Sahm Adrangi’s contributions towards community development

Sahm Adrangi is popular for his contributions to the community through his entrepreneurial and business skills. The Chief Executive Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management went to Yale University where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Economics Degree. After completing his education, he kicked off his financing career at Deutsche Bank where he was given duties in the loan debt financing department. He also advised the creditor committee whenever they needed his help. Later on, he joined Chanin Capital Partners. At Chanin, he was mostly involved in out-of-court reform cases.

Kerrisdale Capital Management, which is a hedge fund management firm, was founded in 2009. At the time of its launching, the company had only one million dollars as capital. The money has since multiplied to one hundred and fifty million dollars’ worth of assets. His Facebook,and Sahm Adrangi helps in the management of these assets and focuses on assisting the company to grow monetary-wise and in size. The company creates forums where it educates the community on investment. It also publishes research which gives people more knowledge on the company’s activities, thereby, clearing some of the myths that they have. Readers of the publications are allowed to ask questions about areas where they do not understand and the firm, in turn, clarifies the issues, and  Sahm Adrangi’s lacrosse camp.

Sahm has helped save people from being victims of fraud by exposing companies that participate in fraudulent ventures. Some of these companies which have been exposed through the publications include China-Biotics and China Marine Food. Sahm Adrangi has been at many conferences where he has been asked to give speeches about entrepreneurship as well as other issues in the business world. Some of the conferences where he has given speeches include the Value Investing Conference, the Activist Investor conference, the Traders 4 a Cause forum, the Distressed Debt Investing Conference and the Sohn Conference.

Sahm Adrangi has intervened in organizations such as the Lindsay Corporation Management where employees were receiving poor pay. He helped the workers there by insisting that the corporation works on their money distribution policy. Sahm continues to help many people become better at what they do by giving them advice and helping them with various business strategies, and

Desiree Perez on the Future of Roc Nation.

Desiree Perez is one of the mostly hidden forces behind the rise of Roc Nation, the legendary hip-hop company established by Jay Z. In 2008, Jay Z and Roc Nation signed a contract with the company Live Nation for 10 years, $150 million. The contract helped to elevate Jay Z’s already sizable profile while also helping to raise the bar for the musicians at Roc Nation. Now, with the deal set to expire, Roc Nation and Live Nation have some very serious conversations to engage in. Roc Nation, with Jay Z and Desiree Perez in charge, are now looking at potential options for future endeavors.

Live Nation deal with Roc Nation has a ‘buy-sell’ clause triggered in 2018 and that means that Roc Nation could be a free agent in as little as a year. Roc Nation has a roster of talented, in-demand artists, including Meek Mill, Rihanna, Jay Z, Fat Joe and Shakira. Perez has been hands-on in cultivating the rise of Rihanna into a worldwide megastar. It makes sense that Perez would be included in potential deals and that is why eyebrows were raised when Jay and Perez sat down with Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group. UMG and Jay Z have had a quality relationship for years but now their contact is taking on renewed focus. An insider close to UMG said of their meeting with Jay, “Our partnership is pretty significant as it is. Jay Z is phenomenal and it would be great to get further into business with him.”

Jay Z and Desiree Perez have a variety of different options to consider before signing on the new dotted line for Roc Nation’s future. Roc Nation and Jay Z have played their cards relatively close to the vest over the past year so it remains to be seen what direction they will be going in.

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Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Advertising Leads the Growth of International Brands

Established brands rely on strong advertising strategies in order to conquer the market. For these brands to penetrate dominated markets, well to do advertising agencies must be involved. That is why Mullen Lowe of Brasil is constantly applauded for its services in building excellent brands. Behind the excellent service provider is a visionary man who commits his time and talent to developing successful working strategies that can build brands. Jose Borghi is an alumnus of the prestigious PUCCamp. He majored in advertising. His career is projected to have begun in 1988 when he was an instrumental part of Standard Ogilvy and more information click here.



Working as a lead executioner in Standard Ogilvy, Jose Borghi dedicated his life to developing instrumental working strategies. He highly concentrated on building his career. Later in his career journey, Jose joined FCB, Leo Burnett as well as DM9 as an executive talent writer. His role in those organizations defined the direction that the companies took towards growth. At Leo Burnett, Borghi was the vice president for talent development. He served in many jurisdictions as a consultant who offered solutions to complex issues and his Facebook.


