Jason Hope is Considered as a Futurist

Jason Hope is known by many as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. But few know him as a futurist too. He is currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In addition, he has a passion for technology too. This is why he is so enthusiastic about the Internet of Things. He feels that it is something that is big and happening. He also says that it is not an option any more. This is because all the big organizations are going to adapt it. Hence the smaller organizations will have no other option but to adapt it in order to survive and sustain in the industry.

Jason Hope is an Arizona native. He grew up in Tempe. Jason Hope has a degree in finance. This is from the Arizona State University. He holds a degree in MBA. This is from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope is known for his philanthropic as well as business initiatives. In addition, he has an interest in politics that are related to business in the state of Arizona, and in national politics too and his Facebook.

Jason Hope contributes a lot to philanthropy. This is because he feels compelled towards contributing to the welfare of others. He has assets, and he feels that now he can do what he really wants to do and learn more about Jason.

He is an entrepreneur. This is why he is keen to give back to the community. This can be done by helping various local organizations. He wants to see the local communities of Arizona thriving and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

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The Advertising World as Explained By Lori Senecal

For those that are trying to get into advertising, it is important to understand the nature of the world that they are trying to break into. For one thing, there is a saying that Lori Senecal has kept in mind when entering. It is that the advertiser is only as good as her last campaign. This is something that is important to keep in mind. For one thing, this helps advertisers keep at the top of their game. One of the most important things to do is make sure that one is keeping on top of his game in advertising so that he will be able to maintain the trust of his clients and even gain new clients.

In the advertising world, the best way to succeed is to use a lot of creativity in order to succeed in what is being done. However, the creativity that is used is supposed to support the company so that one will be able to get the maximum amount of new customers in the campaign or promotion that is happening. One of the best things for a company to do is make sure that there is always something new happening or a new product being sold so that the company will continue to make tons of money during the process.

Lori Senecal is someone who is able to maximize the creativity of her advertising efforts. One thing she is aware of is the effort that needs to be placed in the advertising campaign. She has looked at the market closely so that she will find an opportunity that is going to bring about the desired results for her clients and her company. She is also someone who has a lot of fun with the process of coming up with the advertising that is going to catch the attention of customers. For more details visit her LinkedIn account.

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Marc Sparks and effective communication

One of the most important characteristics of any budding entrepreneur is the ability to communicate effectively. When people start businesses of their own, this may not be as much of a problem as it may seem, but eventually the ability to express the wishes of the person that is guiding the entrepreneurial endeavors specifically to those employed by or otherwise in concert with the entrepreneur in order to deliver the product will be key to these issues being solved or never happening at all in the case of gifted communicators.

Additionally, many intrinsic business systems have been automated due to the digital revolution. Because of this, many entrepreneurs and especially those just starting out will be able to save much money and resources by doing many of the things that would formerly be done in a business setting by staff. So communication skills will be necessary to talk to each of the contacts appropriate and relay the correct and pertinent information required to transact your business. If not, production can be hampered severely and sometimes to the point of destroying a business.

Branding is a vast part of successful business strategies today, and many people reference branding to products, but in the online space and also because of it, it is important to be deemed in an authority at the chosen categories and especially if the service or product being offered is services directly related to the entrepreneur and requires that entrepreneur to also be an authority as a doctor would brand himself if he pioneered a procedure that he has a desire to market. Authors also must brand themselves in this manner.

Because of this, communication is key in every facet of entrepreneurship and especially today. I learned this from Texas based entrepreneur in an article interview, and his point about communication and branding is that they are inextricable for any entrepreneur that he mentors through his various mentor ship outreach efforts. So budding entrepreneurs need to hone this skill because for mots., this is an innate talent and honing for certain audiences and situations is all that is required.

CTRMA Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein Sees Better Future For Toll Roads

Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTMRA) is optimistic about the future of toll roads. While he was speaking in a forum of Texas Department of Transportation in San Antonio, Mike explained the prospects of toll roads including State Highway 130 and their influence in Texas transportation sector.

Though not many drivers are using SH 130, Mike expects that more people would start using it in the coming years considering the overflowing capacity in Interstate 35. It is found that I-35 can’t have any options to add more lanes in cities and neighborhoods, Colorado River in Austin, etc.

Additionally, from San Antonio to Austin most of the traffic are local or regional, and the authority is looking for options to add capacity to SH 130 not by just moving cars or trucks. Mike also confirmed that there are some improvements noted in the number trucks and cars in Austin area regarding SH 130.

To a question on the feasibility of toll roads in future considering poor financial performances of the same in recent years, Mike replied that toll roads are not the only answer to address the transportation capacity. However, it is one of the tools the authority is planning to use, and its role as one of the solutions can’t be debated.

According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein also pointed out the fact that in the Austin area, the authority could leverage public money to a program which surpasses now more than $1 billion in construction. Interestingly, the authorities’ work to extend 183A did not use any tax amount but entirely funded by revenues from users.

