Hair care for women, Wen hair product

Women are always looking for beauty tips and tricks for their hair. Every day a new how to is posted on for women to read. Today I’d like to focus on a popular hair care product for women, called Wen by Chaz.


Wen is a 5 in one hair shampoo that has the benefits of a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave in conditioner. It replaces the millions of hair products you use in your hair, in one bottle. It is sulfate free, and will not strip your hair of its natural sulfates and oils.
Those of you that enjoy the fresh vibrant colors of a new do at the salon, Wen will help to keep the color fresh, and your hair shiny. It will keep the color longer without fading as quickly as with traditional shampoo and conditioner.
In addition to the 5 in one shampoo, WEN offers other products to help your everyday hair styling needs. The offer an anti-frizz styling cream, nourishing mousse, intensive hair treatments and more. They also offer a travel kit, so you can take your best hair care line on the go with you.
They come in a variety of scents as well, from tea tree, winter cranberry mint, cucumber aloe, sweet almond mint and more.
If you order your product from or QVC, they offer you a 60 day money back guarantee. If you purchase the product, and are not fully in love with it, you can return your empty bottles for a full refund, though, after trying it, I don’t believe you will be left dis-satisfied!

The Life and Learnings of Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of China’s largest online retail company and continues to grow with a wide variety of products being offered at excellent prices and shows no sign of slowing down, much to the joy of CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong. However, the journey wasn’t always as prosperous for Richard Liu Qiangdong as it is today. He explained his experiences and learnings in an interview when he sat down at the World Economic Forum.

He started his path in the world of business by working in his family’s business. He earned a degree in sociology, however, spent most of his time focusing on freelance coding work. Utilizing the experience from his family business Richard Liu Qiangdong ventured into the world of business himself, and it proved fruitful to the point that Richard Liu Qiangdong had a 12 shop chain to his name. However, the SARS outbreak in the region proved disastrous for Richard Liu Qiangdong and his business as his employees were simply unable to show up to work rendering the business useless. It was then that the idea of was brought up by Richard Liu Qiangdong and the journey of the business which would go on to make Richard Liu Qiangdong a man with a net worth of 11 billion US Dollars began.

Richard Liu also talked about his achievements in the interview and explained the learnings of a person in his position and through this journey. A question was asked of him to explain whether acquiring such wealth felt like a luxury or a burden and Richard Liu very wisely answered that it was neither and instead said that it was actually a responsibility because those who have such financial power behind them also carry the responsibility for spending it wisely. Richard Liu expressed his wishes to use all the resources at his disposal to help the Chinese economy and also expressed his desire to grow into the most significant online retail company in the world and says that he does not doubt as to whether that’s a feat that could even be accomplished.


How Malaysian Success Story Vijay Eswaran Maintains a ‘Cup Half Full’ Outlook, Even During Dark Days

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy. A man who understands this better than anyone is Vijay Eswaran. In the business world, all companies experience a roller coaster ride at one point or another. When tough times hit, it may be tempting to give up and to settle for a loss. However, the key to getting through the rough patches is having a positive attitude. Vijay Eswaran has a philosophy that keeps him moving forward. In all situations, he sees the cup as “half full.” By learning ways to adopt this viewpoint, other entrepreneurs can persevere and enjoy success as well.

Vijay Eswaran has founded the QI Group to keep up with the growing world of e-commerce. His company has developed a direct selling model for this environment. In 2011, he created Quest International University. This was a product of his desire to mentor others. This entity has grown quickly and provides quality education to people in Malaysia. Eswaran has a deep philanthropic history and continually works to give back to his community.

Although he has gained a great deal of success, his journey was not always pleasant. From the start, he had to work hard and hustle to establish funding. With no business connections, it was difficult to get the ball rolling, especially when his country was facing an economic crisis. Through these struggles, Vijay learned that success usually has to be won with a series of battles. The lessons that he learned helped him to move in a positive direction. He explains that it was necessary for him to bury his own ego and to embrace new ideas.

Eswaran tries to teach other business people that maintaining a sense of wonder and curiosity is crucial for success. By remaining stagnate and not veering from within the confines of a person’s own mind, great opportunities will be missed. This is partly where his positive outlook comes into play. When a person sees the good in everything, he or she is continually learning. New experiences open doors that may lead to unbelievable places.

The business world is always changing. Things are evolving, and new products and services are always being introduced. This is why it is crucial for entrepreneurs to guard against getting stuck on one particular path. Eswaran tells that many people become stuck in mindsets that stop them from growing. Many get caught within a single line of thinking, which makes it challenging to move forward and to try new things. Many entrepreneurs are afraid to take chances. However, Vijay understands that this is mostly a result from viewing the cup as half empty and not half full. His positive outlook makes it easier to leave a place of comfort and to make an important leap.

