Abortions for Mothers Affected by Virus

There is a virus in southern and central areas of South America. It is contracted by mosquitos, and it has affected many women who are pregnant. The pregnancies have resulted in birth defects, sometimes death, for the baby. The mother could die as well. Some of the women affected by the Zika Virus are being offered abortions.

While this isn’t the ideal outcome, it does offer a glimmer of hope if the mother knows that there is something wrong with the baby and if the mother’s life is at risk. Women should weigh the outcome of the abortion and the effects that the procedure could have on the body.

However, this is a way to help treat the virus in the mother, says  Jon Urbana. The abortion service is for those who are less than 9 weeks pregnant, and it is being offered free of charge, which is another benefit to women in the area who might not have a lot of money.

Organo Gold, King of All Herbs and Great Coffee


Founded in 2008, Organo Gold is a food and drinks company committed to providing and selling healthy premium quality products. These products are mostly drinks. It currently boasts of several distributors across 45 countries – spread across all continents from Africa to Asian and Europe, thus making it a household name over the past years.

Works of Charity

Other than the healthy drinks, Organo Gold has also taken the initiative dubbed ‘Bags for Life,’ aimed at helping marginalized and impoverished women. This initiative involves the use of empty or used Organo bags or sachets to create beautiful handbags that are sold during Regional Conventions organized by Organo Gold. The bags once collected are sent to NGOs where mostly women are involved, and the returns used to improve their living standards while ensuring a steady production chain and environmental conservation.

Key Products

Although this supplier is known to produce the most excellent coffee and other beverages like flavored tea, they also take pride in the production of care products.

Beverages. ‘An Organo drink a day keeps the doctor away.’ This company prides itself with the chain of beverages they produce. Some of these beverages include; coffee, red and green tea. These teas are rich in herbs that have immune system benefits.

In addition to beverages, they have also ventured into body managements products like Fenix XT, body energy, stamina, and performance enhancer. Also, they have personal care products like Organo Smile- toothpaste.

James Dondero Strives to Make an Impact

James (Jim) Dondero, Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, LP situated in Dallas, Texas, is a bustling man with various duties. Notwithstanding his work, James Dondero has an enthusiasm to improve Dallas. With two Bachelor of Science degrees added to his repertoire, his investigations in bookkeeping and fund at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce earned him the required understanding to propel his vocation in the realm of money. Beginning with JPMorgan Chase and Co. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

In 1984, his money related to preparing program inevitably brought about a fantasy work at American Express. While working at American Express, James Dondero oversaw $1 billion comprising of fixed salary assets from 1985 to 1989.

James Dondero turned into the main venture officer at Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary in 1989. Starting as simply a thought, Mr. Dondero changed the underlying idea for the hopeful organization into a $2 billion business.

View: https://investors.jernigancapital.com/leadership/director/james-dondero

Following quite a while of experience, James Dondero began his own organization in 1993. He named his venture firm Highland Capital Management and prevailing with regards to winning notoriety for being one of the biggest elective credit chiefs in the United States and over the globe. The venture firm spends significant time in private value accounts, credit flexible investments and a special exhibit of credit accounts.

Despite the fact that James Dondero devotes a decent part of his everyday life to his work, he also additionally makes it a point to get associated with different magnanimous associations. His association incorporates an ongoing task identified with the Dallas Zoo. In 2001, the Dallas Zoo shut its hippopotamus (hippo) environment after an old hippo kicked the bucket.

Mr. Dondero as of late gave $1 million to help remake the environment. On account of the liberality of Mr. Dondero and the other nearby givers who gave a sum of $14 million for the reason, guests to the zoo today can see hippos staying inside the vast Highland Capital Lodge suitably named after Mr. Dondero’s speculation firm. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

U.S. Money Reserve Celebrates its Internship Program’s Second Anniversary

The U.S. Reserve has over time become a household name in the precious metals commercial space. USMR has recently established an internship program that targets people interested in starting professional careers in consulting, marketing, and financing fields.

