Agora Financial Puts Forth Information to Protect Americans

Agora Financial has been publishing financial pieces of writing for almost 30 years. These pieces of writing appear both online and in traditional print. Much of Agora Financial material is free, but they do offer a membership package with exclusive information.

Agora Financial exists to keep Americans informed on changes in the stock market and other financial areas. What makes Agora Financial different from all other financial publishing companies is that Agora is privately owned. Agora Financial writers do not answer to anyone, and they do not consider themselves a mainstream publishing company.

Agora Financial has a famous motto; they tell people what mainstream media is afraid to say. A great example of this would be the mortgage collapse that happened several years ago. Agora Financial prepared their readers for this collapse months in advance, and Agora also stated that many mainstream financial publishing companies knew about the collapse but chose not to say anything. People who read Agora’s issue about the mortgage collapse were able to withdraw their investments and lock in a mortgage rate that would never change.

Agora Financial also has a daily piece of writing on investments. The investment piece of writing is exclusive to Agora Financial members, but every member believes the investment piece alone is worth the membership fee. Agora has people who search out the investment market 12 hours a day seven days a week. These individuals give the best advice in regard to investing money. Due to Agora Financial resources, investors have had a 70% better chance of being successful.

Agora Financial has plans to refine their services in early 2018. One of the main things Agora wants to do is have a program to get young people interested in investing. Agora Financial believes introducing young people to investing will give them a better chance at life, especially the way the job market is today.

Equities First Holdings is Giving Stock Based Loans to All

Equities First Holdings is going to help people with the loans that they need, and these loans are actually called stock based loans. The stock based loans that the company offers are actually very interesting because they can come with much better terms and conditions than anyone could have asked for. There are many different ways for something to be sure that they can get a loan that is the right amount and will be easy to repay. The loans that people are taking out will be easier for them to use, and they will apply them to their businesses and their family finances. Equities First is very good at offering these stock based loans because they know that it will be much easier for them to get the things that they need when they have some cash coming in from this company that does not make lending a hard process.,34.htm

Avi Weisfogel Contributions in Sleep Apnea Patients

For all human beings, sleep plays a primary role. Without it, it is almost impossible to remain healthy and beautiful. In the modern setting, however, people have very busy schedules, and they have disrupted their sleep patterns so that they can remain awake for longer hours while working. Others will remain awake when they are traveling for official or fun activities. Nowadays, it is very common to find professionals taking coffee so that they can remain awake for more hours. Although people think that avoiding sleep for work purposes is good, they tend to forget that they are harming their health. When you do not get adequate sleep, you are likely to get several medical conditions. You will also appear older and tired because you have not given your body enough rest.

Medical experts have now come out to tell people about the effects of sleep in their lives. According to Avi Weisfogel, one of the most respected dental practitioners in the United States, lack of sleep in human beings can lead to puffy eyes that make them very ugly. No one wants to have these types of eyes. Lack of sleep will also make you appear older because it will result in wrinkles in your eyes. After getting enough sleep, the body will have enough rest, and you will appear young and energetic so that you can carry out normal activities in the next day. Medical practitioners want to create awareness about sleep conditions.

Sleep comes with several conditions. Although very little is known about sleep conditions, people are suffering in silence. The most common sleep condition among people at the moment is Sleep apnea. People with the condition will stop breathing during their sleep. Dentists in the world, led by Avi Weisfogel are doing their best so that they can come up with the right and most effective treatment for the condition. Avi Weisfogel has founded an institution where he is teaching other medical professionals concerning the medical problem. The renowned dentist has also introduced several equipment so that the patients with the condition can live a better life without having to worry.

Market America: Financial Success for Everyone

There are so many ways on how to earn money today, and one of the most promising way is through an “UnFranchise” business with Market America. Unfranchise is a new concept that is very similar to franchising, but with some changes. Like franchising, unfranchise includes an organized, systemized management system, tools used for a competitive marketing strategy, and an opportunity to own multiple branches for the business, increasing its visibility. However, unfrachise does not include monthly fees, territorial restrictions, and it is amazingly cheap to start with.

