Capital Group Partners With Samsung for Asset Control

With over thirty years experience in investment, Timothy was appointed Chairman of the Company, Capital Group. Timothy partners with senior executives of Capital Group to run the business and manage daily operations. Timothy’s roles at Capital Group began in 1983 when James Rothenberg was the Chairman. Timothy Armour took up the position of chairman when he passed on in July 2015. Armour acknowledged James’s input at Capital Group during his serving as lead and Chairman.

Capital Group was established in 1931, in California and is prominent for its age and reputation as the top notch investment management with long term focus. The company has offices in over twenty cities. Capital Group has had many partnerships including the Samsung Asset Management. The aim of the alliance was to link on global and asset control in the Korean market. The two firms were to capitalize on four core areas namely; investment administration, asset supervision, retirement management and maintenance of supply channels.

Early Life and Career

Although Investment is fun and beneficial, the risks involved are not as exciting. That is why Timothy Armour is instrumental in the field of investment. Timothy Armour has been a long term serving Chairman and Director of Capital Research Company. He is also the Principal Executive Officer of the firm and a Portfolio Manager in the company. With a vast experience in investment, Timothy Armour was initially the Investment Analyst at Equity Capital. In that department, he was in charge of global telecommunications. His career commenced when he participated in the program of associates after his graduation from Middlebury College with a Bachelor’s in Economics.

September Market Sell Off

As a portfolio manager and guru in investment, Tim Armour was interviewed concerning the effects of China’s trading in the 2015 economic recession. The recession was marked with a sharp dwindle in Chinese stocks in addition to currency devaluation. The two elements hurt the world’s economy starting with Europe, Japan, and America, some of the states that rule the world’s economy. China decreased its interest rates to stimulate the economy.

According to Timothy Armour, the U.S has been controlling the world with fair values in most sectors and companies. The market correction was therefore expected in the long run because; it is healthy for the economy once in a while. Tim further said that the economy of the U.S is not growing as fast as most investors expected because of a mix up in data.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden- Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire

Jennifer Walden is one of the most renowned national figures in the medical fraternity. She is a board-certified plastic surgeon running her Austin-based ambulatory and surgery practice. In addition to being one of the best surgeons America has to offer, Walden is also a famous academician, media commentator, founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Centre, and the Jennifer L. Walden MD, PLLC.





Walden’s high level professionalism in the medical industry can be attributed majorly to her immense training. It was at the University of Texas Medical Branch that Dr. Jennifer Walden started out. She attended her residency at the university and later on attained her aesthetic surgery fellowship at the popular Manhattan E.N.T Hospital. At the time, she served under the watchful eye of Dr. Aston Sherrell; the department chairperson. Walden proceeded to the next phase of her career whereby she worked in various clinical trials based in New York for up to seven years. These trials led to the re-invention of breast implants made of silicone. It is after this that she later on went back to her hometown, Austin, and started her very own practice which was preceded by the birth of her sons. The practice did so well that she opted to open a satellite office within Texas three years later, in 2014.



Today, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an established plastic surgeon. She specializes in laser surgeries, micro-needing, injectables, and ThermiTight procedures. She is also known for using state of the art medical technologies such as a 3-D imaging mechanism that helps patients, and doctors alike, in visualizing the patient’s final look after the proposed procedure. Another piece of rare technology that Dr. Walden is known for is the ThermiVa, which is a system based on radio frequencies and temperature used in vaginal rejuvenation and tightening.



In conclusion, based on her numerous achievements and high levels of expertise, it is safe to state that Dr. Jennifer Walden is in a league of her own in as far as plastic surgery is concerned. She is one of the finest in the nation.



Bruce Levenson Leads his Previous Hawks Ownership Group in Seeking Compensation from New Hampshire Insurance

Bruce Levenson is leading the former ownership team of Atlanta Hawks Basketball in filing a breach of contract lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The lawsuit accuses the Insurance Company of failing to honor the terms signed by its retired general manager, Danny Ferry. Levenson has clarified that lawsuit involves the previous Hawks ownership team and not the current team headed by executive owner Tony Ressler.

Details of the lawsuit

The previous ownership group of Atlanta Basketball known as the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) filed the lawsuit on September 13, 2016. AHBE sues the insurance firm for insurance bad faith as well as contract breach. AHBE claims the policy it acquired from New Hampshire Insurance Company protected it from certain losses associated with employment malpractices such as workplace torts and wrongful termination. The lawsuit indicates that the insurance firm has declined to accept that AHBE made a claim and declined to accept that the policy has been activated.