The initiative was launched two years ago through the guidance of Jim Warren, the firm’s Executive Director, alongside Mallory Burgess, who spearheaded its launch.

Mallory Burgess currently serves as the PR staff at USMR and has contributed to the growth of the internship program, which now has six participants.

Most of these interns are college students interested in getting started with their dream careers. Jim Warren feels excited about the progress of the program and hopes to see it bring more opportunities and grow beyond its scope.

Americans refer U.S. Money Reserve as America’s Gold Authority because their products come with detailed information and are certified. Of course, every investor wants to know the nature of silver and gold bullion they are buying.

Whether silver or gold bullion is the right assets for you or not, potential buyers should know that people consider them as safe havens. Researchers have done a lot of studies on the US dollar’s current state and recent changes in Federal Reserve’s policies.

Industry experts have, however, warned that an economic crisis could be looming if the US national debt continues to rise. Fortunately, investors can now protect their wealth by diversifying with silver and gold because market conditions don’t affect their value.

About U.S. Money Reserve

US Reserve was founded in 2001, and Philip N. Diehl, the former Director at US Mint, is one of its founders. Mr. Diehl was the one who emphasized prioritizing commemorative coin minting and restructured its operations to raise over $2.7 billion in profit. As the president of the nation’s largest, privately-held precious metal dealer, Mr. Philip has brought visibility to rare gold products, and he advises clients on precious metals investments.

US Reserve’s free gold kit comes with buyer guidelines, which customers can access by just signing in to their website. While logged on, precious metals buyers can see limited deals, learn about the buying procedure, and claim for first-time buyer’s promotions and bonuses.

U.S. Reserve is the premier distributor of platinum, silver, and gold products issued by the U.S. government. It was founded in 2001 and has over time grown to become the world’s leading distributor of precious metals.

Its team includes highly trained numismatic professionals and researchers armed with the knowledge that helps them make the highest profit in any level of a valuable metal buyer. It transcends industry standards to provide high-quality products to its customers around the world, and with a focus on establishing a lasting relationship with its buyers.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:


Kevin Seawright Secures Housing Contract

RPS Solutions LLC, a firm focused on offering home possession to assist with new property owners of Baltimore, completed an agreement on Fri April twenty-seven, 2018 designed for a house located at 9112 Bengal Street. The several bedrooms, two tale residence built-in 1960, sits on the 6, 510 square feet a great deal and features a lot more than 2, 500 square foot of liveable space built-in a modern-retro style.

The pay for of the property or home and upcoming properties helps RPS Solutions LLC’s objective to disperse residential possession across the town of Baltimore at affordable prices.

Led simply by Kevin Seawright — foundér of RPS SoIutions LLC, the business has made great strides toward achieving the goal of healthful community development simply by availing inexpensive and custom made casing towards the varied community of Baltimore, including those that lack gain access to and assets to cover quality housing óptions. Find out more about  Kevin at angel.co

RPS Solutions LLC is certainly a business that prides itself in providing house ownership assistance for first-time buyers in the Baltimore region. RPS Solutions lately completed another contract for very first time purchaser, Anita Blue, with her desire home — a house in 5701 Edgepark in Baltimore, Maryland according to Kevin Seawright.

The renovated townhousé has 3 bédrooms, two bathrooms, néw windows, a fireplace, wood floors, granité countertops, and several other appealing féatures. It had been built-in 1948 and provides a lot more than 1, 450 rectangular feet of liveable space. With a whole lot size that éxceeds 4, three hundred and fifty square ft, the property offérs lots of space for Master of science. Blue and her family members.