Many people are turning into UnFranchise because of its potential, and because of promising income that one could generate through the program. Those who wanted to start with the program can initially work part time, with flexible hours. They would have to service 10 to 15 customers, and they would earn income by simply giving what the customers wanted. Another way to earn income is to create a sales organization, with those being under the group doing the same thing. The UnFranchise business method guarantees one to become financially independent, because a stream of unlimited opportunities would soon come, and one could generate a real, reliable income source.

There are four areas of specialization for those who wanted to start an UnFranchise business. First is Nutrametrix, which provides health and wellness solutions for patients. Their products and services can be given to the customer to earn income. Next would be TLS Weight Loss Solution, which would allow the customer to undergo a low-glycemic weight loss program. Next would be Motives by Loren Ridinger, which is a cosmetic line that would provide the customer with state of the art cosmetic products, from make ups to nail polishes. Last but not the least would be ma WebCenters, which provides business solutions that revolves around social media and digital marketing.

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Omar Yunes Wins Mexican and World Franchisee Award

2015 was the first time that the Best Franchisee of the World Award was held in Mexico. There were two winners announced on November 24th. The first winner was Omar Yunes. who owns several Sushi Itto franchises throughout Mexico. The other winner was Ivan Temer, who owns Prendamex franchises. Both qualified to compete in the Best Franchisee of the World final against franchisees from all across the world. This final event later took place in Florence, Italy on December 5th, 2015.

Omar Yunes, who was one of the two victors of the Mexican Best Franchisee of the World Award, edged out a pool that included 34 franchisee competitors from all over Mexico. His winning presentation with the Sushi Itto franchise was professionalizing the role of the franchise. The ultimate goal of the competition, which Omar Yunes won alongside Ivan Temer, is to foster innovation and share best practices among franchisees. It also rewards teamwork, leadership and improvement in the franchises.

Mr. Yunes managed to win the Best Franchisee of the World final at Florence, Italy. It was a historic event because it was the first time that a Mexican competed at the final. It was also historic for Yunes, who was there for the first time himself and read full article.

Omar Yunes was honored for the great contributions he had made to the Sushi Itto franchise. He was both honored and surprised. Mr. Yunes opened up his first Sushi Itto franchise at age 21. He now employs over 400 people at 13 Sushi Itto franchises in Mexico. His story is one of tremendous success. The 13 franchises that Omar Yunes now owns represent a tenth of all the Sushi Itto franchises in the world and learn more about Omar Yunes.

The winner of the Best Franchisee of the World award was humble when interviewed about his win. He paid tribute to the 400 employees of his. Omar Yunes said that the award not only belongs to him, but for everybody that works at one of his Sushi Itto Franchises. He also praised the Sushi Itto franchise. Mr. Yunes said the brand allowed him to innovate and experiment. This was crucial in his success and expansion in Mexico and on the world stage and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Advertising Leads the Growth of International Brands

Established brands rely on strong advertising strategies in order to conquer the market. For these brands to penetrate dominated markets, well to do advertising agencies must be involved. That is why Mullen Lowe of Brasil is constantly applauded for its services in building excellent brands. Behind the excellent service provider is a visionary man who commits his time and talent to developing successful working strategies that can build brands. Jose Borghi is an alumnus of the prestigious PUCCamp. He majored in advertising. His career is projected to have begun in 1988 when he was an instrumental part of Standard Ogilvy and more information click here.



Working as a lead executioner in Standard Ogilvy, Jose Borghi dedicated his life to developing instrumental working strategies. He highly concentrated on building his career. Later in his career journey, Jose joined FCB, Leo Burnett as well as DM9 as an executive talent writer. His role in those organizations defined the direction that the companies took towards growth. At Leo Burnett, Borghi was the vice president for talent development. He served in many jurisdictions as a consultant who offered solutions to complex issues and his Facebook.


