Attorney Karl Heideck Describes Some Of The Weird Laws In Pennsylvania

Attorney Karl Heideck recently highlighted some of the bizarre laws that are on the books in the state of Pennsylvania. There have been laws passed over the years that deal with everything from fishing to paintball fights, he says.
One of the areas that has a few strange laws is marriage.

There are laws that have been passed where they prohibit things such as firing off guns or cannons during a ceremony. There is another one, he says, that says pastors cannot marry people who are drunk. Other odd laws are involved in parenting. One of the crazy laws says that a bathroom must be situated within 200 feet of any child’s bedroom. However, Heideck says, this rule has a number of exemptions such as not applying to people who are in a travel trailer, motor home, or other forms of mobile housing.

Getting back to laws about paintball guns, you need to be aware of a couple of laws in Pennsylvania if you are using one. The big one to pay attention to is that it is illegal to shoot anyone who is not involved in the paintball fight. There is another law that describes exactly how you can transport a paintball gun in your truck or car.

Karl Heideck has practiced the law in Philadelphia for several years. He is a graduate of the James E. Beasley School of Law which is located on the campus of Temple University. It was at this institution that he earned his law degree in 2009. He began his career in the law as an associate at the law firm Conrad O’Brien.

Today, Karl Heideck works at Beacon Hill Staffing Group as a team lead. He heads the effort for a number of legal review projects. His experience in the legal industry is primarily concentrated on compliance, litigation, as well as risk management review. He is experienced dealing with the financial industry, in particular. In the past, he has been involved in researching securities fraud. He has also lent his expertise to investigating banking litigation cases.

A Legal Firm That Can Help Whistleblowers

2010 will be remembered as a landmark year in financial legislation circles. That was the year Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Consumer Protection Act. Under this act, whistleblowers can retain their rights as employees, get compensated via incentive for their information, and if they handle things properly, remain anonymous.

Remaining anonymous requires legal representation. Legal representation should come from a source that can produce the highest value for their expense. Probably the best option right now is Labaton Sucharow. Immediately after 2010’s Dodd-Frank Act, Sucharow opened its doors as the country’s very first Whistleblower Representation Practice. It makes sense they were the first, because the man who leads this legal team is the gentleman who authored the majority of the legislation. His name is Jordan A. Thomas.

Thomas used to work for the SEC. He was the Assistant Director, but also held the title of Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement. When 2010 saw the legislation he wrote while doing that work come to fruition, he naturally transitioned to Labaton Sucharow. As such, whistleblowers stand the best chance of seeing the most extensive employment protection coupled with the greatest incentive return by working with Labaton Sucharow.

While the legislation of Dodd-Frank ensures incentives between ten and thirty percent of recovered monetary sanctions which are in excess of a million dollars, as well as employment security, it’s impossible for those provisions alone to retain a client’s identity. This requires legal representation. A cogent legal firm like Labaton Sucharow is going to fight the battle for the client, so the client doesn’t publicly have to out themselves as the one who blew the whistle. This allows them to continue functioning in their previously employed capacity without arousing the ire of coworkers and superiors. Even though Dodd-Frank will not allow such individuals to recriminate a whistleblower, there are legal ways around such laws which angry enough corporations would certainly try to find.

The American economy has undergone a substantial downturn as a result of underhanded financial business practices in the highest echelons of this country’s leadership and production. The only way to stop such underhanded business is through tactics that effectively address and combat the problem. Whistleblowing is one of the best techniques of this variety, and with Dodd-Frank and Labaton Sucharow, reputation can be maintained as incentives are maximized in a scenario that doesn’t threaten the employment of the brave soul putting his or her neck on the line.

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How Whistleblowers Can Be Protected And Reimbursed

New Whistleblower Protection Program

The great recession of 2008-2009 devastated the American economy. It ruined many small businesses and caused the bankruptcies of many large firms. The recession was also responsible for the loss of home ownership for millions around the country. As a result of the great recession, the US government passed the Dodd Frank Act, to better regulate the financial industry and prevent another recession.

The Dodd Frank Act has a special element when it comes to the protection of whistleblowers. Under this new law, whistleblowers can point out red flags and outright fraud to the authorities of the Securities and Exchange Commission without any fear of retribution. There is also a monetary lure or prize to consider. Whistleblowers can be reimbursed from 10-30% of the settlement amount against the company where violations were found. Additional monetary prizes can be awarded if there is successful action by other government agencies.

Other key elements of the whistleblower program of the Dodd Frank act include the ability to report financial violations anonymously if the SEC whistleblower has an attorney. As stated before, there can be no retaliation from the employer that the whistleblower exposes to be in violation or committing fraud. The Dodd Frank act prevents retaliation such as employee firing, counter suits and stripping of titles, pay or benefits.

Labaton Sucharow Whistleblower Litigation Program

The law firm of Labaton Sucharow was one of the first law firms in the country to create a special division that would be solely focused on processing litigation on the behalf of whistleblowers. This includes both starting court proceedings, outlining the violations under the Dodd Frank Act and ensuring the client receives fair compensation. A key part of Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower division is the protection of its whistleblowers. Although whistleblowers are protected under the law, they may still be subject to harassment and intimidation. An attorney will protect you from all angles and give you the highest available payout possible.

Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower team is made up of people who have prosecuted and investigated securities fraud and violations at both the local, state and federal level. The whistleblower division team has forensic accountants, financial analysts and special investigators to make sure that any info that a whistleblower brings is brought to light in court. It will also be further elaborated on. Whistleblower consultations are free, confidential and can even by done anonymously if the whistleblower chooses to have an attorney represent him or her.