Doe Deere Shares All The Rules To Break

Doe Deere shares all the fashion rules to break when she talks about women need to dress, and she makes sure that women know that they do not have to follow any rules anymore. Doe Deere started Lime Crime because she wanted women to be able to get the colors they wanted when they shopped for makeup. She wants women to be able to go farther if they want to, and the only way to do that is to make sure that all women know what it is going to take to make sure that they are breaking the rules in the right way.

The first rule on the list is something that people are going to have to think about really hard before they do it. Women get told that they cannot wear too many bright colors, and they end up censoring everything they wear because of it. Women can actually wear a lot of great things if they want to, and they can mix and match colors as much as they want. Doe Deere is telling women to wear all the colors they can find, and she is telling women how they can dress to get all their favorite colors into one outfit.

The next step for most women is to try and get all their favorite patterns into one outfit. Fitting in this many patterns can be pretty hard, but it is totally worth it when women can wear the things they actually want to wear instead of avoiding them because of some of the rules they think they need to keep.

The rules that women have to break even go to their shoes because most women have a list of summer and winter shoes. The problem is that some shoes are going to look really good in the winter if women could wear tights with them. Peep toes and tights are a great combination for women, and they can be very sexy and flirty when a woman wants them to be. Every woman needs to see if she can pick out a shoe that will look great with her tights, and then she needs to go wild with the tights.

The last step for most women is that they are told all the time to act their age. Acting and dressing one’s age is just not something that anyone should have to do today, and Doe Deere tells women to wear whatever they want. They can wear the brightest colors in the world, and they can wear short skirts if they want to. There is no wall that women cannot break down, and they need to keep breaking them down just to make it easy to get ready in the morning.

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