Bruce Levenson’s facts

According to the website Wikipedia, Bruce Levenson is a smart entrepreneur and talented deal maker. He was in charge of Atlanta Hawks and was part of NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks’ Governor since 2004. In 1977, he joined hands with Ed Peskowitz to launch United Communications Group (UCG), a diversified portfolio of reliable business information firms. Currently, UCG is one of the world’s biggest business information companies that are privately held. It offers advanced information to over two million clients across many business sectors such as energy telecommunications, technology, financial services, and healthcare.

Education and other interests

Bruce Levenson is an alumnus of two prominent universities: American University of Law and St. Louis-headquartered Washington University. Before unveiling UCG, he was an editor for the Washington Star’s energy publication. He is a passionate basketball player, skier, and golfer. Levenson is also an adventure traveler. He is also a philanthropist. More information on his charity works can be found on PR Newswire.


The Savvy Investment Banker Explains What is Involved in Addressing Capital Markets

The investment banker is responsive to the client’s needs, in the way of providing advice, as it pertains to Capital Markets. The preceding activity requires that the investment banking organization, expertly and properly, advise their respective clients, the best way of going about raising funds within the public markets by way of issuance of equity—bonds or shares, which amount to elements of corporation debt. The investment banking organization or banker knows, full well, that a significant area of equity capital markets work involves that of the initial public offering. The initial public offering is also termed by the acronym: IPOs. The IPO is comprised of shares of the company within the market. The bond issue may be that of a straight corporate bond or one that is considered convertible. The convertible bond can be turned into shares, by the buyer, at a date within the future. The investment banking houses, responsible for this style of deal-making, are known as underwriters. The purchase of debt in the market or shares are generally guaranteed, too, by the underwriting organization.

The investment banker, working under this category, will initially, inform his or her client, the preferred way to make use of the markets, in order to raise the required Capital. The investment banking house or advisor, next, will provide his or her client with a careful analyses of the company—which is referred to as the issuer. The underwriter produces, for his or her client, very detailed documentation, used, accordingly, to market the bonds or shares to prospects or possible investors. Lastly, the investment banking house or investment banking representative sets the pricing—relative to what the bonds or shares are offered within the market. As is witnessed, by the detailed form of due-diligence, provided to the investment banker’s client and by the investment banking organization, it is best that a person or corporate entity, seeking to raise funds, in the preceding manner, call upon the services of a highly-trusted, and reliable investment banking organization.

Notes Regarding Martin Lustgarten–CEO of Lustgarten Martin–Investment Banking Organization:

Martin Lustgarten is CEO of Lustgarten Martin Investment Banking Organization. Mr. Lustgarten has been involved in the profession of investment banking for many years. He brings a skill-set, to his elite and highly reputable clientele, which includes: high-level communicative abilities–relative to negotiating upper-tier deals. Mr. Lustgarten resides in the beautiful Miami, Florida area where business is thriving and vital. He enjoys the climate of the Miami metropolitan area as it pertains to the weather and to the healthy financial aspect of the Miami business community.

From an avocational standpoint: Mr. Lustgarten admits to admiring anything of value that has a great deal of beauty attached to it. Perhaps, that is why Mr. Lustgarten is an avid trader and collector of beautiful, vintage timepieces. He also enjoys collecting other relics of antiquity. Naturally, it is presumed, that Mr. Lustgarten’s talent as a skilled deal-maker and negotiator, applicable to his investment banking activities, lend considerably when he is making trades and deals; pertinent to his acquiring exceptional vintage collectibles.


PodcastOne Provides Unique Subject Matter For Its Audience

PodcastOne is an American podcast network that is supported by advertisers and boasts more than 200 of the leading podcasts in the market today. Their subjects and entertainment range from personal discussions to sports enthusiasts to controversial figures and everything in between. One of their most popular podcast hosts is Chris Jericho, a world wide celebrity from WWE, who manages his own network under the parent company called The Jericho Network.

The Jericho Network, along with the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz, recently announced a new and exciting podcast being added to the network called Beyond The Darkness. The new segment will be hosted by Dave Schrader, a writer for TAPS Paramagazine and radio host, and Tim Dennis, coauthor of The Other Side and radio producer. In the new podcast, Schrader and Dennis will explore universal mysteries and paranormal activities that will push the boundaries of standard thinking and engage the audience in spine chilling ways. Chris Jericho is excited about the new endeavor for his podcast network and pleased by the support from Norman Pattiz.