In the last yéar, the company partnered with all the NCST (National Community Leveling Trust) to boost their capability tó enable moderate and low-income earners locally with inexpensive homé-ownership choices. Thé relationship, which really is a non-profit development system, is anticipated tó boost real estate prices by presenting readily inexpensive property tó, first-time homé purchasers. Read more: http://vizualize.me/kevinseawright#.WOJjraK1uM8

The Fashion Items DonataMeirelles Has Fallen In Love With

Over the past few decades, DonataMeirelles has been working in and around the Brazilian fashion industry. Throughout this time, she’s held a variety of notable positions, with the most recent being with Vogue Brazil. As such, she’s developed quite a keen eye for fashion and everything related to it. However, it’s with putting together an outfit from scratch that Ms. Mierelles has really shined. Because of this, many people have been curious as to what fashion products, if any, that she lives by. Furthermore, many people have been curious as to if any of these items can improve their accessorizing.

Over her career, Ms. Mierelles has been more than happy to share this advice. Over the past few years specifically, she’s noted two fashion items in particular that she’s fallen in love with. The first of these is bucket bags, which Ms. Mierelles has noted has a few unique benefits. When it comes to style, bucket bags offer a range of different textures, colors and combinations that help it match any outfit. Furthermore, she’s noted that it can match almost any outfit, from Spring chic to more formal events. She’s also noted that bucket bags can be a lot more practical than others, because it can be a lot easier to organize and find products in. Read more about Donata Meirelles at Marathi.tv

However, there’s one other thing that DonataMeirelles has fallen in love with: ankle boots. This is down to a few different reasons. The most significant of these is that, since ankle boots offer a range of different textures, styles and colors, they can match almost any outfit. With that in mind, Ms. Meirelles has said that they can be worn with most outfits, no matter the season. Because of this, she’s claimed that ankle boots can look amazing with Spring dresses all the way to Winter jeans. As such, she’s noted that ankle boots are one of the most versatile pieces of footwear that you purchase. On top of this, ankle boots can be a lot more comfortable than many other shoes or boots.

Because of this, DonataMeirelles has noted that they can often be the more practical choice for anyone who has to be on their feet for an extended period of time. With that in mind, ankle boots can be an amazing investment to make. Not only do the look and feel great, but they can be used year-round. Learn more: https://forbes.uol.com.br/tag/donata-meirelles/

Career life of David McDonald

Being a titan in the field of entrepreneurship, David McDonald has helped the OSI Group firm grow over the years. He has been serving various roles in the firm for a couple of years, and he is the executive behind the major successes experienced in the company. The firm is today among the largest privately owned food manufacturing companies in the globe. He is believed to have brought notable changes in the firm through the great approaches he has adopted in its running. Besides, his versatile nature, as well as the commitment to managing the firm better, has highly led the firm towards its today’s significant achievements.

David McDonald has continued to receive a lot of appraisal form people for the various developments he has brought in the firm. He has spearheaded many projects over time, and he seeks to see the company grow and keep maintaining its reputation. Among the significant projects that the duo facilitated entail the Poland beef processing plant. He ensured that the plant expands to increase the total production in the latter. The high output marked by the various projects launched has also ensured that the firm attracts more customers through its ability to provide its clients with the type of products that they prefer.

Besides, the duo has also played a key role in advocating for time management in the firm. David McDonald believes that time is a crucial factor in the production process of a firm. As a result, he has put a lot of effort towards ensuring that each of his employees carries out their duties within the set time to ensure that all the ordered products reach to their customers within the shortest time possible. The ability of David McDonald to help his clients overcome most of the challenges that the firm faces have also encouraged other executives to keep giving their best for the sake of the companies successes. His ability to encourage his employees not to give up has also helped him build great and strong relationships with them. His hard work and determination to see the company keep rising are impressive, and it has continued to see the firm rise to the top.

Philanthropy and the Life of Dick DeVos

While many know him as the savvy businessman’s son, Richard DeVos Jr. has always walked his own path. In the 1980s, he did work as the Vice President of Amway, but his main concern became his hometown after that. He resigned and began working with local business leaders in the area to do more for commerce in downtown. He wanted to see his business flourish and do so well, which is why he began working with other leaders.


There were many plans to build up the area, from a sports arena to a convention center, but none of the plans were in the right place, according to DeVos. He stopped the plans of a sports arena far away from downtown, because he didn’t see how it would help businesses grow in the central areas of the city. He started to work with business leaders through a committee called Grand Action, which was responsible for building several areas of downtown, including DeVos Place Convention Center and DeVos Performance Hall.


