Learn From Mike Nierenberg and His Wisdom To Become An Executive

The first question on a potential reader’s mind might be, who is Mike Nierenberg and why should I pay attention to him and his past? Well, that is certainly a great question and can be answered simply by stating his different accomplishments. Mike Nierenberg is the current Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corporation.

The funny thing is, he didn’t wake up one day and become the head honcho of New Residential Investment Corporation. He had quite a career that led him from Lehman Brothers to Fortress Investment Group to becoming part of the Executive Leadership Team at New Residential Investment Corporation.

We can learn a lot about a person from their history and their present, one of the key lessons we can learn from Mike Nierenberg is where he started off in his career. This is important because it shows individuals the importance of affiliation. Mike Nierenberg was able to be a part of strong culture, and organization that, for lack of a better term, was truly organized, and had been building up for some time.

To truly understand why a job at Lehman Brothers was a great choice it is important to understand how Lehman Brothers grew and became a key part of the financial industry. These lessons will be key to know as this would help us understand why Lehman Brothers was a great incubation space for the mind of Mike Nierenberg.

Lehman Brothers – The Progression

Lehman Brothers started out small, they started with a simple storefront, they took that opportunity and parlayed it into something much more, a trading and financial services business.

The firm then progressed to becoming a key player in the financial services industry pioneering different services and becoming members of different exchanges.

Did you know that Lehman Brothers was able to underwrite a public offering in 1889? It did so for a business that was in the sector of steam pumping. It stayed true to its commodities roots for quite a while and then it progressed to becoming a much larger powerhouse. It transitioned from being a simple commodities business to becoming a larger financial firm about fifteen years later.

We can learn the importance of patience, perseverance, and the importance of capturing value by studying these firms and the life of Mike Nierenberg as well. He had the good insight to choose Lehman Brothers because of its history.

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Agera Financial Offers Unique Services in the Energy Sector

Agera Financial is a private energy company that retails natural gases and electricity. The company provides efficient services to businesses and companies in America. Its services are extended to more than fifty states in the country. It’s also one of the rapidly emerging and growing companies in the state that has gained an excellent reputation with regards to offering quality services. It’s one of the companies that’s registered impeccable growth and has earned an excellent reputation in service provision.

Agera Financial is providing various job opportunities including executive positions to general staff members. For you to be employed, you ought to have professional qualifications and the required experience to enhance productivity of energy related product.

About Agera Energy was established in 2014 when the year started. It was also during one of the worst Winters. Perhaps founding the company can be termed as fate since the management found itself in a convenient time. Agera Financial has the right equipment to provide affordable energy services.


Shervin Pishevar tweets about the US economy and immigrant talent

When Shervin Pishevar broke his silence on the social media platforms, he made a major announcement. He came out gun-blazing with a prediction that the US economy was going to crash in coming months, he posted 50 messages on Twitter talking about the economy and other matters such as cryptocurrencies, globalization, bond market among others. The tweets started by a clear message that the US economy would go down.

Shervin Pishevar predicted that the US stock market would lose 6000 points in a matter of months. By the time he was tweeting the messages, it had already lost over 1000 points, and he predicted that the drop would continue until all the gains of the past one year had been erased. Shervin also indicated that the indicators of a looming financial crisis were already visible. The crash of the stock market, huge national debt and overvalued assets signal dark days for the economy. Shervin Pishevar faulted the government for some of the measures it has taken such as the tax giveaways which he predicted would support the financial crisis.

Shervin Pishevar used the tweet storm to express his frustrations with the manner in which the country treats immigrant talent. Shervin Pishevar has spent many years in Silicon Valley working on some of the most brilliant ideas ever developed. He believes that the role of immigrant talent has led to the growth of the American economy greatly. However, the country has now blocked immigrant talent from coming into the country, a factor that could lead to the fall of Silicon Valley as the leading innovations hub in the world.

Shervin was also quick to point out that the immigrant talent no longer has to struggle to come into the United States since the idea of the Silicon Valley has already been decentralized. Almost every country in the world today has developed mechanisms to grow their talents.