Pattiz has a long history of success as en entrepreneur in the entertainment and broadcasting business. He is the founder of Westwood One, America’s biggest broadcasting company, that serves over 5000 radio stations world wide. He has expanded the traditional broadcasting network into the digital age with PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales with his company, Courtside Entertainment Group.

Pattiz has not only made his work in broadcasting a lucrative business, it has been a large part of his life. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Pattiz to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors for the United States. The prestigious position was so well maintained by Pattiz that he was reappointed in 2002 by President Bush. The Broadcasting Board of Governors is responsible for all broadcasting services that are none military in far reaches of the globe. It is an important tool for communication and diplomacy with the populations of foreign countries. Pattiz is also a member of the Pacific Council on International Relations as well as the Council of Foreign Relations. In 2009 he was presented the Giants of Broadcasting Award by the Library of American Broadcasting and was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Pattiz knows the importance of providing unique and interesting content to people for entertainment value and for perspective. His support and encouragement for the Jericho Network to open up a new path of information and discussion with their podcast, Beyond the Darkness, shows his enthusiasm of progressive thinking. With Pattiz supervision, PodcastOne will continue to help artists grow their subject matters that expand beyond the traditional broadcasting standards and shape the creativity of future generations.

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Capitol Anesthesiology

Capitol Anesthesiology is an anesthesiology association located in Austin, Texas. The company provides both local and general anesthesia, as well as pediatric, obstetric, and many more. With over 80 qualified doctors and 130 CRNAS, Capitol Anesthesiology is one of the largest associations in Texas. Each doctor is qualified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, of is currently seeking certification. The CRNAS (certified registered nurse anesthetist) have all received advanced training in anesthetics, but have not pursued an MD. Each of these team members work in hospitals and ambulatory services around Austin.

CAA also has many examples of their community involvement. Some of these include Austin Smiles, Eels on wheels, and family Eldercare. Many of the foundations CAA works with are foundations that provide children living in poverty or foster care with dental care. Many of the physicians and nurses donate their time and volunteer with these organizations.

Whether you are looking for cardiovascular, pediatric, or obstetric anesthesia, Capitol Anesthesiology is one of the best available in the Austin area.

Follow Capitol Anesthesiology on Twitter: @capanesth

Why March Madness Is The Perfect Chance For Sports Betting

An Entire Season To Win
March Madness is the perfect time to start sports betting. With all of the teams and games involved, the chances of winning at least a few bets is high. For those with little experience in sports betting, March Madness is the perfect time to learn how sports betting works and how to win. You don’t even have to leave your house to tech yourself how to win March Madness. There are websites such as that will help you figure out March Madness odds and which teams to bet on.

Understanding The Point Spread
The key to understanding sports betting is to understand the principles of spread betting. When you decide to bet on a March Madness game there are usually two sides. Those sides are the underdog, expected to lose, and the favorite, expected to win. Normally, betting will almost always favor the favorite and players will pile on their bets to one side. This leads to many players avoiding risks and gives players little incentive to bet on the underdog. The point spread changes this unfair dynamic.

Consider The Underdog And The Favorite
There are the teams expected to win, known as the favorites, and the teams generally expected to lose, known as the underdogs. The point spread essentially functions as an incentive to avoid piling all your bets on the team most expected to win. If the underdog’s final score plus the point spread is higher than the favorite teams final score, those who bet on the underdog win. However, if the favorite teams final score minus the point spread is still greater than the underdog’s score, those who bet on the favorite win. This means that a close game with a score slightly favoring one side is not necessarily a guarantee for either side.

Finding The Perfect Website
When you want to place bets on March Madness games you’ll need to find the perfect website to place bets., and the many resources available on that site, gives you what you’ll need. March madness odds are updated constantly and you always read up on the upcoming games or study past games to understand how you should place your bet. Sports betting is one of the best ways to feel closer to your favorite teams. is there to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Securus Continues to Battle with GTL

The telecommunications and security industry for correctional facilities is a very competitive one. Today, the industry has two major competitors that compete for contracts at the largest facilities across the country. These two competitors are Securus Technologies and GTL. GTL recently mentioned a variety of wrong doings by Securus Technologies. Securus has taken the opportunity to contest these accusations.


The accusations that were mentioned by GTL were pretty significant and showed that the accused would have violated a significant amount of state and federal laws and best business practices. The accusations range significantly but generally accused securest of charging their customers too much money for every phone call made.


