The Parties and Events by Kimberly Bakker

Upon arriving on Kimberly Bakker’s website of Kimberly Bakker Events, that is also known as KQB there are several links which include a home page, an about us link, galleries from different events and a contact link. KQB is described as a boutique marketing firm that specializes in memorable, private and family events. The mission of the company is simply to make dreams come true. Also available through the company is Quality Control, Public Relations Consulting, and Marketing.

One of the events that Kimberly Bakker has done Chloe’s 16th birthday. For this party, it had a blue and green theme. There was a menu for the party which included a first course and the main entree. The first course consisted of a Caesar salad with homemade Meyer Lemon Spring Garlic Croutons with Shaved Parmesan. And the Panko Crusted Fried Chicken Tenders with a Sweet Poppy Seed Slaw as well as Gooey Mac and Cheese. The tables were decorated with centerpieces made up of yellow and purple flowers. There was also candy available for guest to make their own goody bag.

Kimberly Bakker also does Bar Mitzvah, which includes both Lauren and Julia’s. For Lauren’s, this included a set up of different makeup and beauty supplies in the room for her to get ready. There was also table settings made up of flowers as well as glow sticks. Along with this was also a dance floor as well as live music and a band. There was also a bar set up with an assortment of different candies. At Julia’s there was also a candy bar, however, her party had more of a rustic feel to it. There were glow sticks at her party as well for guest to enjoy. There was also group pictures taken at her Bar Mitzvah as well.

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