Career Advancement

In end 2002 Borghi quit Leo to establish BorghiErh, an agency that was formed on a strong partnership. He grew the business into an admirable net worth before merging the firm with Lowe to establish a new business. While his partner sold his shares, Borghi proceeded to Mullen Lowe, the new company with his shares as well as a title. This explains his passion in establishing new businesses as well as creating strong foundations for growth. At Lowe, he landed the position of a chief executive officer. The agency adopted a new name, Mullen Lowe Brasil. This is the name it currently operates by. Presently, the agency has a huge client base including BR, Grupo 3Coracoes, Knorr of Unilever and Omo in addition to other recognized international brands and learn more about Borghi.

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Anthony Petrello and his Position at Nabors Industries Ltd

Anthony Petrello is the current Chief Executive Officer at the Nabors Industries Ltd. The company which was started as Anglo Energy, Ltd in 1968 and has its main offices located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Industries Ltd is an S&P 500 natural gas, oil as well as geothermal drilling contractor. The oil and gas company operated on land across the Americas, Far East and also the Middle East. It also conducts onshore well-servicing across North America. Anthony Petrello was one time named as the United States’ top-paid CEO. In 2014, Anthony managed to earn approximately $68.2 million from his work at Nabors Industries and more information click here.

Anthony Petrello is a business strategist and also a brilliant manager. He has been termed by the employees at Nabors Industries Ltd as an efficient and reliable leader. Anthony Petrello has also been described as a modern captain in his industry that assists Americans in acquiring the means of enjoying life. Under the exemplary leadership of Anthony Petrello, Nabors Industries Ltd has managed to experience massive growth and expansion. Anthony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey and came from humble beginnings where he acquired the values of integrity and honor and learn more about Anthony.

Anthony attended the Yale University where he became a trained mathematician. After graduating, Anthony Petrello went to work with Serge Lang where he assisted him with number theory. Together, they worked through the complex proofs and theorems of mathematics. Anthony Petrello later went to Harvard Law School where he studied Human Sciences and dropped his passion for mathematics. He worked in formal education for more than 20 years before he joined Nabors Industries Ltd. Anthony Petrello worked in Nabors Industries Ltd for almost 30 years until he was appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and resume him.

Anthony Petrello’s position at Nabors Industries has made him to become one of America’s most capable business leaders. An active philanthropist, Anthony Petrello donates millions of dollars together with his wife to charitable causes every year. The contract of Petrello with Nabors Industries stated that 80% of his income is determined by the company’s revenue. If the revenue of the company goes down, so does his income. The leadership of Anthony Petrello at Nabors Industries has created numerous jobs in the United States’ oil-producing areas.

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Capital Group Chairman: A Model of Financial and Market Expertise

Having served in his elected position as Chairman of The Board of Directors for Capital Group for nearly 2 years, Tim Armour has built a strong reputation based upon his economics acumen and financial leadership abilities.


In a 2015 Q&A on market conditions after the sell-off sparked by the Chinese devaluation of their currency, Armour presented his view that the bearish event was a result of factors that went beyond China’s currency. He stated that following its 6 year bullish run, that the stock market was adjusting from valuations that had become inflated for “some companies and sectors.” With regards to the influence of the Asian monetary event’s impact, Armour said that the market was experiencing “growing pains” stemming from the transition from a closed investment-led economy to a more open consumer-led market. He advised that we should expect further “rockiness” related to that transition. Armour closed the panel’s discussion with his optimistic sentiment that financial conditions were much stronger than they were prior to the market sell-off, citing improved capital ratios for banks in the United States and in Europe. He added that Capital Group’s global investor network was viewing the market volatility as an investment opportunity and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour was also a member of a group of investors and CEO’s that drafted a set of governance principles for public companies. The group describes the standards as a set of commonsense recommendations about the roles and responsibilities of boards, companies and shareholders. The group included Warren Buffett, Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors and Jeffrey Uben of ValueAct Capital. Among the issues contained in their recommendations document were the equity provisions of executive compensation packages, dual class shareholder voting and a request that firms frame their strategies and outlooks on factors that have an impact on the goals of the public companies and more information click here.


Tim Armour holds a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College and has 34 years of investment experience. He was elected to his position as Chairman following the passing of the former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg. The appointment was part of management’s succession plan that had been in progress for several years prior and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


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All About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the leading technological health care innovators. Although he graduated with his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School, Eric Lefkofsky’s passion lies in the fields of technology and advancing health care systems. In the past, Eric has created Tempus, a company system that allows cancer patients to receive better care. Eric Lefkofksy is currently proposing a health care system that will allow health care treatment to be specialized and tailored for each individual patient. This individualized treatment system will look at both the genetic and health traits that each person has. In order to find what treatments work best with each type of trait combination, Eric Lefkofsky is creating a system that practitioners can use to share their findings, allowing more and more people to benefit from Lefkofsky’s product.

