Shervin Pishevar Discusses the Economy Regarding Bitcoin

Shervin Pishevar is an investor and the co-founder of several different startups. He’s always had quite a Twitter following, though it grew last year after a tweet storm that covered a wide array of topics, including the economy. More specifically, Pishevar spoke about bitcoin and its future.

Cheap Money is Dead

Shervin Pishevar mentioned in one of his tweets about how cheap money is dead. Inflation has been spreading for quite some time and gold will be rising in response. However, he also talked about bitcoin and how it will continue to crash before it stabilizes somewhere in the 2,000 to 5,000 range. Once it does, then it will have a more stable rise for the next 24 months.

Venture Capitalism

Shervin Pishevar brought up venture capitalism and the tech industry. He has identified that Silicon Valley has lost some of its competitive innovation. This means that startups need to get more creative in order to prove that they are unique. This is starting to take form in regards to cryptocurrency and how many startups are using ICOs as a way to promote themselves. They’re offering tokens that can be purchased with BTC (bitcoin) or ETH (ethereum) as a way to raise the funds that they need.

With Silicon Valley losing its edge, it’s allowing entrepreneurship to become a borderless movement. Startups no longer have to be located in Silicon Valley in order to thrive. As such, talent is showing up all over the globe.

Currency is Becoming an App

Shervin Pishevar talked heavily about Bitcoin and venture capitalism, which leads to some of his later tweets within the tweet storm. He talks about how money is going to become a platform with currency becoming the ultimate app. More crypto platforms are showing up, allowing for currency to be traded inside of apps.

The economy is changing as a result of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin paved the way and, now, more currencies are becoming available. Shervin Pishevar has been the voice to show what the world is capable of.

Brian Torchin: The Right Person For The Job

Brian Torchin is the CEO of HCRC staffing. This sounds like a dull and drab opening sentence, but I guarantee you this is one brilliant man.

Now when you think of brilliance you commonly think of Albert Einstein or one of the Great pioneers of the early 19th century. What if I were to tell you that we have a great Pioneer right now, in this day, and in plain sight.

That Pioneers name is Brian Torchin. Who is this man you might be wondering and what is he done for our society? Well I’ll be happy to tell you. Brian is the CEO of a company that is revolutionising the way we look at employees. His business model / philosophy is way ahead of its time.

Learn more about Brian Torchin at

Brian believes you should pay more for the right candidate. Now most businessmen will shudder at the thought of having to pay more for position but let me explain. Brian believes that if you pay a candidate more than what they feel they’re worth, that candidate will actually rise to the level that you expect them to be at. On the other hand if you underpay an employee, that employee will drop down to that lower classification because, they feel that that’s not what they’re worth.

So not only does Brian’s business model help get the best out of an employee, and the most productivity. It also finds the right employee to insure that the position will be filled correctly and stay filled.

In this day and time there is nobody that is setting a standard like Brian Torchin is. It should serve as a message to other employers to guarantee fair wages for the people that are qualified for the position that the employer’s wish to fill.

That is why Brian Torchin is the modern day business pioneer.

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Shervin Pishevar tweets about the US economy and immigrant talent

When Shervin Pishevar broke his silence on the social media platforms, he made a major announcement. He came out gun-blazing with a prediction that the US economy was going to crash in coming months, he posted 50 messages on Twitter talking about the economy and other matters such as cryptocurrencies, globalization, bond market among others. The tweets started by a clear message that the US economy would go down.

Shervin Pishevar predicted that the US stock market would lose 6000 points in a matter of months. By the time he was tweeting the messages, it had already lost over 1000 points, and he predicted that the drop would continue until all the gains of the past one year had been erased. Shervin also indicated that the indicators of a looming financial crisis were already visible. The crash of the stock market, huge national debt and overvalued assets signal dark days for the economy. Shervin Pishevar faulted the government for some of the measures it has taken such as the tax giveaways which he predicted would support the financial crisis.