The company plans over the next few months to spend a significant amount of time defending each one of the individual accusations that were made. They feel that there is no evidence that anything illegal or unethical had happened at any of the facilities that it operates. Furthermore, they believe that the accuser has actually been involved in a lot of wrongdoing and should be penalized as such.


Securus Technologies is still a young company compared to its top competitors but has already gained a significant market share. This is largely because of the excellent products and services that they are able to provide to correctional facilities all over the country. They currently have over 1,000 clients across the country which serve over 1 million inmates. The company is best known for its video visitation software that provides a convenient insecure video messaging service to each facility.



Shea Butter: The Secret Ingredient Your Hair Craves


During this time of the year, our skin and hair tend to get a beating from the rough, cold winter weather, causing extreme dryness and flair-ups in eczema and psoriasis. While Shea butter is highly regarded and used for the skin, it is now being used as the new magic ingredient for the hair, too. Similar to cocoa butter, Shea does not clog the pores and is rich in vitamins that aid in healing scars and stretch marks.


Shea butter, made from Shea nuts that are grown in Western Africa, is packed with Vitamin E, which protects the scalp from drying, along with vitamins A and C, to heal conditions that cause scalp dryness. The antioxidant properties of the vitamins work to improve blood flow for healthy hair growth while the anti-inflammatory properties help to prevent bacteria from damaging the scalp. Shea butter is also wonderful for the hair strands, acting as a shield from sun damage and heat styling tools. Simply mixing in 2 tablespoons of Shea butter with two tablespoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon of honey and applying the mix to damp hair before rinsing it boosts the hair for great shine.


Shea butter is also hailed for its use as a detangler, curl cream. This multi-purpose product can be helpful for anyone desiring healthy, strong and shiny hair. One company, in particular, is creating a Shea butter product that is seriously worth considering—Eu’Genia.


Named after her mother, Naa-Sakle Akuete decided it was important to launch a Shea butter product that is of good quality and beneficial to the world. Eu’Genia Shea is a company that specializes in creating products made from raw and unrefined Ghanaian Shea butter. Launched in 2014 by the former Wall Street analyst, Naa-Sakle Akuete and her mother, equipped with knowledge about Shea butter as a past President of the Global Shea Alliance, aimed to provide the best product they could find to customers while consequently helping women in developing countries.


Recognizing the vast benefits of Shea butter, they were able to work with hundreds of farmers to create a sustainable Shea butter business, making products with 95% Shea content, far above what other companies use (20%). Eu’Genia prides itself on its girl-power operation: the all-female run team not only does an excellent job in successfully harvesting the Shea nuts but are also rewarded for their hard work with above-average wages, financial literacy, and healthcare training.


George Soros has always had a significant influence in the world of politics. During this year’s election, the billionaire devoted over $25 millionaire to the democratic candidates and their causes. The one who benefited most was Hilary Clinton. This is according to sources from interviews, the Federal Elections Commission records and other Democratic fundraising operatives. His associates expected him to give even more as the Election Day neared.

This is not the first time he has supported potential candidates. Back in the year 2004, George Soros contributed a stunning $27 million towards the campaign of trying to defeat George W. Bush.

George Soros was expected to attend a Democratic convention where he was to see Hilary Clinton give her speech. This was to be the first time he was attending such a convention. People were quite surprised by Soros’ political ambitions as he had never been this active in politics before. This is due to the motivation that he had this time round, resulting from the faith he had in Clinton as well as her fear GOP rival Donald Trump. Soros believed that Trump was stoking fears into the people.

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The fact that George was willing to boost Hilton’s campaign was a positive sign for her. Other rich activists came along to give a helping hand to Clinton.This propelled her campaign to a significant level.

By the end of June, Soros had donated $7 million. This was meant to fund a super PAC which was supporting Clinton. This was the Priorities USA action. This information was sourced from FEC filings and the donation was considered to be one of the biggest receipts from Soros to the political field. Apart from that, Soros also donated $7 million which would ensure that the low propensity Hispanic voters would show up for the elections in large numbers to support Clinton. Another $5 million was given out so as to support the restrictions of voting by the conservative efforts. Hilary Clinton had a campaign lawyer known as Marc Elias who partly ran the Voting Rights Trust that was fighting against voting restrictions.

Soros joined hands with other donors in an effort to resist Trump. They were determined to take back the power to the democratic people. These people supported Clinton to the last minute even after her defeat. They held a three day closed meeting after the elections in order to see if they can fight back Donal trump. They were to retool the big-money left as they are still hopeful that Clinton should be in power.

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