Glen Wakeman Start-Up Advisor

Glen Wakeman has made a successful career in business and finance in the past twenty years. In 2015 he co-founded the LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a company of which today he is the CEO.


Glen Wakeman has acquired a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981. He also has an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago from 1993. His career as P&L and business development began in GE Capital and Doral Financial Corporation. He served as CEO of the last one. He was named a Growth Leadership role model by GE’s Board of Directors. Wakeman has taken pride in being an entrepreneur and a mentor to others, transforming large staff businesses and helping others achieve their development goals and success. He specializes in advising start-up entrepreneurs, M&As, divestitures, and others. He applies his strategy of covering execution, governance, human capital, leadership and risk management areas.

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Combining the occupations as an investor and a writer, Wakeman shares his insights into regular blog posts. In them, he talks about fiscal matters, management, strategy, and administration. He is currently an advisor to Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. In his blogs, Wakeman writes on business revolutionization, global matters, new markets, and leadership. His experience as a resident of 6 countries and as a head of 30 different regional operations worldwide give him all the knowledge to be competent on his writings.


His idea for starting LaunchPad Holdings LLC came about to Wakeman as a hobby of matching money and ideas. He acknowledged the fact that talented startups often fail, due to a lack of structure to their otherwise genius ideas. LaunchPad Holdings LLC is a software platform which helps turn ideas into a concrete plan for entrepreneurs to follow.

A typical day for Wakeman begins with reviewing the numbers from the day before, going over service performance, sales, and cash totals. A conference with partners and dividing of daily routines is essential. Researching into current trends, reviews, communicating, and analyzing competition is a general part of the work as a CEO. His role as a leader and a mentor gives him an insight into his fresh ideas and their implementation into reality.

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Lifeline Screening: Are You Prepared?

Studies show that Americans have to start taking better care of themselves. All across the nation, the population is suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity among other diseases. These chronic diseases have a tremendous effect on your health but Lifeline Screening is a place of solutions.

Who is Lifeline Screening?

They launched in 1993 in Texas and are currently headquartered out of Independence, Ohio. Their focus is in screening to provide insight for preventative care and overall wellness. Their screening process is a powerful and thorough one that includes a blood test, ultrasounds, EKG’s and more.

Detecting early health issues often can be the difference between treatment and death. Lifeline Screening is equipped with a highly trained staff and only uses board-certified physicians that love what they do. Since 1993 Lifeline Screening has provided services to more than seven and a half million clients.

Why Get A Screening?

Our ills are not always detected by the human eye. Sometimes it takes the wisdom of the physician’s eye to see what lies beneath the surface and get to the heart of the matter. Only you can save yourself so take your wellness into your own hands and schedule a screening.

What Does a Lifeline Screening Entail?

Make sure you have your identification and any prior health-related documents and medical records that you feel are pertinent.

Once at their center go to the welcome desk and check-in. Make sure to fill out all required forms that are applicable to your services and payment.

Wear clothes that are comfortable, easily accessible, and loose. Turn your cell phone off and it’s best if you wear no jewelry or tight clothes or dangling accessories.

You’ll wait in the waiting area until your test is ready to begin. At that time you’ll be taken to a private screening area. There you will undergo a thorough screening that consists of:
* Blood Test
* Vital Signs Analysis
* Height
* Weight
* Age, etc.
* Bone Density Screen
* Peripheral Arterial Screen
* EKG Screen
*Carotid Artery Screen
*Aortic Aneurysm Screen

With Lifeline Screening you have an ally in your fight for living the best quality of life possible.

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Mark Holterman and His Achievements

In the field of medicine, passion and care to assist the patients should be at the heart of every medical officer. One should put the lives of the patients into consideration beyond one’s career or professional ambitions. Doctor Holterman is one of the key specialists who has dedicated their profession to assisting others and showing great care for their lives. It is notable that Dr. Mark has been in the limelight in aiding to assist infants by philanthropically aiding the concerned organizations.