Shervin Pishevar used the tweet storm to express his frustrations with the manner in which the country treats immigrant talent. Shervin Pishevar has spent many years in Silicon Valley working on some of the most brilliant ideas ever developed. He believes that the role of immigrant talent has led to the growth of the American economy greatly. However, the country has now blocked immigrant talent from coming into the country, a factor that could lead to the fall of Silicon Valley as the leading innovations hub in the world.

Shervin was also quick to point out that the immigrant talent no longer has to struggle to come into the United States since the idea of the Silicon Valley has already been decentralized. Almost every country in the world today has developed mechanisms to grow their talents.

InnovaCare Health enjoys impressive leadership from Rick Shinto

Innovacare Health is a health insurance company that offers medical care to patients in North America. The main goal of this firm is to meet the needs of the customers and ensure that patients are getting the best services available. The emphasis is on quality over quantity in the implementation of the firm’s programs. The company has also been working on the solutions that are affordable and which comes integrated with the most recent technologies to create efficiencies in the industry. In 2016, InnovaCare Health joined the healthcare payment learning and action network which is a new payment model introduced by the federal government and aimed at streamlining the healthcare system by bringing a single payment system. Innovacare Health has embraced this system since it helps them in the realization of the goal which they have been pushing for and which is the provision of high-quality services as opposed to quantity.

One of the main missions of the LAN model is to accelerate the transition to alternative models of payment. The US department of health and human services created this payment so that it can bring together the private and public health sectors into one unit and allow residents of the United States to access better services.

Innovacare Health is a top provider of managed healthcare services and currently under the leadership of CEO and President Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides. There is a hardworking team of other executives who are working behind these two to ensure that the goals of the firm are accomplished. Penelope and Shinto have both been in the medical industry for a very long time and boasts of over 20 years of experience each. InnovaCare deals with the provision of health plans such as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid which have been in existence for years now.

Rick Shinto has enjoyed success in this industry throughout his career. Has worked in the clinical and operational healthcare and therefore understood what the industry needs as a unit. Due to his achievements, he has won the entrepreneur of the year award from Ernst & Young in 2012. He was recognized for applying Innovative Solutions in the process of attaining entrepreneurship goals. Among other organizations which he worked for before joining InnovaCare in 2012 are Aveta Inc, Cal-Optima Health Plans, North American Medical management among others.

Rick Shinto holds a bachelor’s of science from the University of California Irvine and a medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. To understand management roles deeply, Shinto joined the University of Redlands and graduated with a masters in business administration.

Oren Frank takes on mental health with newest app, Talkspace

Every so often a paradigm shift takes place while navigating the sometimes shifting plates of the vast and rising needs of mental health in America.

In the past if you wanted to see a therapist one visited his or her office with perhaps a couch or chaise lounger. He patiently sat with you taking copious notes while making commentary or he visited your home or place of business to squeeze in mental health breaks often times.

Whatever the means, psychological therapy is most certainly meeting a real need, according to a CNBC a 2018 article, is rising steadily in the millennial market. Oren Frank, the CEO and co-founder of Talkspace, the new text therapy app which allows clients to receive counsel at $79 a week via a video chat, or $49 a week through text messaging has certainly tapped into a source that proves to be cutting edge and lucrative. Check out Oren Frank on Youtube to learn more.

Talkspace has already hit the million dollar mark already..It garnered tens of millions of dollars already before possibly becoming the newest IPO offering. Oren Frank has claimed that his apps reach has grown exponentially 70 to 80 percent faster than he originally predicted.

The landscape is shifting even further as he takes on a new arena of psychiatry with the addition of the newest Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Neil Leibowitz, formerly of United Health. With the association of

Dr. Leibowitz comes the opportunity for many to receive online (video chat only) prescribed medications.