Career Advancement

In end 2002 Borghi quit Leo to establish BorghiErh, an agency that was formed on a strong partnership. He grew the business into an admirable net worth before merging the firm with Lowe to establish a new business. While his partner sold his shares, Borghi proceeded to Mullen Lowe, the new company with his shares as well as a title. This explains his passion in establishing new businesses as well as creating strong foundations for growth. At Lowe, he landed the position of a chief executive officer. The agency adopted a new name, Mullen Lowe Brasil. This is the name it currently operates by. Presently, the agency has a huge client base including BR, Grupo 3Coracoes, Knorr of Unilever and Omo in addition to other recognized international brands and learn more about Borghi.

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JHSF’s Jose Auriemo Neto

High-end Brazilian real estate developer, JHSF Participações S.A., focuses on residential and commercial real estate developments. In particular, it specializes in shopping centers, airports, restaurants, and hotels. It has a huge presence in Sao Paulo, Salvador, Manaus, Punta del Este of Uruguay, and Miami and New York of the USA. JHSF was founded in 1972 and has since earned the respect of the entire international real estate industry. At the current time it has been valued at around $1.20 billion.

When it first started operations in Sao Paulo, JHSF Participacoes was simply called JHS. While there were several founding partners, the two managing partners were the brothers Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo. In 1990 the company split, with each of the brothers taking leadership of half. Jose Roberto became the head of JHSI and Fabio Auriemo became the head of JHSF. In 2001, Fabio led JHSF to include shopping center development to its operations. In 2003, Fabio’s son, Jose Ariemo Neto, took over the leadership of JHSF.

Neto had been working for the JHSF team since 1993. He joined the company not long after graduating from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University. In 1997, he began making waves in company leadership by founding the company’s services department in 1997. He continued to prove his leadership materials in the ensuing years. After assuming leadership in 2003, Neto led the company to concentrate on high-end projects. In addition, in 2007 he led JHSF to acquire a very lucrative majority stake in the Fasano Group hotels. And in 2014, he also helped JHSF take control of their restaurants. During this very successful year, it also started the Catarina Fashion Outlet, the first high-end outlet in Brazil. This year also saw some key changes in the leadership organization, with Edurado Camara transferring from vice president to CEO and Neto transferring from CEO to Chairman of the Board.


Bob Reina a Video Marketing Expert

Bob Reina the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a global video marketing company published an article at the MarTech Advisors homepage. It is the second time within a year’s time that Reina is publishing an article for MarTech as a Guest Author.

Reina’s article is titled Video Advertising Trends of 2017. The article tries to pinpoint the fastest and emerging video styles and techniques that have been trending in 2016 and the roles those videos are likely to play in the field of marketing in 2017. The article was ranked as one of the top ten publications at MarTech.

In a statement, Reina said that he was glad to have shared his vision and insight with MarTech Advisors and readers. The knowledge they will acquire from the article will help them grow in marketing by making video advertising the center of their marketing strategy.

Reina is the visionary man behind Talk Fusion major achievements. He pitches product ideas from the able team of IT professionals, consumer trends, market analysis and the growing in popularity of videos. In the article, Reina describes the use of video as the most valuable asset to the sales and marketing professionals.

Reina foresaw an opportunity in the use of online video in 2004 and launched the first product which was the Video Email. The idea didn’t receive good reception initially, but with time it grew and became more acceptable. Reina returned to MarTech Advisor to help share key tips in video execution.

Reina has also written articles for Huffington Post. The first article that he wrote for MarTech Advisor was entitled Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits. The piece became the most widely read article in 2016. The new piece is expected to be shared with the 1.1 million subscribers of MarTech and other readers around the globe. Learn more:

Bob Reina before founding Talk Fusion was a Tampa Bay Police Officer. While serving as an officer, Reina was introduced to network marketing where he worked as an associate on a part-time basis.

In 2004 Reina took a leap of faith, left the force and decided to pursue his entrepreneurship passion, and that’s when he founded Talk Fusion.