Jason Hope Sets Sights On Anti-Aging Future

Sitting down with a futurist means that you are going to be discussing technology as it is today and what it could be tomorrow. Jason Hope is one such futurist and he is heavily invested, passionately, in the idea of anti-aging technology. As someone who has long believed in the concept that aging as it is can be changed, Hope’s commitment to the concept is unsurprising.

What might be surprising, however, is the fact that Jason Hope is going all-in on investing in the concept. Hope recently partnered up with the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit anti-aging research facility in California, in order to offer a $500,000 donation. Let’s learn a little more about Hope, the SENS Foundation and what biotechnology has in store for the future.

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Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur who made his name in the tech field upon establishing the mobile communications company, Jawa. Hope was integral in getting Jawa up and off the ground and his early success in that sector led to a host of new opportunities. Hope attended Arizona State University where he got his B.A. and he went on to graduate from the W.P. Carey School of Business, as well. Now, Hope is using his education and his commitment to futurist concepts in order to enhance public awareness of certain areas, such as biotechnology. Hope has long since believed that the human process of aging hasn’t reached a final form. Hope thinks as many futurists and medical professionals do, that aging can be reversed at a cellular level. This is where biotechnology and the SENS Research Foundation comes into play.

The SENS Research Foundation is led by CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey and CEO Mike Kope. The two men have been absolutely vital to the promotion of anti-aging technology and their single-minded focus on developing biotechnological solutions to age-related illnesses is gaining a ton of attention. The SENS Foundation has been in operation for nearly a decade now and the company has been working hard the entire way. With Jason Hope on board, and his $500,000 donation in hand, the SENS Foundation has momentum back on their side.

Find more about Jason Hope: https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/26/jason-hopes-hard-line-stance-on-the-internet-of-things/

Betsy DeVos: Her Thoughts on Alternative Education

A rare look at the thoughts of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos before she took office is present in a fairly recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable. Explains to the interview team that her dedication to the field of education is very near to her heart. She learned during her time as a parent of a school-aged child that the concept of a good education is not always a given in America. She saw the struggle that many parents went through in order to give their children the same level of education that they believed their children deserved. Those parents had seen the disparaging numbers and decline in the American education system. After speaking with them Betsy DeVos saw that there was a huge difference between what parents believed to be going on with the education system and what was actually going on in the education system. She set out to help bring awareness to this fact and advocate for alternative forms of education.


One of the major things that Betsy DeVos wants her interviewers to understand is that the interest in alternative education is growing. Increasingly more students are being enrolled in alternative education programs every single year. Parents have become skeptical of the norm that is a public school. They had seen that their children are not learning in the same manner or they have suffered the meltdowns of a frustrated child. Sometimes it is even possible that children who are quite accelerated show subpar grades because they are not feeling challenged by their work in they shut down. Whatever the case parents all over the United States are pushing for some type of change.


This change has helped rocket Betsy DeVos to the forefront of the “school choice” movement. She has become some of an unofficial figurehead for the movement. The time that she has been campaigning for this has given a voice to countless parents all over the nation. The concept of school choice would allow them to enroll their children in an educational facility of their own choosing. They would not be bound to the arbitrary lines that dictate where their children go to school. Such lines can be quite damaging and make the difference between whether a child grows up to be successful or not. Betsy DeVos simply wants people to understand that they have a choice. Many parents don’t understand that concept because they have been raised in a bubble she believes that public schools are the only option available to their children. Parents are no longer taking this information lying down. They are pushing for a better type of experience for their children.


Betsy DeVos cites the work that has been done in Michigan and other states that are looking to increase their population of children in alternative educational facilities. She hopes that this increase in different types of education will help parents help their own children prepare for the future. She wants the American public to feel strong in their choices and the knowledge that they receive from where ever they want to receive it.


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Jason Hope: IoT Improves Safety In The Airlines Sector

The Internet of Things is now a reality unlike what some people thought a few years ago. The ability of devices to connect to the internet is now a common thing. Already billions of devices can connect to the internet. The wireless connection of devices to the internet has found application in almost every aspect of life. By 2020, Gartner projects that there will be over 25 billion such devices. From home chores to large industrial operations, IoT is proving to be a significant contribution.

IoT is made possible by Bluetooth beacon technology. The beacon is a sensor that enables communication between one device and another. This technology has found usage in key industries such as the airline. In fact, we are at a point where almost half the airline companies have inflated their budgets on innovations in order to explore the possibilities of IoT. More are expected to join this pioneer group in the near future. Such statistics show that IoT is forming an integral part of this industry.

The benefits that this technology brings to the airline industry have been discussed by Jason hope, a tech entrepreneur, and a futurist. Jason Hope is one of the early commentators on the Internet of Things.

