Jason Hope is Considered as a Futurist

Jason Hope is known by many as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. But few know him as a futurist too. He is currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In addition, he has a passion for technology too. This is why he is so enthusiastic about the Internet of Things. He feels that it is something that is big and happening. He also says that it is not an option any more. This is because all the big organizations are going to adapt it. Hence the smaller organizations will have no other option but to adapt it in order to survive and sustain in the industry.

Jason Hope is an Arizona native. He grew up in Tempe. Jason Hope has a degree in finance. This is from the Arizona State University. He holds a degree in MBA. This is from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope is known for his philanthropic as well as business initiatives. In addition, he has an interest in politics that are related to business in the state of Arizona, and in national politics too and his Facebook.

Jason Hope contributes a lot to philanthropy. This is because he feels compelled towards contributing to the welfare of others. He has assets, and he feels that now he can do what he really wants to do and learn more about Jason.

He is an entrepreneur. This is why he is keen to give back to the community. This can be done by helping various local organizations. He wants to see the local communities of Arizona thriving and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

More visit: https://www.business.com/articles/jason-hope-iot-security-problems/

It’s Easy To Find Some Great Services From FreedomPop

Finding a low-cost carrier for phone and Internet service has never been easier because there’s a company who strives to bring the lowest prices for cell phone service and Internet service to their customers, and they even offer some of their services for free. It seems hard to believe that any company would allow their services to be given to customers free of cost, but FreedomPop embraces this concept because they knew that it was something that would go a long way, and even with the free services being offered, many are choosing to get the paid services, which aren’t very expensive.


The best thing to point out about the services that FreedomPop offers is the fact that the free services can be included with the paid services, which can give customers additional services at no extra cost. The free cell phone plan is available to be used on just about any type of phone, including Android and iPhones, even if they are some of the latest phones. Adding the free service plan to the phone is easy as long as the phone is a GSM phone that’s unlocked or is a Sprint phone that’s been swapped over to FreedomPop.


Unlocking any cell phone isn’t very difficult because all one has to do is to go to their service provider and ask that their phone be unlocked, or they can pay for an unlock code. Sprint phones can be transferred over to FreedomPop with ease to allow the customer use of the phone. The free phone service will include 200 minutes of talk time and also has unlimited text messages. The users of the free service will also receive 500 MB of data to be used with apps, GPS navigation and more.


There’s never a need to worry about minutes or text messages if a customer chooses to purchase the $10.99 unlimited plan that also comes with 500 MB of data. Those with a need for more data on their plan can choose the unlimited everything plan that comes with unlimited data. Even high-speed data is included with the unlimited everything plan, but after the 1 GB of 4G LTE data is used, expect to see 3G data, which can be used as much as is necessary. There are also some great Internet plans available that range from free of cost to only a few dollars per month or more.