Abortions for Mothers Affected by Virus

There is a virus in southern and central areas of South America. It is contracted by mosquitos, and it has affected many women who are pregnant. The pregnancies have resulted in birth defects, sometimes death, for the baby. The mother could die as well. Some of the women affected by the Zika Virus are being offered abortions.

While this isn’t the ideal outcome, it does offer a glimmer of hope if the mother knows that there is something wrong with the baby and if the mother’s life is at risk. Women should weigh the outcome of the abortion and the effects that the procedure could have on the body.

However, this is a way to help treat the virus in the mother, says  Jon Urbana. The abortion service is for those who are less than 9 weeks pregnant, and it is being offered free of charge, which is another benefit to women in the area who might not have a lot of money.

Agera Financial Offers Unique Services in the Energy Sector

Agera Financial is a private energy company that retails natural gases and electricity. The company provides efficient services to businesses and companies in America. Its services are extended to more than fifty states in the country. It’s also one of the rapidly emerging and growing companies in the state that has gained an excellent reputation with regards to offering quality services. It’s one of the companies that’s registered impeccable growth and has earned an excellent reputation in service provision.

Agera Financial is providing various job opportunities including executive positions to general staff members. For you to be employed, you ought to have professional qualifications and the required experience to enhance productivity of energy related product.

About Agera Energy was established in 2014 when the year started. It was also during one of the worst Winters. Perhaps founding the company can be termed as fate since the management found itself in a convenient time. Agera Financial has the right equipment to provide affordable energy services.


Rebel Wilson – Double Triple!

Rebel Wilson, born 2nd March 1980, an Aussie actress, a writer, and a producer all at the same time. Grown and bred in the suburbs of Kenthurst and Castle Hill, attended Tara Anglican School for Girls and completed her graduation from Australian Theatre for Young People. After moving to New York in 2003, Rebel trained with The Second City and started starring in films like the Bridesmaids in which the role was specifically written for her.

Wilson describes herself as to be an unusually shy, neighboring on social disorder kind of a person. She remembers that as a child she hated to go to the community acting class. So her mom would tell her that she would pick her up in 2 hours every time and that is where she might have developed the first spark to humor inside her.

However, the question is: “Does she have her family genes to thank for her comedic dice?” Well, to answer to it is maybe, but Rebel has a different perspective on it, she thinks that her family fancies her as not funny at all. They think that they are funnier than her to which Rebel jokes around that what professional comedy skits have you done like ever?

The Australian star is all-ready and set to go to star in her upcoming romantic comedy movie, Isn’t it Romantic, along with the ever charming, one of the hunky hunk Hemsworth brothers, Liam Hemsworth.

The movie is set to hit the big screen on February 13th, and the ‘How to be Single’ star took to an Instagram post when she left a teaser to her upcoming movie and posted that, to everyone’s surprise, that she never went on a date on Valentine’s day and addressed her fans as kind people who’d go to see her movie on Valentine’s Day.

Miley Cyrus, just recently tied the knot with the co-star of ‘Isn’t it Romantic,’ Liam Hemsworth. The star of the wrecking ball, being a good friend, swooped in with this great idea for Rebel’s problem of no date on the Valentine’s Day and commented on the post which Rebel Wilson earlier shared on Instagram, saying that they should form a triple couple and go on a date together, with Hemsworth.

This offer came after some days of the couple tying the knot by having an I-do low key ceremony with just friends and family attending the nuptials. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

The enchanting couple who started their relationship on the movie set of “The Last Song” shared the most adorable and the cutest photos of their wedding in which each shot shouted of the love between Miley and Liam.

In the meantime, Rebel has been posting and sharing behind the scenes and teasers of her upcoming highly anticipated rom-com. Recently, she took it to her Instagram story where she posted a photo of her and her co-star Liam Hemsworth where they are arms in arms and captioned “this was literally 4 am in the morning!” where most probably she referred to the strenuous film routine.

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Brian Torchin: The Right Person For The Job

Brian Torchin is the CEO of HCRC staffing. This sounds like a dull and drab opening sentence, but I guarantee you this is one brilliant man.

Now when you think of brilliance you commonly think of Albert Einstein or one of the Great pioneers of the early 19th century. What if I were to tell you that we have a great Pioneer right now, in this day, and in plain sight.