Since 2003, Mike has been serving the Mobility Authority and helped the agency to grow from a startup transportation authority to a national leader in toll road operations. He helped the agency to implement all-electronic tolling and video billing as Heiligenstein believes that technology can ensure hassle-free transport solutions. Deeply focused on delivering efficient transportation solutions, Mike also thinks about pedestrian and bicycle facilities and includes options for them wherever possible.

Before working with CTMRA, Mike Heiligenstein has long 30-years of experience as a public official. Initially, he worked as a Council Member of Round Rock City and later as the Commissioner of Williamson County.

During the period, Mike Heiligenstein took care of various transportation projects, parkland acquisitions, Brushy Creek Regional Trail development, etc. He completed his graduation in Governments from the University of Texas and did master’s in Business Administration and Governments.

Mike is also on the boards of several transportation agencies and initiatives across the state including Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council and Texas Transportation Institute.

How Entrepreneurs Get Their Start Like Duda Melzer

For people who get the courage to start as entrepreneurs, they have a world of lessons to learn. For one thing, they have to look at the successes of other entrepreneurs so that they can have an example to follow. One thing that needs to be understood is that even successful entrepreneurs have started somewhere. In many cases, they have had to build slow until the success comes for them. The good news is that they eventually find what works for them and then use it to their advantage. One of the most important things about being an entrepreneur is that they are able to enjoy the type of work that they do because they understand and believe in the purpose of the work that they do and more information click here.

Duda Melzer is someone who goes for what he believes in. He himself has gotten his start in the industry of business development. Of course, he has needed to learn some skills that are relevant to business developing and investing so that he could be successful in what he does. After all, he needed to learn how to run a business and be a leader so that he could gain a lot of money for his company to put forth towards other projects and learn more about Duda.

One of the good things about success in business is that it allows people to expand into different territories. Duda Melzer himself has e.Bricks Digital, which operates in Brazil as well as the United States. Expansion is an important and common part of business because it not only enables people to make more money and serve more clients. These are two goals that are common in every business. However, they are also goals that have to be determined right at the beginning of the business. For one thing, organization is very important to the success of a business and Duda of Twitter.

Tim Armour Leading Capital Group

Warren Buffet is putting a one million dollar wager up for charity if he loses and is not able to achieve a better return on his investment by using a simple strategy. He plans to invest in an S&P passive index fund.

Tim Armour, CEO of Capital Group, offers his commentary about this. He responded noting that while Mr. Buffet’s strategy may not always show the most financial growth. They are a low-cost solution, which is a key to long-term investment returns. It does not matter if your investment is considered active or passive. Using precise strategies Capital Group has been able to average a return of 1.47 percentage points annually.

Tim Armour graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in economics. He has served in the investment field for over 30 years and all of his time has been spent with Capital Group. In 2015 Capital Group elected him as Chairman.

Shortly after his being elected to the chairman, Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management came together to form a unique partnership. They came together to create retirement solutions as well as advancing SAM’s already active investments. The long-range goals from Tim Armour and Capital Groups will be to create solutions to address investment needs in Korea such as savings, and retirement needs.

Learn more about Timothy Armour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a5Pt_qz36Q

EOS’ Journey To The Top

EOS, also known as The Evolution of Smooth, is the 2nd best-selling lip balm after BurtsBees. The company was launched nearly a decade ago and is now worth over a quarter of a million dollars, selling close to 1 million spheres a week at popular retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Walmart and Well. The journey to success was not a smooth ride.

The master minds behind the company are businessmen Jonathan Teller, Craig Dubitsky and Sanjiv Mehra. They saw an opportunity in the lip balm industry to make a more creative product that stood out from more traditional items such as Chapstick and Blistex. They used their own money to start the manufacturing process.

With the help of a clay artist, they created the signature spherical shape (https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos) that women all over the nation have come to love. It was important to the 3 EOS founders that the product be appealing to all senses, such as taste, smell and look of the product.

Getting EOS balms into the shelves of popular stores was not easy task. Male buyers from several retail chains quickly rejected the product, claiming that consumers would rather buy lip balms they were used to, such as Chapstick. However, they were lucky enough to score a meeting a female buyer from Walgreens that fell in love with the product and decided to put it on Walgreen’s shelves.

Sales began to skyrocket and Mehra decided to invest in manufacturing equipment to mass produce the spheres. Today you can see EOS products on the covers of the most popular beauty magazines and paparazzi photos of celebrities pulling EOS out of their handbag. EOS has a massive social media following. They send their products to beauty vloggers to review them to help spread the word.

EOS has totally beaten the odds in the lip balm industry. For just $3, you can get your hands on one of these awesome spheres right at the checkout counter of your local drug store or online on eBay and Amazon.