To help entrepreneurs adopt his positive frame of mind, Vijay offers some helpful advice. To begin, he urges individuals to let go of grudges. Grudges make people hold on to negativity. Negative thoughts require energy to thrive. This energy is better spent creating new ideas or discovering smart alternatives to business mistakes. Releasing negativity from life provides space to grow.

Another way to gain a positive outlook is to stop taking control of everything. Often, an entrepreneur believes that he or she must manage every aspect of his or her venture. This will cause a large amount of stress and may provide no real benefits. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help or to accept advice that can make a business better. Knowing when to seek outside guidance and assistance is the sign of a strong leader.

Eswaran stands by the idea that honesty is the cornerstone of all business ventures. It is simple to maintain a positive demeanor when a person is transparent and honest about everything. Creating open lines of clear communication makes a company stronger as well. With honesty, there is never a need to cover for lies or to build on a weak foundation that is based on untruths.

Having gratitude is another wonderful way to gain a positive point of view. Vijay Eswaran believes strongly in this idea and always counts his blessings each day. He explains that this small habit increases his confidence and decreases his stress. When he is able to relax his mind, he is more likely to think in a positive way. Vijay is not shy to admit that he is a fan of silent reflection as well. This allows him to balance his thoughts and emotions. With a clear mind, it is simple to discover the good things in life and to find the positives in all situations. It is an effective way to solve certain problems that arise, especially when there are no distractions to get in the way.

Eswaran is personally motivated to keep moving forward and to expand his business. The biggest reason that he keeps going is to build on his abilities to help others. Each time he hears a story or speaks to one of his clients, he understands the difference that he is making. With this connection, he keeps a positive outlook and strives to keep delivering new and greater innovations.

Vijay Eswaran explains that a business is only an entity. It is the people within a company that makes it successful. He believes in his team and rewards loyalty and dedication. With this approach to business, it is quite simple to maintain a “cup half full” way of thinking.

Genucel and the Ancient Secrets of Aging Gracefully

We do not like to age. Human beings since the pharaohs have been looking for a way to stay young forever. Bags under the eyes, crows feet and generally wrinkles are not considered attractive, no wonder then huge fortunes have been spent on finding an “elixir of youth” albeit unsuccessfully. All human beings must age and the next best thing is to find ways to age gracefully. There are many chemicals made in the lab that promise amazing benefits to users but they are often harsh and some of the ingredients may not combine as well as you think.


Using lab-made chemicals on your skin may result in chemical burns, puffiness, dark patches and a large number of others that will make your skin look worse in the long run. Consider that before laboratories were invented the Mayans and the Inca were mixing anti-aging portions from herbs and other naturally occurring elements. This is where Chamonix Genucel comes in. It combines nature-based elements to provide an aging solution that both works and is good for your skin.


Genucel combines Grapeseed oil, Calendula flower extract as well as other natural sources of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Ester-C. By using the right technology Chamonix has managed to find the secrets in the plants and herbs that were used by ancients to concoct anti-aging formulas. Genucel is a product of extensive research and use of modern technology to provide you with an anti-aging technology that is both safe and natural to use.


The company also has an eye therapy formula that gets rid of those bags under the eyes that give you the tired and aged look. Its main ingredients are Eyeseryl but it also contains other nature-based ingredients such as extracts from Green Tea Leaf, Algae and Goji Berry. It also includes Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen.


By using Relaxoderm Technology, for which they hold the patent, the company has created Genucel Immediate Effect which gets rid of all visible wrinkles around the eyes without causing irritation or leaving marks. That noted the Chamonix unlike many in this industry does not promise to keep you young forever. However, all its products as I have become aware of start working in the first 12 hours.


About Chamonix

Chamonix was founded by George Faltaous and has been in business since 1999. George Faltaous is a pharmacist. The company has a number of Products in the Genucel line including Genucel Eyelid Treatment, Sun Spot Corrector, and Genucel Immediate Effects.



The Businesses of Krishen Iyer

He didn’t start out as a successful business owner and entrepreneur but, nowadays, Krishen Iyer is doing quite well for himself. He started up his very first business while matriculating at a local university in San Diego. As a sophomore, he established IHS Insurance and managed to build it up into a thriving empire. He even opened up another company in 2009, a business that sells premium domain names to various consumers and business owners to help them achieve success and make their websites stand out from the competition. However, in 2014, Krishen Iyer closed down IHS Insurance for undisclosed reasons and, a year later, he also walked away from Name My Premium. It’s not clear why he decided to leave but he was not unemployed for very long.