That Pioneers name is Brian Torchin. Who is this man you might be wondering and what is he done for our society? Well I’ll be happy to tell you. Brian is the CEO of a company that is revolutionising the way we look at employees. His business model / philosophy is way ahead of its time.

Learn more about Brian Torchin at postings.com

Brian believes you should pay more for the right candidate. Now most businessmen will shudder at the thought of having to pay more for position but let me explain. Brian believes that if you pay a candidate more than what they feel they’re worth, that candidate will actually rise to the level that you expect them to be at. On the other hand if you underpay an employee, that employee will drop down to that lower classification because, they feel that that’s not what they’re worth.

So not only does Brian’s business model help get the best out of an employee, and the most productivity. It also finds the right employee to insure that the position will be filled correctly and stay filled.

In this day and time there is nobody that is setting a standard like Brian Torchin is. It should serve as a message to other employers to guarantee fair wages for the people that are qualified for the position that the employer’s wish to fill.

That is why Brian Torchin is the modern day business pioneer.

Learn more: http://www.wellness.com/dir/458034/chiropractor/pa/philadelphia/brian-torchin-dc

Rick Cofer Strives To Clean Up Austin

The legal world comes with many different opportunities and experiences that make no 2 days ever the same. Before opening his own legal practice, Rick Cofer had been a prosecutor in Texas for almost 9 years. He now dedicates much of his life representing people who have been charged with a wide variety of crimes throughout Dallas and the Central Texas region. Some of these cases involve drug possession, robbery, drunk driving, and even more serious and complicated crimes such as murder.


In Austin and the surrounding areas, Rick Cofer has been actively serving his community for several years in a variety of different roles. Not only does he serve their residents who are going through a legal crisis, but he also serves non-profits and roles in the local government. Being able to make a difference and being able to give up has always been an important part of the life of Rick Cofer.


One of the issues that Rick Cofer has been highly involved in includes trying to pass sustainable measures to protect the environment in Austin by keeping trash off of the ground and into a recycling and waste management program. The Zero Waste Commission of the City of Austin featured Rick Cofer as a chair for several years. During this time, the Universal Recycling Ordinance was passed along with a ban on plastic bags. These efforts were led by Rick Cofer who is excited to see the changes being made in 2018 and 2019 in the parks of the city as well to reduce trash.


During his many years in law, Rick Cofer has learned that there is a good chance that people will not remember what you have told them. In fact, people even tend to forget what you have done to them over time, but it will take a much longer time for people to forget how your actions have made them feel. This is important to keep in mind and Rick Cofer suggests showing goodwill towards others along with the common decency that everyone deserves.


In addition, Rick Cofer believes that it is important to listen more than you talk. He suggests trying to find a mentor early to help give you advice based on their experience. It’s also a good idea to watch trials. While you may have learned a lot during your education, it’s always important to try to educate yourself more.


Why More Parents are Using Hyland’s Teething Tablets       

It is not uncommon for parents to struggle to handle their babies’ teething pain. Unfortunately, there aren’t many products on the market that you can use that will actually work. One of the best options out there is homeopathic products like Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been around for a very long time and continually release new products for the whole family. Their homeopathic line is an ideal option for those who want a better choice for their loved ones and something that is safe and gentle to give to their babies.

You can find out more about Hyland’s Teething Tablets by visiting their site or looking at the wide range of different reviews online such as this site written by people who are already making use of the product and finding it to be effective in what it is able to do. The most important thing is to begin to use Hyland’s Teething Tablets at the first sign of teething pain and issues. Be sure to take a look at this option and see for yourself how it is going to help you out and get you feeling better about the whole situation.

There are so many different people who have been using Hyland’s Teething Tablets and are finding it to be quite helpful. You will be able to find and purchase Hyland’s Teething Tablets at just about any drugstore such as this one https://www.amazon.com/Hylands-Soothing-Discomfort-Irritability-Swelling/dp/B0767VDHXD or pharmacy that carries this particular product. You are going to find that the product is also quite reasonably priced when compared to some of the other ones that you might be able to make use of. You will love what this does for your child and the fact that it is going to help in many ways for any and all of their teething pain. The most important thing for you to look for when you make use of this option is the right products and to begin using them for your child when it is needed. Make sure that you take a look at the different options and see for yourself how this is going to help you out.