The Boeing 787s are now manufactured using this technology. All the parts of the plane are connected to a wireless network which enables communication of information on the status of the parts. If any of the parts is not functioning as it should, it will communicate with the controller and the technicians will be notified. If a certain problem needs maintenance, ground technicians will be writing to do the work upon landing.

With IoT, planes will no longer fly while there are undetected mechanical problems which lead to crashes.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope has been commenting about IoT for many years. Even when some people thought it was a mirage, he was consistent with his opinion. The philanthropist and tech entrepreneur from Arizona loves looking the innovations trends in the technology sector and gauging how the future trends will look like. Jason Hope once owned a mobile company which he sold at a hefty price.

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An Insight In Peter Briger’s Biography

Peter Lionel Briger Jr is the head of Credit and Real Estate Business at Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the principal and president of Fortress Investment Group, an investment management company whose headquarter is in New York City.

The American citizen joined Fortress Investment Group as a member of the management committee in 3003, people witnessed his hard work make him rise to the rank that that required him to create and oversee Fortress Credit Business which has a workforce of 300 individuals.

The credit team role is to check into the underrated and distress illiquid credit investments in the entire firm. Peter Briger joined Princeton University and acquired an Associate in Arts/Sciences. He furthered his studies at the University of Pennsylvania and achieved a Master of Business Administration.

The self-made billionaire in the finance industry was ranked number 963 in Forbes with a net worth of $1.3 billion. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he worked at Goldman Sachs and Co for over 15years as a partner.

This position allowed him to attend various committees like Asian Management Committee, Japan Executive Committee and Global control and compliance committee. At, Princeton Entrepreneurship,Peter Briger offers funds to startup companies and recent entrepreneurs for Princeton alumni.

His move has encouraged creativity and innovation among the alumni. Peter Briger also offered help to Wall Street in the long slow process of new technology development. This was after Wall Street announced its entry in bitcoin technology.

Peter Briger confidently said that bitcoin technology was digital gold, he credited this fact that bitcoins are an instant way to diversify money in the world and more so, the presence of bitcoin deficiency in America.

Fortress Investment Group was featured with a four-star rating by Indeed Company. This was credited to an average of categories like pay and benefits, work-life balance, job security and advancement, management and culture.

Peter Briger has devoted himself towards giving back to the society through charity work based on children, education and alleviating poverty among the society. He contributes to charity events like playing the leadership role at Silicon Valley council that funds needy children globally.

He is also a member of the council on foreign matters, the organization that works on promoting and improving people’s understanding of foreign issues. He works towards ensuring quality services reach less privileged persons in the society and also increase the capacity of children to access better services.

He also supports Central Park Conservancy and other organizations of such caliber. Peter is known to have broad networks and connections.

Welcomes A Star In Houston- Tony Petrello

The energy department is a very profitable and exciting area for most people. The few personalities who understand the benefits of investing in energy understand that within a very short time, they can make billions.

Tony Petrello is among the top personalities in the energy department. This businessman is the chief executive officer of the leading oil and gas manufacturing firm in the United States, known as Nabors Industries. The organization commands a lot of respect in the international community due to the great leadership it has been getting from its leaders. Tony Petrello is a professional who earns a lot of money due to his prestigious role in this large organization.

Read more: Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes

Due to his position in Nabors Industries for a long time, Anthony Petrello has become a very important person in the corporate world. While many people who have accumulated wealth prefer to appear in the television every day, this businessman has remained very quiet. It is not common to see or even hear the businessman in any public forum, and this is why Tony is not a common figure in the American households. The businessman is very honest in his tasks, unlike most of the corrupt people working in the corporate world. The businessman has been supporting so many charity initiatives with his wealth, a very rare gesture for the people in the American society.

This year, Tommy Tune, a very prominent superstar who has been living away from Houston announced that he wanted to come and visit his come country. When the announcement was made, very few people knew extended a helping hand. Tony Petrello offered to welcome the businessman and even wait for him in the airport upon his arrival. When Tune landed in Houston several months ago, Tony accompanied his wife to the airport, and they all welcomed the start back to his town. There was a huge crowd gathered for this special occasion, something that has not been experienced in the past. Tune had a chance to visit his fans in his homeland and at the same time entertain them. There was a special event that was held by Tony and his wife so that the star could have some fun and spend time with the people from his hometown. Tommy Tine said that he was very shocked when he realized that people from Houston had not forgotten him even after so many years. Tune was very happy about the whole event.

Search more about Anthony Petrello: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/30/my-college-roommate-is-now-the-richest-ceo-in-america.html

George Soros: Fighting Philanthropic Demonization

Opensoceityfoundations.org is commending the philanthropic nature of Mr. George Soros. After founding his own hedge fund in 1970, Soros created the Open Society Foundations and continues to contribute to their funding. This fund was to be an intricate network of foundations, partnerships, and projects in over 100 different countries. The sole purpose of the Open Society Foundations is to fight for the people in society who needed help the most. This means the discriminated, stereotyped, and persecuted. Soros has always felt that people should be free to express who they are, and they should never be punished for that. He has put all his resources into protecting freedom of expression.