Thor’s Halvorssen- A Reputable Authority in Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan-born film producer and human rights advocate. He started his human rights campaign while still in his adolescent years, in 1989. He engaged in his first activity in London, when he organized opposition against apartheid in South Africa. Halvorssen has been dubbed the “Champion of Underdogs” by the New York Times. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation in New York. He is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights festival that is almost comparable to the economic forum organized by the Davos foundation.

Halvorseen’s Experience with the Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation headed by Halvorseen is dedicated to exposing dictatorship, freeing political prisoners, and promoting tolerance. Thor ventured into full time engagement in due process and human rights when his father was turned into a political prisoner in Venezuela. He formed the Human Rights Foundation after his mother got shot, in 2004, in the middle of a political uprising in Venezuela. The HRF has been involved in protecting free speech and human rights in nations such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Venezuela. During the course of its activities, HRF has led to the release of 7 political prisoners.

Halvorseen’s Involvement in Politics

Halvorssen has firmly campaigned for Chinese political prisoner, Liu Xiaobo, to be released. Halvorssen is also a fierce critic of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda’s president, particularly due to his legislative efforts to penalize homosexuality with death. Halvorssen has also publicly criticized Anti-Semitism in Venezuela, and the deprivation of individual rights and democracy in Latin America. He has also argued strongly against free speech violations in Panama.

Halvorseen and Film Production

Thor Halvorssen has also distinguished himself in film production. He uses films to depict violations of human rights. Thor produced the film Hammer and Tickle to demonstrate how Russians used satire and jokes to communicate during the Soviet rule, when free speech had been suppressed. Another popular film of Thor’s is the Freedom’s Fury. The film narrates the story of Hungary and the revolt that was organized against dictatorship in 1956.The Sugar Babies is another film that Thor produced to highlight Dominican Republic’s inhumane acts of human trafficking.


Exemplary Customer Service By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies emerged as the winner of the Gold Steve Awards on 8th March 2017 as announced by PRNewswire in Dallas on that particular day. Its exemplary performance in service delivery made it shine in this category. It took the best customer service training award. Securus Technologies is a renowned company in providing technology solutions in criminal justice and civil sectors in areas pertaining public safety, monitoring, corrections, and investigation. It has emerged to be the best in this sector all over the world.


The Stevie Awards is known to organize global awards that recognize outstanding businesses in areas of the contact center, professionals in sales, customer service, and business enhancement. It is the best in organizing programs such as international business awards and the executive American business awards worldwide. The awards took place at a banquet hosted on 24th February 2017 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Notable dignitaries who attended from different countries were more than 650.


The size of the company was considered this year. More than 2,300 nominations got listed. 77 experts around the world were consulted. Their average scores were used to determine the finalist. 61 categories of achievement got considered in the contact center and customer service docket. Results in business development and sales had over 53 groups. Judging committees with over 75 members were formed to determine Gold Stevie, Silver Stevie, and Bronze Stevie Awards winners among the best chosen on that final day.


Danny de Hoyos is the senior vice president of operations at Securus Technologies. He gave a vote of thanks for recognition by different professionals as the Giants in customer service sector. They achieved this by offering solutions to customers on the first call. It was made possible by the strategies that they put in place. It helped their agents in empathizing with the clients and lured them to concentrate on meeting their needs.



Dr. Clay Siegall Dedicates his Career to Fighting against Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall received his medical education from the renowned George Washington University. He was an excellent student and among the top of his class. He graduated with honors and a Ph. D. in Genetics. His professional experience began at the Bristol – Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute with the position of a Senior Research Investigator. Dr. Clay Siegall later received a promotion and assumed the position of a Principal Scientist. The doctor’s research was successful, and he gained a wealth of experience and the Research Institute. After a few years, Dr. Clay Siegall decided to focus even further on his research which purpose was to help in the fight against cancer. Because of that, he moved on from the Research Institute and joined the National Cancer Institute as Staff Fellow and, after a promotion, as a Biotechnology Fellow. At the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Clay Siegall received the needed experience and was ready to turn a new page in his medical career.

In early 1998, Dr. Clay Siegall founded the medical research company called Seattle Genetics. As the name point, the company was founded in Seattle, U. S. The new startup proved to be hugely successful, and the experts of the company even created the first ADCs (antibody – drug conjugates). Seattle Genetics was also the developer of a medication that was approved by the FDA. ADCETRIS® became available on the market in early 2011 and is now available in almost seventy countries all across the globe. Other medications that the Seattle Genetics company created include the brentuximab vedotin drug. Dr. Clay Siegall is the owner of more than 15 patents.

Dr. Clay Siegall is extremely fond of his company, and he has been putting a lot of effort in taking care of it and maintaining the status of his creation in the medical community. A few years ago, Dr. Clay Siegall took the initiative to personally host a fundraising event at the end of which there were more than two billion dollars raised. This whooping amount of money was used to upgrade the technological equipment of Seattle Genetics and to fund the ongoing research.