Dr. Mark Holterman is a surgery and pediatrics; he gained his medical degree from the University of Virginia (Ideamensch). He has emerged as a medicine lecturer aiding more students in the field of medicine. Apart from mentoring the students in the profession of medicine achieve their professional career, he is also a practicing doctor and surgeon. He is a senior lecturer at the Illinois University in the school of medicine. He has continued to conduct research in the field, and he advances his profession in an aim to aid in the treatment of his patients. In his research, he has been a member of the various boards that are conducting research towards inventing the cure for some chronic illnesses including diabetes.

It should be noted that Dr. Mark is a medical officer who works towards innovative medical services that ensure maximum care and treatment for all the patients in the health center ( His business in the medical field has greatly grown due to constant research and innovation in the field. He can be commended for his philanthropic work towards the success of the ADA organization that is currently working concurrently with the children hospitals to ensure that they address the issue of type 2 diabetes that is greatly affecting the young children and also the teenagers.

Dr. Holterman can be emulated by the young clinical officers as one of the mentors that should be followed by medicine graduates. The key notion to all young doctors is that one should put the lives of the patients into consideration beyond one’s career or professional ambitions. It should be noted that Dr. Mark has vast knowledge in the surgical field and is one of the senior surgeons in the reputable hospitals.

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3 Ways to keep Energy Cost Low each Month: Stream Energy Solution

Remember when you’d budget your monthly home costs each month in hopes that your energy bill wouldn’t cost as much as your car payment? You pay close attention to saving energy by turning off lights, tightening those waterspouts, and making sure that the heat is low when you leave the house. Unfortunately, there may be other aspects of this budget that is costing you that you’re not aware of. If you’re wondering where the energy is going and why your bill is so high, these 3 signs may help you narrow it down (BizJournal).


Electrical Devices


Household devices that you use every day should be shut off or unplugged. For example, coffee makers, game consoles, and even DVD players can soak up the dollar really quickly.


Power Strip


You may not realize it, but the more power strips you have, the energy that is being taken to source those gadgets. Instead, use one power strip for all devices that are condensed to one area when you’re ready to use these devices.




You love using your curling iron, electric shaver, and toaster oven but you leaving it the outlet can actually cause the devices t burn out ( Not to mention, they may be the reason that your bill high each month.Even devices such as irons, DVD players, laptops, and printers, if left plugged in all the time, can ramp up a monthly bill at twice as much. When you’re through using those small items, just unplug it!


Taking careful consideration with these tips may surprise you when you open your monthly bill.


Stream Energy has been in the energy business since 2005 and prides on practical and innovative energy, wireless, protective, and home services that compliment all lifestyles. Strem Energy prides on providing affordable energy-related services to all home and businesses.

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Market America: Financial Success for Everyone

There are so many ways on how to earn money today, and one of the most promising way is through an “UnFranchise” business with Market America. Unfranchise is a new concept that is very similar to franchising, but with some changes. Like franchising, unfranchise includes an organized, systemized management system, tools used for a competitive marketing strategy, and an opportunity to own multiple branches for the business, increasing its visibility. However, unfrachise does not include monthly fees, territorial restrictions, and it is amazingly cheap to start with.

Many people are turning into UnFranchise because of its potential, and because of promising income that one could generate through the program. Those who wanted to start with the program can initially work part time, with flexible hours. They would have to service 10 to 15 customers, and they would earn income by simply giving what the customers wanted. Another way to earn income is to create a sales organization, with those being under the group doing the same thing. The UnFranchise business method guarantees one to become financially independent, because a stream of unlimited opportunities would soon come, and one could generate a real, reliable income source.

There are four areas of specialization for those who wanted to start an UnFranchise business. First is Nutrametrix, which provides health and wellness solutions for patients. Their products and services can be given to the customer to earn income. Next would be TLS Weight Loss Solution, which would allow the customer to undergo a low-glycemic weight loss program. Next would be Motives by Loren Ridinger, which is a cosmetic line that would provide the customer with state of the art cosmetic products, from make ups to nail polishes. Last but not the least would be ma WebCenters, which provides business solutions that revolves around social media and digital marketing.

