniques involve biofeedback. The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. It regulates feelings, thoughts, as well as the manner in which the bodies functions. Unless you have savvy knowledge of this important organ, you may not know how it operates. According to the research, the human brain is made up of small structures referred to as neurons. These tiny structures work in a fantastic way: passing electric signals from one section of the brain to the next.

Neurocore applies this knowledge to improve the well-being of the patients. Neurocore specializes in improving the brain’s natural ability by simply making it stronger. They apply brain mapping as well as neuroimaging, recent scientific methods when training the brain. Real-time brain monitoring helps them to control focus, migraines, depression, and anxiety. This helps in making someone’s, mind, stronger and also enhancing human mind relation. Since it was first started, Neurocore has made several achievements in matters regarding neuroscience as well as its various applications. The firm has about eight facilities mainly in Michigan and Florida. Any person regardless of his or her social status can visit any of the eight facilities for treatment. Currently, the firm has hugely diversified its customer base; athletes can now apply neurofeedback when training.

Workout Supplements

The Neurocore uses workout supplements when attending to the patients. Workout supplements are actually items taken via the mouth. They are usually made of minerals, vitamins, and herbs. Although they were previously used by athletes and builders, any person can make use of them as long as he or she has the right qualifications. Professionals at Neurocore advise patients to take these supplements to help them improve their own workouts. They can help keep the joints as well as the bones of patients who are either 50 or more years stronger. Some of these supplements increase the levels of nitric oxide within the body. If used well, nitric oxide can boost the amount of blood that gets into the muscles hence reducing muscle fatigue. Learn More.

Agera Financial Offers Unique Services in the Energy Sector

Agera Financial is a private energy company that retails natural gases and electricity. The company provides efficient services to businesses and companies in America. Its services are extended to more than fifty states in the country. It’s also one of the rapidly emerging and growing companies in the state that has gained an excellent reputation with regards to offering quality services. It’s one of the companies that’s registered impeccable growth and has earned an excellent reputation in service provision.

Agera Financial is providing various job opportunities including executive positions to general staff members. For you to be employed, you ought to have professional qualifications and the required experience to enhance productivity of energy related product.

About Agera Energy was established in 2014 when the year started. It was also during one of the worst Winters. Perhaps founding the company can be termed as fate since the management found itself in a convenient time. Agera Financial has the right equipment to provide affordable energy services.


Rebel Wilson – Double Triple!

Rebel Wilson, born 2nd March 1980, an Aussie actress, a writer, and a producer all at the same time. Grown and bred in the suburbs of Kenthurst and Castle Hill, attended Tara Anglican School for Girls and completed her graduation from Australian Theatre for Young People. After moving to New York in 2003, Rebel trained with The Second City and started starring in films like the Bridesmaids in which the role was specifically written for her.

Wilson describes herself as to be an unusually shy, neighboring on social disorder kind of a person. She remembers that as a child she hated to go to the community acting class. So her mom would tell her that she would pick her up in 2 hours every time and that is where she might have developed the first spark to humor inside her.

However, the question is: “Does she have her family genes to thank for her comedic dice?” Well, to answer to it is maybe, but Rebel has a different perspective on it, she thinks that her family fancies her as not funny at all. They think that they are funnier than her to which Rebel jokes around that what professional comedy skits have you done like ever?

The Australian star is all-ready and set to go to star in her upcoming romantic comedy movie, Isn’t it Romantic, along with the ever charming, one of the hunky hunk Hemsworth brothers, Liam Hemsworth.

The movie is set to hit the big screen on February 13th, and the ‘How to be Single’ star took to an Instagram post when she left a teaser to her upcoming movie and posted that, to everyone’s surprise, that she never went on a date on Valentine’s day and addressed her fans as kind people who’d go to see her movie on Valentine’s Day.

Miley Cyrus, just recently tied the knot with the co-star of ‘Isn’t it Romantic,’ Liam Hemsworth. The star of the wrecking ball, being a good friend, swooped in with this great idea for Rebel’s problem of no date on the Valentine’s Day and commented on the post which Rebel Wilson earlier shared on Instagram, saying that they should form a triple couple and go on a date together, with Hemsworth.

This offer came after some days of the couple tying the knot by having an I-do low key ceremony with just friends and family attending the nuptials. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

The enchanting couple who started their relationship on the movie set of “The Last Song” shared the most adorable and the cutest photos of their wedding in which each shot shouted of the love between Miley and Liam.

In the meantime, Rebel has been posting and sharing behind the scenes and teasers of her upcoming highly anticipated rom-com. Recently, she took it to her Instagram story where she posted a photo of her and her co-star Liam Hemsworth where they are arms in arms and captioned “this was literally 4 am in the morning!” where most probably she referred to the strenuous film routine.

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