The adversity that Soros seeks to overcome in the world started in a very personal place for him. In the mid-1940’s, Soros’ family lived through intense Nazi occupation in Hungary. They survived by using false identifications that concealed their Jewish heritage and even helped other families do the same. This quick thinking allowed them to live through a time when so many were being unrightfully persecuted. Soros looks at this as a time where his family chose to live and to help others. He saw it as a victory in his lifetime, and it is an experience that he still carries with him today.

Soros believes in the Open Society Foundations so much that he has always been willing to invest his personal fortune to further its cause. Recently, Soros donated $18 Billion dollars to the network of organizations. This only adds to his overall personal donations of over $30 Billion. Clearly, there is nothing more important to Soros that fostering the growth of these benevolent organizations. During times where it feels as though people are fighting one another and tearing the world apart, people like Soros are proving that it is better to come together. His foundations will continue to be a legacy for his generosity for years to come.

Unfortunately, behind every successful philanthropist, there is a myriad of people questioning their actions. Soros has been no exception and his efforts are discussed in The Jerusalem Post in the article “George Soros and the Demonization of Philanthropy”. Even though he has dealt with significant distress in his life, there have been some that have seen his philanthropy as promoting evil agendas. Soros has done nothing but promote the best parts of humanity with his work. It is unfortunate that an authoritarian-driven dialogue is allowed to tarnish the reputation of such a kind and benevolent man. While it is certainly natural to look at the power associated with such large-scale giving and be suspicious of the motives of the giver, Soros has proven repeatedly that he is on the side of the people that he works so hard to help.

The legacy of George Soros is extensive and beautiful. Since first immigrating to the United States, he began his career with nothing and has risen in the business world to be one of the nation’s leading philanthropist. He has championed many causes and helped them to gain significant traction through his funding. While some may question his motives, the people who benefit from them and the rest of the world know the giving heart that resides within George Soros.

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Thor’s Halvorssen- A Reputable Authority in Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan-born film producer and human rights advocate. He started his human rights campaign while still in his adolescent years, in 1989. He engaged in his first activity in London, when he organized opposition against apartheid in South Africa. Halvorssen has been dubbed the “Champion of Underdogs” by the New York Times. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation in New York. He is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights festival that is almost comparable to the economic forum organized by the Davos foundation.

Halvorseen’s Experience with the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation headed by Halvorseen is dedicated to exposing dictatorship, freeing political prisoners, and promoting tolerance. Thor ventured into full time engagement in due process and human rights when his father was turned into a political prisoner in Venezuela. He formed the Human Rights Foundation after his mother got shot, in 2004, in the middle of a political uprising in Venezuela. The HRF has been involved in protecting free speech and human rights in nations such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Venezuela. During the course of its activities, HRF has led to the release of 7 political prisoners.

Halvorseen’s Involvement in Politics

Halvorssen has firmly campaigned for Chinese political prisoner, Liu Xiaobo, to be released. Halvorssen is also a fierce critic of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s president, particularly due to his legislative efforts to penalize homosexuality with death. Halvorssen has also publicly criticized Anti-Semitism in Venezuela, and the deprivation of individual rights and democracy in Latin America. He has also argued strongly against free speech violations in Panama.

Halvorseen and Film Production

Thor Halvorssen has also distinguished himself in film production. He uses films to depict violations of human rights. Thor produced the film Hammer and Tickle to demonstrate how Russians used satire and jokes to communicate during the Soviet rule, when free speech had been suppressed. Another popular film of Thor’s is the Freedom’s Fury. The film narrates the story of Hungary and the revolt that was organized against dictatorship in 1956.The Sugar Babies is another film that Thor produced to highlight Dominican Republic’s inhumane acts of human trafficking.


The Chronicles of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider serves as the Principal Executive and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC. Jeffry has extensive experience and skills in sales, marketing, operational services, education, and an inventive approach regarding financial structuring. He is a degree holder which he earned from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Jeffry worked at Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management before founding Ascendant Capital. He also worked at Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, and Alex Brown. Ascendant Capital is involved in raising funds for established and upcoming alternative asset fund sponsors. The company works with a set of connections of Private Banks, Registered Investment Advisors, family Offices, and Broker-dealers. It is the work of Ascendant Capital, LLC to distribute these offerings that are both private and public all over the world.

Jeffry has managed the company to grow fast from only 2 to 30 employees since it was founded. Jeffry and his team have also been able to come up with approximately $1 billion on behalf of some managers. Jeffry Schneider has gained a reputation as a very hardworking entrepreneur who has been able to grow Ascendant Capital from a small company to a big successful company. Ascendant Capital, LLC collaborates with many family offices, 250 investment advisors, and nearly 50 broker-dealers. The cash raised from this is used to purchase auto dealerships, real estate, and tech companies. Jeffry and his team continue to set their goals and missions for the future and expects to raise more money in the coming years.

