Jason Hope sees self-driving vehicles becoming catalyst for major changes in logistics

The technologies encompassed in the Internet of Things are on the brink of dramatically changing the ways in which American business operates. One of the most crucial innovations that are currently taking place is the advent of self-driving vehicles. Already, the first self-driving truck has delivered its first load, driving completely autonomously on both highways and surface streets. This ability of trucks and other delivery and commercial vehicles to autonomously deliver their loads will only proliferate from here.

Jason Hope is one of the nation’s leading internet entrepreneurs. Having founded dozens of successful startups, including the first premium mobile content streaming provider, Jawa, Hope has recently taken to the internet to discuss all of the potential benefits and a few of the potential drawbacks of the coming technologies that are broadly described as the Internet of Things.

One of the areas in which Hope foresees major disruptions taking place is in the field of logistics and transportation. Hope says that the ability of self-driving trucks to begin replacing drivers, as early as within the next five years, will radically transform the way in which products shipped all across America. Although Hope acknowledges that this will put many drivers out of work, it will still create gigantic savings and efficiency increases in the overall shipping costs that industries ranging from grocery stores to steel suppliers will have to pay. This will have the immediate effect of potentially reducing, by large margins, the cost of most consumer goods in the country.

However, there is no doubt that it will put a great many people out of work. Some economists estimate that up to 3 percent of the total United States workforce is made up of drivers of one kind or another. Because these jobs tend to be on the lower end of the skill spectrum, there are some concerns that these drivers who will face imminent unemployment may not be able to be retrained for similar jobs.

It is for this reason that Hope has suggested taking some of the vast efficiency gains from driverless vehicles and sinking them back into serious studies looking into the possibility of creating a universal basic income for workers who have been permanently displaced from their previous jobs.

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Bob Reina a Video Marketing Expert

Bob Reina the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a global video marketing company published an article at the MarTech Advisors homepage. It is the second time within a year’s time that Reina is publishing an article for MarTech as a Guest Author.

Reina’s article is titled Video Advertising Trends of 2017. The article tries to pinpoint the fastest and emerging video styles and techniques that have been trending in 2016 and the roles those videos are likely to play in the field of marketing in 2017. The article was ranked as one of the top ten publications at MarTech.

In a statement, Reina said that he was glad to have shared his vision and insight with MarTech Advisors and readers. The knowledge they will acquire from the article will help them grow in marketing by making video advertising the center of their marketing strategy.

Reina is the visionary man behind Talk Fusion major achievements. He pitches product ideas from the able team of IT professionals, consumer trends, market analysis and the growing in popularity of videos. In the article, Reina describes the use of video as the most valuable asset to the sales and marketing professionals.

Reina foresaw an opportunity in the use of online video in 2004 and launched the first product which was the Video Email. The idea didn’t receive good reception initially, but with time it grew and became more acceptable. Reina returned to MarTech Advisor to help share key tips in video execution.

Reina has also written articles for Huffington Post. The first article that he wrote for MarTech Advisor was entitled Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits. The piece became the most widely read article in 2016. The new piece is expected to be shared with the 1.1 million subscribers of MarTech and other readers around the globe. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/

Bob Reina before founding Talk Fusion was a Tampa Bay Police Officer. While serving as an officer, Reina was introduced to network marketing where he worked as an associate on a part-time basis.

In 2004 Reina took a leap of faith, left the force and decided to pursue his entrepreneurship passion, and that’s when he founded Talk Fusion.