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Omar Yunes Wins Mexican and World Franchisee Award

2015 was the first time that the Best Franchisee of the World Award was held in Mexico. There were two winners announced on November 24th. The first winner was Omar Yunes. who owns several Sushi Itto franchises throughout Mexico. The other winner was Ivan Temer, who owns Prendamex franchises. Both qualified to compete in the Best Franchisee of the World final against franchisees from all across the world. This final event later took place in Florence, Italy on December 5th, 2015.

Omar Yunes, who was one of the two victors of the Mexican Best Franchisee of the World Award, edged out a pool that included 34 franchisee competitors from all over Mexico. His winning presentation with the Sushi Itto franchise was professionalizing the role of the franchise. The ultimate goal of the competition, which Omar Yunes won alongside Ivan Temer, is to foster innovation and share best practices among franchisees. It also rewards teamwork, leadership and improvement in the franchises.

Mr. Yunes managed to win the Best Franchisee of the World final at Florence, Italy. It was a historic event because it was the first time that a Mexican competed at the final. It was also historic for Yunes, who was there for the first time himself and read full article.

Omar Yunes was honored for the great contributions he had made to the Sushi Itto franchise. He was both honored and surprised. Mr. Yunes opened up his first Sushi Itto franchise at age 21. He now employs over 400 people at 13 Sushi Itto franchises in Mexico. His story is one of tremendous success. The 13 franchises that Omar Yunes now owns represent a tenth of all the Sushi Itto franchises in the world and learn more about Omar Yunes.

The winner of the Best Franchisee of the World award was humble when interviewed about his win. He paid tribute to the 400 employees of his. Omar Yunes said that the award not only belongs to him, but for everybody that works at one of his Sushi Itto Franchises. He also praised the Sushi Itto franchise. Mr. Yunes said the brand allowed him to innovate and experiment. This was crucial in his success and expansion in Mexico and on the world stage and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

Attorney Karl Heideck Describes Some Of The Weird Laws In Pennsylvania

Attorney Karl Heideck recently highlighted some of the bizarre laws that are on the books in the state of Pennsylvania. There have been laws passed over the years that deal with everything from fishing to paintball fights, he says.
One of the areas that has a few strange laws is marriage.

There are laws that have been passed where they prohibit things such as firing off guns or cannons during a ceremony. There is another one, he says, that says pastors cannot marry people who are drunk. Other odd laws are involved in parenting. One of the crazy laws says that a bathroom must be situated within 200 feet of any child’s bedroom. However, Heideck says, this rule has a number of exemptions such as not applying to people who are in a travel trailer, motor home, or other forms of mobile housing.

Getting back to laws about paintball guns, you need to be aware of a couple of laws in Pennsylvania if you are using one. The big one to pay attention to is that it is illegal to shoot anyone who is not involved in the paintball fight. There is another law that describes exactly how you can transport a paintball gun in your truck or car.

Karl Heideck has practiced the law in Philadelphia for several years. He is a graduate of the James E. Beasley School of Law which is located on the campus of Temple University. It was at this institution that he earned his law degree in 2009. He began his career in the law as an associate at the law firm Conrad O’Brien.

Today, Karl Heideck works at Beacon Hill Staffing Group as a team lead. He heads the effort for a number of legal review projects. His experience in the legal industry is primarily concentrated on compliance, litigation, as well as risk management review. He is experienced dealing with the financial industry, in particular. In the past, he has been involved in researching securities fraud. He has also lent his expertise to investigating banking litigation cases.

A Peek At The Wedding Of Whitney Wolfe

The chief executive officer of the dating app Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, has made a career out of hooking people up. She has now married herself in a ceremony on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. The wedding took place at the Villa Treville in the town of Positano. Her new husband in Michael Herd, the heir to a Texas oil fortune.