According to an article on the cost of mental health, as quoted by Oren Frank on his late November 19 Twitter page, “mental health will cost the world $16 trillion US by 2020”. He further notes that Election Night and the 2017 Inauguration saw a sky rocketed increase by three times in usage of the app. Read More:


The Life and Learnings of Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of China’s largest online retail company and continues to grow with a wide variety of products being offered at excellent prices and shows no sign of slowing down, much to the joy of CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong. However, the journey wasn’t always as prosperous for Richard Liu Qiangdong as it is today. He explained his experiences and learnings in an interview when he sat down at the World Economic Forum.

He started his path in the world of business by working in his family’s business. He earned a degree in sociology, however, spent most of his time focusing on freelance coding work. Utilizing the experience from his family business Richard Liu Qiangdong ventured into the world of business himself, and it proved fruitful to the point that Richard Liu Qiangdong had a 12 shop chain to his name. However, the SARS outbreak in the region proved disastrous for Richard Liu Qiangdong and his business as his employees were simply unable to show up to work rendering the business useless. It was then that the idea of was brought up by Richard Liu Qiangdong and the journey of the business which would go on to make Richard Liu Qiangdong a man with a net worth of 11 billion US Dollars began.

Richard Liu also talked about his achievements in the interview and explained the learnings of a person in his position and through this journey. A question was asked of him to explain whether acquiring such wealth felt like a luxury or a burden and Richard Liu very wisely answered that it was neither and instead said that it was actually a responsibility because those who have such financial power behind them also carry the responsibility for spending it wisely. Richard Liu expressed his wishes to use all the resources at his disposal to help the Chinese economy and also expressed his desire to grow into the most significant online retail company in the world and says that he does not doubt as to whether that’s a feat that could even be accomplished.


Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, Medical Doctor and Innovative Entrepreneur

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a Brazilian born medical doctor who used to practice medicine throughout the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. His respected medical career took an unexpected turn when he acquired a car dealership.

In 1979 Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade purchased a Ford Landau from a dealership in Brazil. However, the dealership declared bankruptcy before his car was delivered. Seeing the opportunity, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade proposed that the dealership be passed to him as compensation for the pre-paid car that he never received. He became an entrepreneur and using his initials as the company name, CAOA was founded. In less than six years it became the largest Ford dealership in Brazil.

Brazil opened its doors to imported vehicles in 1992 and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade took hold of another opportunity. CAOA became the official importer of Renault, a French automobile manufacturer. With CAOA as the exclusive importer, Renault jumped to the number one brand in sales in the imported segment during this time. In 1998 CAOA became the official importer for the Japanese brand Subaru and in less than a year, Subaru’s national sales tripled. CAOA took over import and marketing for South Korea’s Hyundai in 1999, making it the leader in the imported cars segment.

After nearly a ten-year partnership, in 2007 Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade built the first Hyundai factory in Brazil, CAOA Automobile S/A. Not only did he get to fulfill his dream of building an automobile manufacturer, he also received ‘Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry.’

Today, CAOA is Latin America’s largest automobile distributor and manufacturer, and in 40 years of operation has surpassed one million vehicles sold throughout Brazil. The company was ranked number one in sales and after sales in 2014 and 2017. CAOA Chery was recently launched with the largest exporter of Chinese vehicles to create a 100% Brazilian automaker.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade currently sits as Chairman of the Board of Directors for CAOA. From medical doctor to entrepreneur, he has paved his way as carmaker and distributor.


Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade — Respected Doctor Turned Entrepreneur

