OSI Food Solutions: The World’s Largest Food Processor

OSI Food Solutions is worldly recognized for providing custom solutions and quality products in the food industry. The company has partnered with other food producers and retailers in the world to provide farm to food solutions to its large target audience. OSI Food Solutions is globally recognized as a food processor plant.

America’s Top 100 Food Companies

the company is one of America’s top companies because their products and services are of top-notch quality. They buy their products from the best vendors and inspect them as well to ensure that they meet the best standards. The company also encourages their vendors to yield high-quality crops to meet their customers’ needs. OSI Food company strives to understand their consumers needs to satisfy them. They pride themselves in always researching the market to find new ways to be innovative and to grow and evolve.

OSI Food Solutions Rise Chicken Production Capacity

In 2017, it increased their chicken production from 12 thousand tonnes to 14 thousand tonnes. This production line was added to their Spanish Plant, and this was prompted by the increase in demand for chicken products. A statement issued by the managing director of OSI in Spain said that the market has increased by 6% from the year 2006 to 2016. They had to fuel this increase in demand and thus increase in high-quality production of processed chicken.

Purchase of Baho Food

OSI Food company recently purchased Baho Foods which is an organization in the Netherlands. OSI FOOD Solutions wanted to diversify their company so that they can reach a broader clientele. OSI Food Solutions wished to increase their products and service to include more customers. This purchase was efficient and enabled them to include other products such as snacks and deli meats. This way they can satisfy all their consumers.

Winning the Globe of Honor Award.

The company recently won the Globe of Honor Award that was presented by the British Safety Council. The company was honored with this award for their efforts in the management of environmental risks. The award was presented to their UK branch for having exceptional ecological management efforts. The British Council spoke saying that the Globe Honor Award is a great way to acknowledge companies that are making efforts in taking care of their environment and being eco-friendly.

David Mcdonald persistence

In business Many qualities that are desirable and good to have. hard work and dedication are two of the most important ones. sometimes a business it is best to see what happens in the long run rather than short-term. climbing the ladder of a company from a beginner to the top If possible and it’s something that most people desire to do. one man that has done incredible results is David McDonald. This man showed incredible persistent and patient when he joined OSI Food Group. he is now the COO of the company but that is not where he started.

David McDonald grew up on an Iowa farm. he attended Iowa State University when he was a great student. he was such a good and stand up student that he received the Wallace E. Barron outstanding senior award for his character and academic progress. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science and soon join OSI as an intern. At that time the company was under the direction of Sheldon Lavin who was also a great and respected leader. that was 30 years ago, and he stuck through the company until now where it is a huge global Empire. Not only did David watch the company Grow he contributed to it significantly with his leadership as COO.

OSI began as a local butcher shop and through the 20th century continue to grow and grow. the relationship it has with McDonald’s help it to grow more. Where on a David McDonald Direction the company is looking to expand grow even more. not too long ago they acquired by Whole Food Adult food company that produces deli meat and snacks in Europe. the company is doing better than ever with 20,000 employees and at least 65 building and 17 countries. the company is on the Forbes list ranked at number 58 with a net worth of 6.1 billion dollars. David McDonald helped the company to expand into China. David McDonald stuck with this company from a young man till now and he is looking to lead into even more success. it just goes to show what persistence and loyalty can do for a man.

The One of a Kind OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions was awarded a worldwide award in 2016 by the British Safety Council in the United Kingdom for their excellent work in the management of the environmental pollution. This prestigious award was awarded at a luncheon at the Drapers’ Hall in London on November 25, 2016. The organization was one of the eighteen organizations that had shown great work of minimizing the environmental risks and hence deserved the award. The British Safety Council awards the Globe of Honor to those organizations who have first met the five stars in the audit scheme give on August 2015 – July 2016. The organizations also had to demonstrate to the independent panel their excellent ways of managing the environmental crisis in their company which included showcasing almost everything from the shop floor to the boardroom.

The award was presented by Mike Robinson, the Chief Executive in the British Safety Council to Kelly Grimwood, Environmental Manager Europe at OSI Food Solutions. In his introductory speech, Kelly maintained that leadership is a critical factor in organizations and a significant determinant of success. He also said that although compliance is essential, inspiration towards success is the primary determinant of how far people can achieve their goals. Kelly congratulated the winners of the award and encouraged them to even continue with the spirit of environmental conservation saying that they did an exemplary work to deserve it. OSI Food Solutions has operated in the United Kingdom since 1989 at Scunthorpe dealing with the production of beef and pork products in the restaurant sector and also got the Globe of Honour award again in 2013 and 2015.

OSI Food Solutions Recent Purchase of Baho Food

David G. McDonald who is the president and chief operating officer at OSI Food Solutions was very optimistic about purchasing Baho food saying that the company would have developed in the whole of Europe. He believed that Baho’s portfolio of products was a major compliment to the company’s processing capabilities and would, therefore, widen the scope of their services of their clients at large. Baho was a great resource to the company since they have five other subsidiaries located in Germany and Netherlands. John Balvers who is the managing director at Baho Foods also said that becoming part of the company would be a significant advantage to offering excellent services to the customers and was excited to join the OSI Company where the goal would be realized in the supply of products and services.

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How Does OSI Group Offer Better Foods To Clients?

OSI Group is one of the largest employers in the world, and it is a wonderful company that produces food products from fresh ingredients. They have ensured that all their clients receive the best products when delivered, and this article shows how the company is expanding across the world market.

Someone who wishes to order from this company may order online, and they will find that building a menu on their site is easy. The OSI Group offers better foods to large facilities, and they have given many different people the opportunity to grow their food offerings.

#1: They Bought Two New Plants

The OSI Group has purchase a Tyson Foods plant, and they have bought Baho Foods. These two purchases will help the company grow, and they have ensured that the company will have more places to make food. They will have many different people going to work because they own these plants, and they are converting the plants to work on their own system.

#2: They Offer Fresher Foods

The fresher foods they offer have been created to ensure that all their clients have fresh ingredients arrive in their facilities. OSI Group has a large transportation network that will send foods around the world, and they have built a number of different menus for their clients.

#3: They Are Competitive

This company offers competitive prices, and they have shown the world that there is an affordable way to serve food. OSI Group helping large companies order their foods, and they are selling their foods in an affordable way.

The simplest of all food programs comes from the OSI Group website. They have shown the world how to make better food, and they are offering more foods that are easier to use among all large facilities and cafeterias around the world.