Lefkofsky is knowledgeable in the field, and he shares his knowledge with others by teaching at the University of Chicago, as this is where he is an adjunct professor. Although Lefkofsky has a lot to teach these students, perhaps he has also been inspired by the youthful minds that he teaches. Lefkofsky is also a trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Although much of his recent work and teaching has taken place in the big city of Chicago, Lefkofsky aims his advancements toward helping everyone, regardless of what state he or she resides in.

With this worldwide approach, Lefkofsky can reach the lives of many, bettering our society as a whole. Eric Lefkofsky’s technology programs follow this mission, as they aim to have physicians from all over the country communicate with one another. With this wide range of communication, many ideas can be expressed in order to make this current endeavor more creative, and perhaps better than it already is. With the collaboration of many, the health care industry can improve and more information click here.

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Marc Sparks and effective communication

One of the most important characteristics of any budding entrepreneur is the ability to communicate effectively. When people start businesses of their own, this may not be as much of a problem as it may seem, but eventually the ability to express the wishes of the person that is guiding the entrepreneurial endeavors specifically to those employed by or otherwise in concert with the entrepreneur in order to deliver the product will be key to these issues being solved or never happening at all in the case of gifted communicators.

Additionally, many intrinsic business systems have been automated due to the digital revolution. Because of this, many entrepreneurs and especially those just starting out will be able to save much money and resources by doing many of the things that would formerly be done in a business setting by staff. So communication skills will be necessary to talk to each of the contacts appropriate and relay the correct and pertinent information required to transact your business. If not, production can be hampered severely and sometimes to the point of destroying a business.

Branding is a vast part of successful business strategies today, and many people reference branding to products, but in the online space and also because of it, it is important to be deemed in an authority at the chosen categories and especially if the service or product being offered is services directly related to the entrepreneur and requires that entrepreneur to also be an authority as a doctor would brand himself if he pioneered a procedure that he has a desire to market. Authors also must brand themselves in this manner.

Because of this, communication is key in every facet of entrepreneurship and especially today. I learned this from Texas based entrepreneur in an article interview, and his point about communication and branding is that they are inextricable for any entrepreneur that he mentors through his various mentor ship outreach efforts. So budding entrepreneurs need to hone this skill because for mots., this is an innate talent and honing for certain audiences and situations is all that is required.

How Entrepreneurs Get Their Start Like Duda Melzer

For people who get the courage to start as entrepreneurs, they have a world of lessons to learn. For one thing, they have to look at the successes of other entrepreneurs so that they can have an example to follow. One thing that needs to be understood is that even successful entrepreneurs have started somewhere. In many cases, they have had to build slow until the success comes for them. The good news is that they eventually find what works for them and then use it to their advantage. One of the most important things about being an entrepreneur is that they are able to enjoy the type of work that they do because they understand and believe in the purpose of the work that they do and more information click here.

Duda Melzer is someone who goes for what he believes in. He himself has gotten his start in the industry of business development. Of course, he has needed to learn some skills that are relevant to business developing and investing so that he could be successful in what he does. After all, he needed to learn how to run a business and be a leader so that he could gain a lot of money for his company to put forth towards other projects and learn more about Duda.

One of the good things about success in business is that it allows people to expand into different territories. Duda Melzer himself has e.Bricks Digital, which operates in Brazil as well as the United States. Expansion is an important and common part of business because it not only enables people to make more money and serve more clients. These are two goals that are common in every business. However, they are also goals that have to be determined right at the beginning of the business. For one thing, organization is very important to the success of a business and Duda of Twitter.

Adam Goldenberg Is Named Among The Top Three CEOs In Los Angeles That Entrepreneurs Should Know

Los Angeles has been experiencing a sudden increase in the number of digital companies moving or being established in the city. These local tech companies prefer the city due to the ease of accessing support from other established entrepreneurs, availability of high-quality infrastructures, and a ready market on Twitter. Recently, Built in Los Angeles looked at 3 LA CEO’s that future entrepreneurs need to know. The list included Adam Goldenberg of JustFab, Gil Elbaz of Factual, and Josh Berman of BeachMint.