Shervin Pishevar’s Top Concerns in the Country

Shervin Pishevar is well-known for being an entrepreneur and an investor. When he recently took to Twitter to discuss some of his concerns about the United States, tens of thousands of followers tuned in. Since then, countless blogs have focused on his tweets, ensuring even more readers are aware of his concerns.


One of the top concerns is the state of the economy. Shervin Pishevar focused his energy on the stock market, predicting that it would drop in aggregate over the next several months. True to his prediction, the market started to shake days after his tweets.


Shervin Pishevar also discussed the monopolies in the United States. Five that he focused on to a great extent include Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Alphabet (the parent company of Google). The government has allowed these companies to grow to such a point that they have access to more data than a sovereign nation. They’re also taking down many startups, making it difficult for anyone to compete against them.

Speed of Execution

Shervin Pishevar also talked about how poor the speed of execution in the United States is. Many countries are getting things done faster and that’s because they’re using a more modernized infrastructure. A perfect example is how a train station was constructed in only nine hours in China.

It only makes sense that Shervin Pishevar is concerned about what’s going on in the country. With such problems, it could be years before we see another startup grow to the level of Uber or Airbnb. As an investor, Shervin wants to make sure that more entrepreneurs have an opportunity to launch a successful business.

Now that he has voiced some of his concerns, the hope is that more people will heed his words and take action to make an improvement across the country.


Freedom Checks Help People Gain Financial Freedom Over A Period Of Time

While the level of prices range wildly in the oil and gas business, the MLP’s do not generally suffer from the fluctuating prices. The reason they are not affected is because no matter what the cost of the oil and gas is, the cost of transporting the gas and oil is not as widely affected by the rise and lowering of the gas prices. In many of the contracts that have been signed for the delivering of the gas and oil, the ability to raise the price is set out to change due to inflation.

If you are looking for a way to invest money while making a good return on it, you will want to check out Master Limited Partnerships. The people who invest in MLP’s will start to see a return on their money pretty quickly through the use of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks are handed out to the people who invest in the MLP’s by giving back more of the money invested because there is no corporate taxes being paid by the partnerships. In order for the MLP to be considered as a master limited partnership, the partnership will have to participate in the shipping or transporting and finding new raw minerals. These minerals include the searching for gas and oil.

In any given year, there are more than 500 master limited partnerships that will shell out over 30 billion dollars annually. It is because of these corporations that America is becoming more self sufficient than many other countries. The businesses in the United States is helping to become the country that is energy independent.

As previously stated, the corporations who are issuing Freedom Checks will have to bring in over 90 percent of the income that it gains from the production and exploration of the natural resources. It also includes the transport of the natural resources.

The companies who are involved in Freedom Checks are looking for new ways to come up with finding oil along with the use of gas wells. The transporting of the oil and gas through the use of pipelines is another way that the companies can be ran to payout in the checks.

The initial MLP that was created was established in 1981. It was granted the exclusion to pay out corporate taxes which is what helps them to pay more money to the people investing in the corporation. It is due to these high cash payouts that are given in the form of Freedom Checks will allow for those investing to see a return on the investment from 4 percent up to 10 percent. What helps to make the MLP earn higher payouts is the fact that the business is considered to be slow in growth. These investments are considered to be low risk investments and help people to regain freedom for financial burdens over the course of a long term contract.

Your Portfolio Can Be Grown Tremendously By Freedom Checks

When oil saw a fallout in global demand and a surplus that brought gas prices to their lowest point they had been in years in 2015, many experts started believing it was time to stop investing in oil stocks. But it turns out oil, natural gas, and other natural resources may be the right thing to invest in right now after all due to a new investment called freedom checks. Yes, they are an investment and not simply one of those false promise scams that you might run into in online spam ads or in junk mail. It’s the financial publication company Banyan Hill who found freedom checks and has been explaining them to readers, especially editor Matt Badiali who is an expert in natural resource investments.

So what are the basics you should know about freedom checks? They are investments made in master limited partnership companies, which are companies that have certain regulations they follow including how much they have to pay out to investors. They can be bought in the same way you would buy stocks such as Google or Facebook, but there are only about 568 of these natural resource MLP companies out there. If you are able to find a freedom check investment, you could see your portfolio grow over 1,000℅, and Badiali who has tracked them over the years has said some have made gains as high as 39,832%.