Whitney Wolfe wore a wedding dress that was designed by Oscar De La Renta. The romantic ceremony took place at a venue that was lit by candle light and gave an amazing view of the coast of Italy. After the ceremony, she changed into a slip dress and joined her husband and guests where they had very good drinks and food. The air was scented by lemon trees at the venue which matched the lemon flavors in several of the dishes and desserts that were served to the guests. The newly wedded couple’s cake was a single-tier that included strawberries and a number of other fruits.

It was in September of 2014 that Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble. This app is different than other apps in that only women can initiate contact with others. This allows women to have far better control over who contacts them and makes them feel much more in control and safer. The app has been very successful and is now used by many women in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The success that Whitney Wolfe has had in the technology industry has won her acknowledgment of her abilities. She was listed as one of the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech by Business Insider. She was also acknowledged as a successful executive and innovator by both Elle’s Women in Tech as well as Forbes.

Whitney Wolfe grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies. She got her start in entrepreneurship early, starting her first business when she was just 19 years old. Her first business involved selling bamboo tote bags. Some of the proceeds from every sale were used to help those people who had suffered from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Scope of Avaaz

Avaaz in many endo European languages means voice. It is from this connotation that a corporation that is known for its activism on issues regarding human rights, animal rights, climate change, and corruption among other evils was founded. The organization came into existence in the year 2007 and has been known across the globe for having one of the most powerful online activism. The group was created with the sole intention of organizing citizens across the world to help in bridging the ever expanding gap between the worlds that we have and that which most people wish to have.

Avaas empower millions of individuals from all over the world to champion against issues that affect them on national, regional as well as the global level. Issues such as poverty, corruption as well as conflicts are some of the bones of contention. The organization uses the internet models to reach out to people. Every individual effort as small as it may be viewed is appreciated since it quickly culminates to a powerful collective force. The Avaaz community conducts its campaigns in 17 languages and is, as a result, able to reach out to thousands of volunteers who are located in six continents.

Among the many actions that Avaaz take is signing petitions, funding media campaigns and direct actions. It also keeps on passing its information to the government through emails, calls and also lobbying some government to make sure that the values of the people across the world influence the decisions that are made. Also held are some online protests as well as events. Avaaz was co-founded by Res Publica which is made up of professionals who are dedicated to promoting good governance. The Service Employees International Union also showed its support. Richen Patel is the chief executive officer of Avaaz.

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Advertising Leads the Growth of International Brands

Established brands rely on strong advertising strategies in order to conquer the market. For these brands to penetrate dominated markets, well to do advertising agencies must be involved. That is why Mullen Lowe of Brasil is constantly applauded for its services in building excellent brands. Behind the excellent service provider is a visionary man who commits his time and talent to developing successful working strategies that can build brands. Jose Borghi is an alumnus of the prestigious PUCCamp. He majored in advertising. His career is projected to have begun in 1988 when he was an instrumental part of Standard Ogilvy and more information click here.



Working as a lead executioner in Standard Ogilvy, Jose Borghi dedicated his life to developing instrumental working strategies. He highly concentrated on building his career. Later in his career journey, Jose joined FCB, Leo Burnett as well as DM9 as an executive talent writer. His role in those organizations defined the direction that the companies took towards growth. At Leo Burnett, Borghi was the vice president for talent development. He served in many jurisdictions as a consultant who offered solutions to complex issues and his Facebook.


Career Advancement

In end 2002 Borghi quit Leo to establish BorghiErh, an agency that was formed on a strong partnership. He grew the business into an admirable net worth before merging the firm with Lowe to establish a new business. While his partner sold his shares, Borghi proceeded to Mullen Lowe, the new company with his shares as well as a title. This explains his passion in establishing new businesses as well as creating strong foundations for growth. At Lowe, he landed the position of a chief executive officer. The agency adopted a new name, Mullen Lowe Brasil. This is the name it currently operates by. Presently, the agency has a huge client base including BR, Grupo 3Coracoes, Knorr of Unilever and Omo in addition to other recognized international brands and learn more about Borghi.

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