Adam Goldenberg is not new in the digital business. The JustFab co-CEO founded his first company in the 90s. The company, Gamer’s Alliance, provided gaming services to the public. Through his hard work, Adam put the company on a growth trajectory while earning good returns. Later, he sold the firm to Intermix Media, getting himself a handsome check. Adam used this consideration to invest in other companies. In 2006, he ventured into entrepreneurship by founding Intelligent Beauty. He co-founded the company with Don Ressler. Intelligent Beauty’s services have helped many startups to succeed in their respective field. The success of the company saw the two entrepreneurs incorporate JustFab in 2010. JustFab is an online fashion retail company. This information is available at

Adam Goldenberg has played a critical role in the growth of JustFab. First, he has been in the forefront in marketing the company to investors who have invested millions of dollars in their ideas. In 2013, the company managed to raise over $55 million in funding. They used the capital to expand its operation and acquire other businesses such as ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery service. Adam Goldenberg has also used his marketing skills to market the company to the public by introducing celebrity-clothing brands. Some of the celebrities working with the enterprise are Avril Lavigne.

When asked what he hopes other entrepreneurs can learn from him, Adam said that they should seek to understand his metric-driven approach. This strategy on involves looking at numbers on a daily basis. The numbers are a real reflection on the performance of a business and help one to determine the areas that are performing well and those that need improvement. Focus is then shifted to the sectors that are not performing well.

This approach seeks to enhance efficiency and productivity of
the business. In addition, Adam Goldenberg advises entrepreneurs to be careful when hiring their staff. He says that recruiting staff based on papers alone is wrong. An entrepreneur should look for individuals with passion and skills. At JustFab, Adam only works with ‘A’ employees. He believes that trying to improve ‘B’ employees to become ‘A’ employees is time-consuming and reduces the productivity of the company.

Tony And Cynthia Petrello–Two Great Minds Are Moved By A Child–Little Carena Petrello:

The Petrellos are what America is truly about: The truly “great America.” Tony Petrello, by his own right, is an academic and career story of success. His insightful wife Cynthia is an icon of refinement. The Petrellos are “good people.” And they are prosperous.

The Petrellos, according to Cynthia Petrello, “were brought to their knees,” when it is they found out their child: Carena, born 24 weeks pre-mature, had suffered from a common neurological disorder, associated with pre-mature infants. The disorder led to Cerebral Palsy.

Ms. Petrello, said that she watched, as the tiny child, obediently, went through the trial of millions of repetitions of attempting to chew, in order to master the art of chewing. However, according to Cynthia: Carena mastered it. Ms. Petrello believes it is a miracle. She credits the child’s purity of heart and her very determined spirit in mastering the task.

Tony Petrello went in search of answers. He searched far and wide. He looked for research, with regard to pediatric neurological disorders–in the way of Carena’s particular condition, at places such as John Hopkins and Harvard. He investigated the globe.

He stated, that yes, he found relative research, with respect to neurological irregularities, in the adult populace, however, not anything relative, as it pertained to children’s neurological problems. The preceding greatly concerned Mr. Petrello.

He eventually concluded, along with Cynthia, that the best place to launch a research initiative was right in the couple’s own backyard. The place chosen was that of Texas Children’s Hospital. Anthony is a Director, now, at the healthcare institution.

The center is a place, wherein, pediatric research is conducted–regularly. In order to launch the research–relative to little Carena’s condition, the Petrellos were moved to donate five-million dollars. The couple are committed to add to that sum: another two-million dollars. This type of advocacy: to say the least, is most inspiring and second-to-none.

Anthony Petrello, as stated above, has been “blessed” with a very special career. His academic performance, historically, is exceptional. Tony Petrello attained two degrees in Mathematics from the Ivy League School of Yale University. He attained a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

His next step, in his career progression, was in joining the prestigious law firm of Baker & McKenzie (now known as Baker McKenzie). He became the Managing Partner of the firm; working out of the New York location.

He took a step further, and joined Nabors Industries. He started in a leadership role at Nabors Industries, eventually moving on to the company’s foremost leadership positions becoming the company’s President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

He has acquired the position of Director at several recognized companies, within the oil and gas industry. He is also, as indicated above, a Director at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Due to little Carena’s strength of spirit: Tony Petrello is an extremely strong advocate of researching and finding a cure for children’s neurological disorders. He sees the “emptiness,” in this area of research as a opportunity to “fill the container,” metaphorically-speaking. Tony says: “There is light at the end of the tunnel,” and he hopes that that light comes shining through–soon.

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