Panos Gikas’ career and biography

Panos Gikas is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. He is has majored mostly in knee surgeries. He can also do some of the surgeries involving hip replacement and arthroscopy. In addition to these surgeries, he does some transplants such as transplants that involve stem cells which are used to build the cartilages. Apart from the above jobs, Panos Gikas has also specialised in the treatment of bones, that is, any bone-related problem and diseases which affect the bones. Since he deals with bones, he is also in a position to treat any problem that attacks the soft tissues sarcomas.

Dr Gikas is a researcher, and his research is generally centred in helping people’s health standards. His recent research is one which involved the use of robots in doing the knee joint surgeries and stem cells replacement. Dr Panos argues out that if robots are to be used, then the exercises of knee replacements will be successful with little or even no errors. He is currently undertaking some research. Among them is the research on endoprosthetic joint replacements that deals with the tumor surgeries. Panos Gikas is trying all mean possible to see that he bring about innovations that will make disease and infection surgeries easier.

Panos Gikas’ biography

Dr Gikas is an all-around person in life. He has managed to stay in different parts of the world. Dr Gikas pursued his studies at various universities around the world. He did his undergraduate degree of Medical Genetics at the University of London. He achieved the first-class honors in his undergraduate degree. These results enabled him to undertake postgraduate studies in the same field. He pursued his Master’s degree at St. Georges University located in London. He also attained first class honors that enabled him to further his studies to PhD in the University of Athens. Follow this link to see his educational background.

Panos Gikas has overtime travelled to many places to work and better his career. As years keep on moving, his experience on surgery also increases. He developed most of his skills in the management of tumors when he was doing oncology exercises in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Dr Gikas also improved his anterior muscle approach to surgery of the hip, when he was at Geneva doing clinical fellowship work.

Dr Panos Gikas is not only a surgeon but also a publisher. He has published some books that are very useful in surgery. Some of the books talk about operations involving the knees, bones, hip and those that deal with cancer. These publications have prompted for more research activities. When Panos Gikas is not at work, he is a lover of travelling and exploring different places in the United Kingdom and all over the world.


Panos Gikas is a dedicated surgeon in London. He has worked in some hospitals and has gathered sufficient experience to perform many surgical procedures. If one has a problem with the knees, hip joints, and bones, Panos Gikas is ready to be consulted.

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The Chainsmokers Join Forces With “Riverdale” Star For New Video

The darker tone of the last few releases from The Chainsmokers has been left behind with the release of their new single, “Side Effects.” The single sees The Chainsmokers reconnect with their regular collaborator, Emily Warren and their infectious form of party pop. The Chainsmokers have been at the top of the electronic dance music genre for the last few years since the arrival of Andrew Taggart in the DJ duo founded by Alex Pall.

In the last few years, The Chainsmokers have burst onto the mainstream music scene with a brand of infectious dance music released every six weeks throughout 2017. The Chainsmokers have spent much of their time in 2018 trying to build a new way of performing with their live band as they look to maintain their appeal to their expanding mainstream audience. The return of Emily Warren as the guest vocalist on “Side Effects” sees the band turn away from the darker sound they have cultivated over the course of 2018.

The lighter tone achieved by the duo with the release of “Side Effects” has been reflected in the promo associated with the song, which stars “Riverdale” actress Camilla Mendes. In the promo, Mendes plays a hotel worker, Riley, who is informed her boss needs her to work over the weekend in a phone call. Riley then spends the rest of the video dancing around the hotel to the sounds of The Chainsmokers as she makes up for missing out on her hard-earned weekend.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have been working as The Chainsmokers since 2012 when Pall was left by his original DJ partner after achieving success in the clubs of New York City. The addition of Andrew Taggart added another layer to the abilities of The Chainsmokers with Alex Pall bringing his skills to the image of the duo. In the late Summer and Fall of 2018, The Chainsmokers are touring with their EP, “Sick Boy”, which will be turned into a full-length album over the course of the year.

The Chainsmokers Embrace Pop’s Dark Side

In the two short years since The Chainsmokers first took the music charts by storm, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have rarely left the radio waves, with electronic-tinged, pop hits including Roses, Paris, Something Just Like This, and Don’t Let Me Down. Having first made a name for themselves as producers, the duo clearly know how to craft a hit, but what remains to be seen is their ability to keep the hits coming.

The group first came together in New York City, remixing for indie bands, only falling into pop superstardom, and the group’s name, by accident. Pall and Taggart aren’t as connected to The Chainsmokers’ moniker as they are to their music, stating in past interviews that the name really came about from a college-era predilection for weed and the fact that no one else had taken it.

For all the lack of creativity they’ve given to their title, there’s a new album on the horizon, and The Chainsmokers appear primed to start experimenting. The new music, the duo states, will be darker and edgier, but if the lead single, Sick Boy, is any indicator, will be every bit as hit-worthy as its predecessor. The darkness was inspired, as, the duo claims is all their music, by the society around them, in this case one that is social media-obsessed. Putting melody to the voices of their generation, the new music is not only a reflection of their peers, but of their own disillusionment with superstardom, perhaps best summed up by one of Sick Boy‘s lyrics:

How many likes is my life worth?

For The Chainsmokers, their biggest driver is not a futile attempt to replicate past success, to gain more likes, but to keep making music that excites them, and hopefully their fans as well. They describe it as something beyond just the sound of the music, but instead it is the emotions the music inspires. That, for them both, is the goal, and it is, they believe, most easily achieved by maintaining that balance between pop and the EDM underground scene they started out in.