Mark Mofid, the Cutting Edge Plastic Surgeon

In the world of plastic surgeons, you will find a dozen surgeons that state that they give the best care to their patients; however, if you want to find the best surgeon in the area that addresses aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, then you need to explore the options that Dr. Mark Mofid affords to his patients.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon that is board certified through both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. His practice services the San Diego and La Jolla areas of San Diego County, California.

When walking into the offices of Dr. Mark Mofid for your first consultation, you will be greeted by a professional and courteous staff. This is because Mofid firmly believes that all of his patients should be afforded care that is personalized, compassionate, and thorough. During a consultation at one of his offices, he will listen openly to what the potential patient wants to see happen, will make sure that he understands the goals that the patient has, and together with the patient will create an individualized treatment plan. This treatment plan may include invasive or noninvasive procedures and will most likely include state of the art aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Mark Mofid is held in high regards by both his colleagues and his previous patients for his work in the plastic surgery field that has achieved results that can be described as natural looking and beautiful. His surgical techniques are truly a work of art and are very technical in nature. It is the combination of his artistry like surgical techniques combined with his listening ear that affords his patients absolutely stunning results after having aesthetic procedures completed by Dr. Mark Mofid.

For any cosmetic procedures that are needed in the San Diego area, Dr. Mark Mofid should be considered. His cutting-edge techniques, combined with his state of the art office and his surgical artistry affords anyone who chooses him as their plastic surgeon the guarantee of phenomenal results.

Eric Lefkofsky Explains How to Put Waste to Work

Presently, the healthcare industry spends approximately 3 trillion dollars a year on services. One-third of this amount is wasted due to improper allocation or expenditure across all sectors. This means that we can account for nearly 1 trillion dollars that is being wastefully spent in the healthcare system process. By improving medical technology and the way that patients are treated, its possible to limit the amount of money that is being wasted.

This takes a broad scale change, but once imiplemented will have astounding results, Eric Lefkofsky of Tempus believes. One strategy to address this is to improve artificial intelligence and automation of healthcare systems and procedures. Many of the causes affecting mortality could be limited with a more precise use of such technology.

There are a lot of benefits to capitalizing on the the trillion dollars presently wasted in our system. For example, these funds can be allocated to education, poverty and other areas where humanity needs more assistance. It’s also possible to use savings to come up with a better strategy for treatment and healthcare options based on cost-effective technology and innovation.

Some of the results of allocating these funds in other areas would include more educated people, less people dying of fatal illnesses such as cancers or stroke, and less people in jail. This is because funds can be reallocated from health care to assist other areas of public service. Overall the way that our money is spent in the healthcare system can be put to a much better use. By taking the right steps towards designing and implementing technology not only can we change our outcomes in healthcare, but in all sectors of government and economy.

Erick Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a technology company focusing on infrastructure to battle cancer. He also co-founded Lightbank, a venture capital marketing initiative that focuses on new and developing technologies.This establishment has made significant progress when it comes to handling cancer-related treatments and technology. He is also a chairman of Groupon and has notable connections with multiple technology giants. By improving the way that healthcare funds are spent, Erick believes that it’s possible to improve society and create a multi-dimensional change within our infrastructure at large.

What You Need To Know About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a medical journal that has open access. It has gained popularity due to its multiple peer-reviewed, insightful, punctual, and constructive approaches. Oncotarget was established in 2010. It covers research on all areas of oncology. The editors-in-chief at Oncotarget are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny. Andrew Schally and Carlo M. Croce serve on the journal’s editorial board and have published some papers in Oncortarget. They both won the Breakthrough Prize. Oncotarget is ranked the first position among all oncology journals. Oncotarget usually publishes papers online every week. Oncotarget allows readers to print any issue or paper in cases of special demand.

Oncotarget has recently started taking papers which are on topics more than oncology. These include cardiology, cell biology, endocrinology, metabolism, and pharmacology. Oncotarget has the most prominent scientists as its leaders, and they have been able to steer the journal to success. The main aim of Oncotarget is to avail scientific results rapidly and also make them widely available. The journal also seeks to maximize research impact through insightful review. Oncotarget also enables quick sharing of exceptional discoveries and removes the border that exists between specialties. The oncology journal also links various fields when it comes to biomedical science. View articles at

Oncotarget’s mission is to foster applications of clinical and basic science so as to fight disease. Life with no disease is Oncotarget’s ultimate goal. Oncotarget focuses on the pathological basis of every type of cancer, treatment protocols, and possible therapy targets so as to enhance cancer management in patients. Oncotarget also concentrates on the impact of new therapeutic protocols and agents and management programs for patients with adherence, quality of life, and satisfaction. Oncotarget has been able to acquire a massive fan base due to insightful and informative content. The journal encourages upcoming scientists to send their articles. They get published if they qualify.

Oncotarget has become the go-to journal for those who wish to know all issues concerning oncology. The Journal has an easy to operate website whereby readers can get to read papers and issues online. Oncotarget continues to implement its strategic plans for providing their readers with comprehensive and detailed information.

Capitol Anesthesiology

Capitol Anesthesiology is an anesthesiology association located in Austin, Texas. The company provides both local and general anesthesia, as well as pediatric, obstetric, and many more. With over 80 qualified doctors and 130 CRNAS, Capitol Anesthesiology is one of the largest associations in Texas. Each doctor is qualified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, of is currently seeking certification. The CRNAS (certified registered nurse anesthetist) have all received advanced training in anesthetics, but have not pursued an MD. Each of these team members work in hospitals and ambulatory services around Austin.

CAA also has many examples of their community involvement. Some of these include Austin Smiles, Eels on wheels, and family Eldercare. Many of the foundations CAA works with are foundations that provide children living in poverty or foster care with dental care. Many of the physicians and nurses donate their time and volunteer with these organizations.

Whether you are looking for cardiovascular, pediatric, or obstetric anesthesia, Capitol Anesthesiology is one of the best available in the Austin area.

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