In 2016, Krishen Iyer established his current company which he dubbed Managed Benefits Services. In this economy, there are numerous marketing companies who constantly have to deal with the fact that they don’t always have the necessary tools and resources. So the goal of MBS is to ensure these businesses have everything they need to maintain their success and prosperity for many years to come. He first got the idea for this when he noticed that it was becoming an epidemic throughout the country. The best $100 he ever spent is when he invited all his colleagues for a night out at a karaoke bar and offered free drinks to anyone who would get on stage and sing songs.

To this day, Krishen Iyer is convinced that one of the best books ever written is Stephen King’s novel about how to write a good memoir as he believes it provides aspiring entrepreneurs with all the advice and resources they need to ensure they are successful out there in the business world. Follow on Twitter.

Herbalife Nutrition Promotes Wellness through a Broad Series of Nutritional Programs

Proper nutrition, as well as weight management, go hand in hand because a balanced diet plays a pivotal role in helping you to keep high energy levels thereby making you more likely to satisfy the principal ingredient of weight management. Good nutrition also assists you to avoid pitfalls of dieting including food cravings that can lead to binge eating. To ensure that you follow a healthy, diet, aim for balanced nutrients and portion control by selecting healthy protein shakes, and nutrient-defense foods. Herbalife Nutrition understands that many people are struggling to live healthy lives, but due to various factors affecting their routine, they end up succumbing to sedentary lifestyles. Therefore, the company creates a supportive environment that helps people live healthier, happier lives.


Herbalife Nutrition was founded in the 1980s to promote knowledge regarding nutrition, exercise public health as well as behavior. The company’s mission is to promote and support research on the symbiotic relationship between good health and a balanced diet. The aspiration of the organization is to a trusted supplier for balanced nutrition based on the latest research findings. The board of the company includes an esteemed team of primary opinion leaders with vast experience in nutrition. They are recognized for their expertise in their fields. They meet yearly to discuss contemporary issues regarding nutrition sciences on their website pages created specifically for health.


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Herbalife offers high-quality products manufactured in company-operated facilities with the help of one-on-one coaching through an independent distributor as well as a supportive community approach that inspires clients to embrace healthier lifestyles. The company’s targeted nutrition and weight management program are available to and via distributors in over 60 countries. Herbalife also provides promotional literature including start-up kits and sales tools to facilitate education on weight training. It also offers products through own retails stores and independent services providers including sales representatives as well as sales officers.


Herbalife maintains a system of fitness and public trends selected from hundreds of articles that have been published to help customers to understand the importance of healthy living through investing a nutrition-based diet. Although the internet is filled with information regarding scientific research and its benefits on nutrition, it can provide unreliable information. But, Herbalife Nutrition disseminates valuable information on ways a person can consume healthy calories including the foods in which these foods can be found. Herbalife believes in corporate social responsibility there it supports the community through its Casa Herbalife programs to bring nutrition to children from low income earning families.



How Herbalife Nutrition is Redefining Human Nutrition

For the last four decades, Herbalife Nutrition has revolutionized the dietary world. The company, which has massive interests in changing the globe to a healthier world, has one of the best strategies. Their scope also is one of the broadest, covering five import aspects of human wellbeing. Some of these aspects include better weight management, different ways to improve nutritional intake, different approaches to personal care, and fitness. In each of the above aspects, the company has a set of well design products. These products are not only aimed at making the end consumer, healthier but also happy. This approach by all medical standards redefines the nutritional world in terms of the impact to human life.


In their continued quest of making people healthier and happier, the company has designed ‘Simply Probiotic’. This product is the ultimate solution to unmet body nutrients. After a long period of research, Herbalife Nutrition realized that the current USA diet missed ways to feed microbiome. The science behind this product is providing ways to supplement the body with inulin. Inulin is unfortunately rare in today’s diet and unfortunately, the absence puts the body in danger. Apart from this product being revolutionary, it is in powder form. The main purpose of making this product available in this form is mainly to increase ways, which the consumer can take it.


This diverse ways to consume the products, according to pundits, is redefining the position of the Herbalife Nutrition in this niche. It is important to note that this has been a product of consistent development and research, which has taken decades. It is also important to note that the company has one of the best networks as far as getting assistance is concerned. The distributors of this company also function as specialists and they are currently in 93 geographical locations. The widespread of specialists make a healthier and happier world through this company, not a far-fetched reality.


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Herbalife Nutrition (@herbalife) is currently the most followed nutritional companies on Instagram. With over 1 million followers on this platform, the company has been instrumental in enlightening people on various health issues and more importantly how to correct these issues through well-designed remedies. With over 1,100 posts, the company has the best and organic ways of sharing positive remedies for basic human conditions. The company is also active on other social media platforms, still sharing the same message of a purpose-driven approach to nutrition.