Jeffry Schneider attributes the success of Ascendant Capital, LLC to employees’ hard work, passion, and commitment. He says that the culture of the company has played a huge role towards its success. Jeffry Schneider believes that it is possible to lower volatility and diversify holdings through alternative investments. Jeffry has created an excellent working environment at Ascendant Capital LLC such as an open dialogue, trust among team members, and transparency. The top priority of Ascendant Capital, LLC is to ensure their investors are satisfied.

Jeffry is a philanthropist. He is involved in some charitable organizations like the Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders & Worries, God Loves We Deliver, and the Gazelle Foundation. He offers his resources, connections, and expertise to these organizations. Jeffry is a strong believer in living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys staying fit and eating a healthy diet. He has also been involved in several marathons and half ironmans. Jeffry loves adventure. He has been able to explore most parts of the world such as Asia, South America, and Europe. He encourages other upcoming entrepreneurs to go out of their way and start what they firmly believe in and always practice hard work, discipline, and honesty.




The Savvy Investment Banker Explains What is Involved in Addressing Capital Markets

The investment banker is responsive to the client’s needs, in the way of providing advice, as it pertains to Capital Markets. The preceding activity requires that the investment banking organization, expertly and properly, advise their respective clients, the best way of going about raising funds within the public markets by way of issuance of equity—bonds or shares, which amount to elements of corporation debt. The investment banking organization or banker knows, full well, that a significant area of equity capital markets work involves that of the initial public offering. The initial public offering is also termed by the acronym: IPOs. The IPO is comprised of shares of the company within the market. The bond issue may be that of a straight corporate bond or one that is considered convertible. The convertible bond can be turned into shares, by the buyer, at a date within the future. The investment banking houses, responsible for this style of deal-making, are known as underwriters. The purchase of debt in the market or shares are generally guaranteed, too, by the underwriting organization.

The investment banker, working under this category, will initially, inform his or her client, the preferred way to make use of the markets, in order to raise the required Capital. The investment banking house or advisor, next, will provide his or her client with a careful analyses of the company—which is referred to as the issuer. The underwriter produces, for his or her client, very detailed documentation, used, accordingly, to market the bonds or shares to prospects or possible investors. Lastly, the investment banking house or investment banking representative sets the pricing—relative to what the bonds or shares are offered within the market. As is witnessed, by the detailed form of due-diligence, provided to the investment banker’s client and by the investment banking organization, it is best that a person or corporate entity, seeking to raise funds, in the preceding manner, call upon the services of a highly-trusted, and reliable investment banking organization.

Notes Regarding Martin Lustgarten–CEO of Lustgarten Martin–Investment Banking Organization:

Martin Lustgarten is CEO of Lustgarten Martin Investment Banking Organization. Mr. Lustgarten has been involved in the profession of investment banking for many years. He brings a skill-set, to his elite and highly reputable clientele, which includes: high-level communicative abilities–relative to negotiating upper-tier deals. Mr. Lustgarten resides in the beautiful Miami, Florida area where business is thriving and vital. He enjoys the climate of the Miami metropolitan area as it pertains to the weather and to the healthy financial aspect of the Miami business community.

From an avocational standpoint: Mr. Lustgarten admits to admiring anything of value that has a great deal of beauty attached to it. Perhaps, that is why Mr. Lustgarten is an avid trader and collector of beautiful, vintage timepieces. He also enjoys collecting other relics of antiquity. Naturally, it is presumed, that Mr. Lustgarten’s talent as a skilled deal-maker and negotiator, applicable to his investment banking activities, lend considerably when he is making trades and deals; pertinent to his acquiring exceptional vintage collectibles.


Capitol Anesthesiology

Capitol Anesthesiology is an anesthesiology association located in Austin, Texas. The company provides both local and general anesthesia, as well as pediatric, obstetric, and many more. With over 80 qualified doctors and 130 CRNAS, Capitol Anesthesiology is one of the largest associations in Texas. Each doctor is qualified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, of is currently seeking certification. The CRNAS (certified registered nurse anesthetist) have all received advanced training in anesthetics, but have not pursued an MD. Each of these team members work in hospitals and ambulatory services around Austin.

CAA also has many examples of their community involvement. Some of these include Austin Smiles, Eels on wheels, and family Eldercare. Many of the foundations CAA works with are foundations that provide children living in poverty or foster care with dental care. Many of the physicians and nurses donate their time and volunteer with these organizations.

Whether you are looking for cardiovascular, pediatric, or obstetric anesthesia, Capitol Anesthesiology is one of the best available in the Austin area.

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