One of the best things about freedom checks is they are not an investment that’s a return on income; they’re a return on capital. For that reason, any gains you make on them are not taxed at all like regular stocks or private equity. The only time you would pay taxes on them are when you decide to sell them, and in such a case you would only pay the lower capital gains tax rate. They got their name because like stock dividends, you can choose to receive checks in the mail. To find out more about what freedom checks are about and which companies you should look into, you can subscribe to Matt Badiali’s newsletters at Banyan Hill.

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The Story of David Zalik: The Founder of GreenSky Credit

David Zalik is the CEO of GreenSky Credit. It is a private technology company that was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. David Zalik is the son of immigrants. He spent the early part of his life in Argentina. His family moved to the United States when he was 4-years-old.

David has wanted to be an entrepreneur ever since he was young. He stated that he was interested in dating older female students, and he knew he needed a car. He began buying computer parts and assembling them to make PCs.

David also started Microtech Information Systems when he was 14-years-old. He attended Auburn University, but he dropped out to focus on his business endeavors. His parents were not thrilled with the idea, but David would eventually become a billionaire.

Before David started GreenSky Credit, he had several ideas for businesses. He is also the founder of many other businesses including Outweb inc. He is still the CEO and chairman of the company. Additionally, he is the co-founder of the Resource Institute.

David has received a number of awards for his hard work. In 2003, he received the Catalyst Entrepreneur of the Year. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006.

About GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Credit is a company that provides loans to consumers who need funding to pay for a home improvement project. Consumers are able to apply for the loan in just two minutes. They will get their home improvement payment card a few days after they are approved. The payment card can be used to make purchases from any retailer or merchant.

The business Over 12,000 merchants have used GreenSky. Over 1.7 million consumers have used Green Sky. This company has managed to fund over $12 billion in loans. David stated that the company’s mission is to help businesses grow and help their consumers.


The Chronicles of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider serves as the Principal Executive and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. Jeffry has extensive experience and skills in sales, marketing, operational services, education, and an inventive approach regarding financial structuring. He is a degree holder which he earned from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Jeffry worked at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management before founding Ascendant Capital. He also worked at Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown. Ascendant Capital is involved in raising funds for established and upcoming alternative asset fund sponsors. The company works with a set of connections of Private Banks, Registered Investment Advisors, family Offices, and Broker-dealers. It is the work of Ascendant Capital, LLC to distribute these offerings that are both private and public all over the world.

Jeffry has managed the company to grow fast from only 2 to 30 employees since it was founded. Jeffry and his team have also been able to come up with approximately $1 billion on behalf of some managers. Jeffry Schneider has gained a reputation as a very hardworking entrepreneur who has been able to grow Ascendant Capital from a small company to a big successful company. Ascendant Capital, LLC collaborates with many family offices, 250 investment advisors, and nearly 50 broker-dealers. The cash raised from this is used to purchase auto dealerships, real estate, and tech companies. Jeffry and his team continue to set their goals and missions for the future and expects to raise more money in the coming years.

Jeffry Schneider attributes the success of Ascendant Capital, LLC to employees’ hard work, passion, and commitment. He says that the culture of the company has played a huge role towards its success. Jeffry Schneider believes that it is possible to lower volatility and diversify holdings through alternative investments. Jeffry has created an excellent working environment at Ascendant Capital LLC such as an open dialogue, trust among team members, and transparency. The top priority of Ascendant Capital, LLC is to ensure their investors are satisfied.

Jeffry is a philanthropist. He is involved in some charitable organizations like the Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders & Worries, God Loves We Deliver, and the Gazelle Foundation. He offers his resources, connections, and expertise to these organizations. Jeffry is a strong believer in living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys staying fit and eating a healthy diet. He has also been involved in several marathons and half ironmans. Jeffry loves adventure. He has been able to explore most parts of the world such as Asia, South America, and Europe. He encourages other upcoming entrepreneurs to go out of their way and start what they firmly believe in and always practice hard work, discipline, and honesty.