Shervin Pishevar tweets about the US economy and immigrant talent

When Shervin Pishevar broke his silence on the social media platforms, he made a major announcement. He came out gun-blazing with a prediction that the US economy was going to crash in coming months, he posted 50 messages on Twitter talking about the economy and other matters such as cryptocurrencies, globalization, bond market among others. The tweets started by a clear message that the US economy would go down.

Shervin Pishevar predicted that the US stock market would lose 6000 points in a matter of months. By the time he was tweeting the messages, it had already lost over 1000 points, and he predicted that the drop would continue until all the gains of the past one year had been erased. Shervin also indicated that the indicators of a looming financial crisis were already visible. The crash of the stock market, huge national debt and overvalued assets signal dark days for the economy. Shervin Pishevar faulted the government for some of the measures it has taken such as the tax giveaways which he predicted would support the financial crisis.

Shervin Pishevar used the tweet storm to express his frustrations with the manner in which the country treats immigrant talent. Shervin Pishevar has spent many years in Silicon Valley working on some of the most brilliant ideas ever developed. He believes that the role of immigrant talent has led to the growth of the American economy greatly. However, the country has now blocked immigrant talent from coming into the country, a factor that could lead to the fall of Silicon Valley as the leading innovations hub in the world.

Shervin was also quick to point out that the immigrant talent no longer has to struggle to come into the United States since the idea of the Silicon Valley has already been decentralized. Almost every country in the world today has developed mechanisms to grow their talents.


Genucel and Chamonix Help With Raising Money for Women Aware

In the United States, as many as 25 percent of women have experienced domestic abuse, and an act of domestic violence happens nearly every seven minutes. Although almost one in seven men have also experienced domestic abuse, women experience it at the much higher rate. That makes the need for specific care for women that much more significant.

Abuse, both physical and mental, lowers a woman’s self-worth and self-esteem and often creates the violence of self-harm towards herself.

One of the best ways to overcome those symptoms is to use tangible self-care methods that replenish personal worth. Mental health professionals recommend different routines for the betterment of both physical and emotional health after abuse. These include reminding oneself of being loved, worthy, and beautiful. Although it is difficult for an abused woman to believe such affirmations at first, continuing them after experiencing the traumas can eventually change her outlook on herself.

According to chronicleweek, working to keep the body healthy through proper eating, exercise, fitness, and hygiene can also help increase self-worth. Even more helpful is channeling negative energy into the creative expressions of art or dance, which create joyful activities to lift one’s spirit. They are continuing hobbies to occupy one’s mind and body. Feeling confident, happy, and busy are significant parts of the healing process.

To better the expression of the reminder of being beautiful, Genucel, a Chamonix subsidiary, shows support for abused women by providing recipients of the Women Aware organization with “beauty bags.” Those grab bags include Genucel by Chamonix four-step products which work with aged and damaged skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, aging, and under-eye dark circles and puffiness. Domestic abuse, depression, and sleeplessness can take a toll on the skin.

Women Aware is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey. Since 1981, it has supported area residents who experience physical or emotional spousal abuse by providing emergency shelter, a hotline available 24 hours a day seven days a week, abuse recovery education programs, and more.

Women Aware has also debuted the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race and Charity Walk to raise funds for their provided services, and Genucel contributes monetarily to it. Walking, as well as other forms of physical activity, is of benefit to those who experience anxiety, depression, and PTSD after abuse and ease the symptoms. Walking even 30 minutes a day keeps the body healthy and fit, enhances circulation, and improves skin appearance and quality. Ecotherapy offers a way for abuse survivors to come together in groups and go on walks, be outside and be surrounded by nature, identify native plants, and learn about the ecosystem and the environment.



Liu Qiangdong, JD.com CEO and Founder

Liu Qiangdong is both the founder and CEO of JD.com. It bagan as a very small business. Now it has become an IPO that is the largest of the NASDAQ public listing. Mr. Qiangdong has a very impressive resume that includes business ventures and professional achievements that are continually growing. He is also a well-known entrepreneur that can use his intrinsic beliefs and savvy in business to accomplish his vision. Liu Qiangdong was able to achieve this status by stressing a positive commitment and the importance of customer service to make an advantageous e-commerce business landscape.