How Does He Do It? Ryan Seacrest

The name Ryan Seacrest seems to be everywhere. He’s a television and radio show personality that does a little bit of everything. He was born in 1974 and always wanted to be in the radio industry. That determination paid off in more ways than he could have imagined. Now he has become the preeminent emcee for a variety of shows. He manages to keep everything balanced and keep his feet on the ground. Here is a little bit more about Ryan and all the things he does.

First and foremost, Ryan is a radio personality with a weekday show called “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and a weekend show called “American Top Forty”. Radio has always been his first love. Now his career really took off when he became the host of “American Idol”. This show has made him well-known in the television industry. He is now hosting the new version that debuted in 2018. With that skyrocketing success, he has been able to take on many other projects. He is also the co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” with Kelly Ripa

Some of the other things that Ryan Seacrest has been able to do are establish a skin care and clothing line. The skin care line is called “Polish” and the clothing line is called “Distinction”. These enterprises are very important to Ryan Seacrest.

One of the other big things that Ryan Seacrest does is give back. He does this in conjunction with his family and established the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The main goal of the foundation is to help kids who are in the hospital. Through the foundation, kids can visit Seacrest Studios and learn about what it takes to become a radio personality and have fun. These tours help the kids take their minds off of what is making them sick.

How does Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) do it all? By taking things one step at a time and making sure success never goes to his head. This is how he has become one of the best people in the business across all mediums. He gives it everything he has.

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Jason Hope Sets Sights On Anti-Aging Future

Sitting down with a futurist means that you are going to be discussing technology as it is today and what it could be tomorrow. Jason Hope is one such futurist and he is heavily invested, passionately, in the idea of anti-aging technology. As someone who has long believed in the concept that aging as it is can be changed, Hope’s commitment to the concept is unsurprising.

What might be surprising, however, is the fact that Jason Hope is going all-in on investing in the concept. Hope recently partnered up with the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit anti-aging research facility in California, in order to offer a $500,000 donation. Let’s learn a little more about Hope, the SENS Foundation and what biotechnology has in store for the future.

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Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur who made his name in the tech field upon establishing the mobile communications company, Jawa. Hope was integral in getting Jawa up and off the ground and his early success in that sector led to a host of new opportunities. Hope attended Arizona State University where he got his B.A. and he went on to graduate from the W.P. Carey School of Business, as well. Now, Hope is using his education and his commitment to futurist concepts in order to enhance public awareness of certain areas, such as biotechnology. Hope has long since believed that the human process of aging hasn’t reached a final form. Hope thinks as many futurists and medical professionals do, that aging can be reversed at a cellular level. This is where biotechnology and the SENS Research Foundation comes into play.

The SENS Research Foundation is led by CSO Dr. Aubrey De Grey and CEO Mike Kope. The two men have been absolutely vital to the promotion of anti-aging technology and their single-minded focus on developing biotechnological solutions to age-related illnesses is gaining a ton of attention. The SENS Foundation has been in operation for nearly a decade now and the company has been working hard the entire way. With Jason Hope on board, and his $500,000 donation in hand, the SENS Foundation has momentum back on their side.

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Dr. Bermudes Uses TMS Health Solutions To Save Those Suffering From Depression

Dr. Richard Bermudes has spent the past ten years of his life and professional career all focused on finding and introducing innovative treatment for clinical depression. He is the founder of TMS Health Solutions and one of the foremost trailblazers in the world of Transcranial Magnetic Therapy. Not coincidentally, we are here to help you understand the benefits that can come for the treatment of clinical depression by way of Transcranial Magnetic Therapy, also known as TMS Therapy. Dr. Bermudes believes that information is the only way to stay ahead of clinical depression and we don’t disagree, so let us dig in.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation was first approved by the FDA for usage in treating clinical depression back in 2008. For the past ten years, this style of treatment for depression has been the calling card of TMS Health Solutions. In fact, TMS Therapy has progressed as a national choice for clinical depression treatment thanks in large part to the work that Dr. Bermudes and his group practice have been putting in. From treating patients of all varieties at their numerous facilities throughout Northern California to releasing important research papers to scholarly journals (American Psychiatric Association: 2018), the team at TMS Health Solutions have been making a huge difference in the world of depression treatment.

According to research, depression is one of the most common sources of disability in the United States for individuals aging from 15 to 44. Of these individuals, traditional treatment methods are only effective roughly 60% of the time. These numbers are simply out of whack with modern medicine and they are the driving force behind Dr. Bermude’s push to make TMS Therapy more popular and well known.

TMS Therapy is administered in a pain-free way. Patients who are utilizing the treatment will simply be asked to recline in a chair at one of the numerous TMS Health Solutions facilities while a certified physician uses a magnetic pulsating wand in order to provide treatment. This wang generates magnetic pulses which instigates activity in our brains, specifically in areas that are related to or cause directly the problem of clinical depression.