Achievements of Madison Street Capital

One of the major financing companies, Madison Street Capital has been announced as one of the prospective firms that will win the 15th annual M&A Awards. This is because the company continues to offer its clients the best services in finances. The awards have been organized to encourage deal making, restructuring of firms and financial services. To create a favorable environment for business, it would be important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of companies and various professionals. The award is coveted by many firms in the industry as it is a sign of excellence and means a lot to the companies in the financial industries. It would be important to do extra work in customer satisfaction and offering quality services. One of the principal reasons why Madison Street Capital is at the top of the industry is because it provides exemplary services to its customs. It is also widely known for boutique investment banking; international manufacturers deal making and hastening the acquisition of the Acuna and Asociados Company. The groundbreaking achievements of the firm have received adoration and recognition that is has been posted on many sites including benzinga.com; it would thus be prudent to visit the site for more information. The awards recognize the hard work and sacrifice of the different corporations; it awards the inventiveness and innovation of the firms in the financial industry. The management of the company feels honored to be part of the industry hast bring revolution in the financial sector. The international transaction managers of the company worked tirelessly to ensure that the process is a success, the winners of the awards are due to be announced at the New York Athletic Club.

Information about Madison Street Capital, LLC.

It is an international company which at its core is dedicated to integrity, provision of quality services to the clients and directing the employees hence fostering productivity. The management team of the company is well seasoned with corporate management skills evident by the recent achievements of the firm. The employees have a vast knowledge and experience in the field thus giving exemplary services to their clients. Merger and acquisition is a daunting task to any management and the company at large; it would be important to seek the expertise of Madison Street capital to succeed in the process. The managers of the firm are endowed with knowledge and skills thus deals with the different legal cases that involve mergers. Madison Street Capital offers advisory services to their clients concerning the investment and administration of capital; this has made the company earn the trust of the different customers. M&A Advisor was founded in 1988 and is renowned for its exemplary services to their clients; smaller firms are assisted to grow also.

Madison Street Capital Recognized For its Impressive Achievements

The M&A Advisor has officially announced Madison Street Capital, a well-known global investment banking firm as a nominee for the prominent 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The awards, recognized as a measure of accomplishment in the competitive financial industry, honors excellence in making deals, restructuring, and financing. They also recognize professionals and top firms that are making a tangible difference in the corporate world.

Madison Street Capital is a finalist for two unique categories: Boutique Investment Banking Firm as well as International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100 million). The latter acknowledges the role Madison Street Capital played in aiding Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. Karl D’Cunha, who serves as the Senior Managing Director of Madison oversaw the acquisition transaction. He said that the transaction was detailed and complex. Being honored for such a great accomplishment inspires Madison’s employees and encourages them to continue delivering results.

Charles Botchway’s comments

Speaking on behalf of Madison, Botchway said it was an honor to help a longstanding client such as Dowco with all the transactions and details involved in the buying of Acuna & Asociados S.A. He reiterated that being a finalist for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. The award will recognize the effort of Madison’s dealmakers who specialize in connecting customers with successful businesses that address their diverse needs.

The M&A Advisor

The M&A Advisor provides guidance on M&A activities. It opened its business door in 1998, and since then the firm has created a leading international network of M&A, competent finance professionals. Currently, M&A Advisor specializes in presenting and honoring the accomplishments of the industry’s best performers worldwide. It also connects top performance in the industry with a broad range of services.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global investment bank committed to the highest level of professionalism and integrity. The firm offers outstanding institutional financial advisory services, financial opinions, expert opinions on mergers and acquisitions, and valuation services to private and public businesses. It has main offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. The firm’s professionals carefully analyze each customer’s needs to match buyers with the perfect sellers, organize cost-effective financing, and generate capitalization structures, which maximizes the potential of every customer.

Madison Street Capital focuses on establishing strong business with communities across the United States. It meets the demands of its clients and offers philanthropic support to various charitable organizations such as the United Way. The firm works diligently to impact in the life of people by supporting community initiatives. Even the firm’s employee participates actively in the affair of the community through volunteering. Madison’s team of experts has exceptional knowledge and unparalleled experience. Therefore, the company has transformed into one of the greatest mid-market investment banks.

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