Mr. Qiangdong attended the People’s University of China where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. His studies also included learning the internet world, coding and computer programming.

With the SARS epidemic widespread in China, he realized that many people started to shop from home. That is when he started JD.com where he sold his goods.

Learn more:www.joybuy.com/liu-qiangdong-jd-ceo-about

The successes of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Though many people find the medical sector being one of the most complicated ones, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has proved them wrong through the major achievement he has achieved in his career as a surgeon. The duo is a successful surgeon that specializes in handling issues of the joints and bones. His entire career has flourished over the years, and he has attracted attention from many people. He also focuses on correcting any problem that occurs on the hips and knees. The duo also serves at the Bronx care Health System as the head of orthopedics. He has gained insight from his many achievements, and he has always continued to try harder to become better in his career.

 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also an innovator. He believes that creativity is imperative when it comes to investing in the field of medicine. As a result, he has always ensured that he relies on technology as well as his knowledge to come up with innovative things that make his customers happy. He has adopted the use of new and advanced devices while carrying out his daily procedures. The ability of the renowned doctor to save the time of his clients through his fast and easy to use devices has not only enabled him to boost his career, but it has also ensured the safety of his patient’s data. His steps have also enabled him to increase the amounts of profits earned in his firm, and he has always striven to ensure that he gives his clients the best services and products. His innovations are outlined here.

Additionally, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also a great listener, and this has brought smiles at the face of most of his clients. He is always ready to listen to each of his client’s claims, and his major focus has always been to help his customers overcome their fears as well as reach their targets. The ability of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum to help his clients acquire their desired shape and body size has also left most of his clients happy. Besides, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has also continued to attract more clients in his firm due to the impeccable and reliable services that he offers. The articles here give more insight on how Dr. Ira does so much for his patients https://medium.com/@drirakirsch

Panos Gikas’ career and biography

Panos Gikas is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. He is has majored mostly in knee surgeries. He can also do some of the surgeries involving hip replacement and arthroscopy. In addition to these surgeries, he does some transplants such as transplants that involve stem cells which are used to build the cartilages. Apart from the above jobs, Panos Gikas has also specialised in the treatment of bones, that is, any bone-related problem and diseases which affect the bones. Since he deals with bones, he is also in a position to treat any problem that attacks the soft tissues sarcomas.

Dr Gikas is a researcher, and his research is generally centred in helping people’s health standards. His recent research is one which involved the use of robots in doing the knee joint surgeries and stem cells replacement. Dr Panos argues out that if robots are to be used, then the exercises of knee replacements will be successful with little or even no errors. He is currently undertaking some research. Among them is the research on endoprosthetic joint replacements that deals with the tumor surgeries. Panos Gikas is trying all mean possible to see that he bring about innovations that will make disease and infection surgeries easier.

Panos Gikas’ biography

Dr Gikas is an all-around person in life. He has managed to stay in different parts of the world. Dr Gikas pursued his studies at various universities around the world. He did his undergraduate degree of Medical Genetics at the University of London. He achieved the first-class honors in his undergraduate degree. These results enabled him to undertake postgraduate studies in the same field. He pursued his Master’s degree at St. Georges University located in London. He also attained first class honors that enabled him to further his studies to PhD in the University of Athens. Follow this link to see his educational background.

Panos Gikas has overtime travelled to many places to work and better his career. As years keep on moving, his experience on surgery also increases. He developed most of his skills in the management of tumors when he was doing oncology exercises in Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. Dr Gikas also improved his anterior muscle approach to surgery of the hip, when he was at Geneva doing clinical fellowship work.

Dr Panos Gikas is not only a surgeon but also a publisher. He has published some books that are very useful in surgery. Some of the books talk about operations involving the knees, bones, hip and those that deal with cancer. These publications have prompted for more research activities. When Panos Gikas is not at work, he is a lover of travelling and exploring different places in the United Kingdom and all over the world.


Panos Gikas is a dedicated surgeon in London. He has worked in some hospitals and has gathered sufficient experience to perform many surgical procedures. If one has a problem with the knees, hip joints, and bones, Panos Gikas is ready to be consulted.

Connect with Dr. Panos https://www.twitter.com/gikaspanos