Ryan Seacrest Living A Life

Ryan Seacrest has recently moved to New York to host a morning TV show and his routine for the day is all about making money to eat well and drink wine. He hosts a nationally-syndicated radio show, produces TV series such as “American Idol,” and runs his own skin care and clothing line. His mornings consists of having matcha due to the health benefits of it and then follows that up with coffee. Ryan is mostly vegan and a massive foodie, he mentions that without those he would not enjoy life. In the morning he checks the news that happened overnight and watches a bit of television then he heads to work. Ryan prefers to take phone call interviews or other requests after the first half of the day and this is also when he things about things that are a bit more long term. Ryan Seacrest has taught himself to put questions into queues because they don’t need to be immediately dealt with. Ryan has started to put his phone down and by not having his device on him is a very good thing because he learned that the world lives on. His exercise routine is a big part of his life. He realized as he grew up that is an essential component to balance his intense schedule and intense work. Ryan has started working with a boxing coach so if anybody jumps him then he is ready. He also used the Peloton bikes before work and enjoys running, not on a treadmill but in the park.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is a very busy man with many involvement in radio and television. He hosted American Idol and has confirmed that he will host a reboot of it. He is a cohost of live with Kelly and Ryan. He is a host of On Air With Ryan Seacrest on the radio morning commute. Ryan Seacrest distinction is his own line of clothing for men for suits. Ryan Seacrest also has his own skin care line called Polished. It has five items currently that are easy to use. Follow Ryan Seacrest on Instagram.

More news about Ryan’s clothing line:

Shervin Pishevar’s Top Concerns in the Country

Shervin Pishevar is well-known for being an entrepreneur and an investor. When he recently took to Twitter to discuss some of his concerns about the United States, tens of thousands of followers tuned in. Since then, countless blogs have focused on his tweets, ensuring even more readers are aware of his concerns.


One of the top concerns is the state of the economy. Shervin Pishevar focused his energy on the stock market, predicting that it would drop in aggregate over the next several months. True to his prediction, the market started to shake days after his tweets.


Shervin Pishevar also discussed the monopolies in the United States. Five that he focused on to a great extent include Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet (the parent company of Google). The government has allowed these companies to grow to such a point that they have access to more data than a sovereign nation. They’re also taking down many startups, making it difficult for anyone to compete against them.

Speed of Execution

Shervin Pishevar also talked about how poor the speed of execution in the United States is. Many countries are getting things done faster and that’s because they’re using a more modernized infrastructure. A perfect example is how a train station was constructed in only nine hours in China.

It only makes sense that Shervin Pishevar is concerned about what’s going on in the country. With such problems, it could be years before we see another startup grow to the level of Uber or Airbnb. As an investor, Shervin wants to make sure that more entrepreneurs have an opportunity to launch a successful business.

Now that he has voiced some of his concerns, the hope is that more people will heed his words and take action to make an improvement across the country.

OG Bro Talk with the OG Juan Perez

OG Juan Perez was conceived in Harlem New York. He met Shawn Carter during the making of Reasonable Doubt during 1996. Gelling quickly, they would begin to assemble an establishment that would become exponentially prosperous the following two decades. Their association started by opening a string of businesses in the New York City zone. They would proceed to advance and at last dispatch Roc Nation Sports Agency. The first athlete signed was Robison Cano. This was an astonishing begining for the recently framed organization. Kevin Durrant and Victor Cruz before long sign with the organization too.

Juan Perez believes Roc Nation athletes should have attributes that will help reinforce the brand and extend the gathering of people. Their objective for their connections they have with athletes is a family-like vibe. Clientele needs to expand on the establishment that family is very important. Perez expresses that this has always been the premise of their prosperity alongside their relentlessness. He, alongside his significant other have aided Roc Nation wanders in the course of recent years. They have anchored history making ventures for Rihanna and additionally Tidal’s joint organization with powerhouses such as Sprint Wireles and Samsung Mobile.

For Juan’s 50th birthday celebration this year, Jay Z piled on a hefty bar bill. The well-known story has since been named the splurge listened to worldwide. They advanced all through New York City beginning with supper and at last consummation at a hotspot club. It was here where 40 Ace of Spades liquor was requested, totaling in $91,000. The account of this birthday festivity right away became a web sensation after a bill showing the wine charge advanced on social media. The following day they had returned to relentless work, Juan Perez notices the business must keep on growing. It gives the idea that it absolutely will as he keeps on procuring and prospering in all embarkments.

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