After many years, he turned towards another strategy to bring in people to the city. He wanted to turn Grand Rapids into a business conference destination, so he began working with the CEO of the airport. He started to help him change the business model around travelers who wanted to visit conferences. It started with a phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways.


With AirTran Airways, he asked if the CEO would be open to new flights from Las Vegas, St. Louis, Denver, and Orlando. These new flights instantly brought in ticket sales for the small airport, challenging its capacity. Plans were discussed for a renovation to be completed by 2019. This was called the Gateway Transformation Project.


As the FAA has been working with several airlines and airports lately, the goal will be to renovate other airports with the same model. Many airports require new updates to security and technology, and DeVos has experience with bringing airlines together to fund these changes. It’s the main reason that the Grand Rapids airport has become such a popular place to fly through and stop for if you are a business traveler.


DeVos will continue to work with the FAA throughout the next two years. He joins a council with other aviation enthusiasts in transportation authority backgrounds and airline executives.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.


How Agera Energy Is Leading With Its Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy has been growing in popularity over the past few decades. However, that doesn’t mean that all energy companies have been diving into it and innovating. In contrast, there are only a select few that have led the rest when it comes to creating and driving sustainable energy consumption. One of the more notable of these companies has been Agera Energy, which has been upgrading and expanding its wind power infrastructure over the past few years. The result of this has been a more affordable and sustainable energy option for the companies customers. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

The most notable of these options is Agera Energy’s Pure Wind program, which actively encourages many of the companies customers to switch over. This is because between half and all of their current energy consumption can be matched with wind power and result in what is known as Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs. These are separate from the energy that’s generated with wind power, and as such can be sold separately. Because of this, customers and investors would be able to have a vested interest in creating a more sustainable energy supply for everyone. In terms of price, Agera Energy has also noted that switching to sustainable energy may also result in significantly lower bills over the course of the year. However, that doesn’t mean that Agera Energy is working with just about anyone to provide this wind power.

Visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/agera-energy#section-competitors-revenue-by-owler


Instead, they’ve scoured the United States to find the highest quality wind power suppliers across the country. This has resulted in Agera being able to boast that it only works with audited and verified wind farms across the U.S that have shown themselves to be reliable and efficient. This also ensures that the company can provide an efficient service to each of their customers, while also making sure that there’s no interruption in service should customers switch over. Agera Energy has always focused on delivering the highest standard of customer service possible, and this includes ensuring that their customers’ needs are met. This has resulted in the company expanding quickly, growing to over 1.8 million customers in the United States alone. Visit INC.com to know more about Agera Energy.

OSI Group Has Proudly Announced Some Recent Expansion Operations In Spain

There is a company called OSI Group that many have heard of but many have also not. Regardless of whether they are aware of it or not, almost everyone has eaten a food product that came from OSI Group. The food provisioning giant is one of the world’s leaders in the food wholesale distribution industry. Some recognizable names in the food industry such as Subway and McDonald’s rely on OSI Group to keep them up and operating. Commitment to providing excellent customer service has gone a long way for OSI Group in the company’s growth. That growth has been steady over the century-plus that the food service giant has been in operation and began domestically before becoming international in its scope beginning in the 1970s when current Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin started to have a major impact on the direction that OSI Group was taking.

The expansion that Sheldon Lavin has supervised has seen OSI open operations in seventeen different international countries. Company President David McDonald has certainly been a major player in this expansion as well as he has been with the firm since 1987 and has been there for much of the growth that led OSI to a leading position in the global food wholesale industry. OSI has recently been proud to announce the fact that expansion plans have been enacted in the Spanish market. The company operates a food facility in Toledo which has recently been the recipient of upgrades that have helped to double production of processed chicken.

This is a major accomplishment for the OSI expert team in this region due to the fact that demand for this product is increasing every year. This made it necessary for OSI to inject a significant amount of capital into this facility in order to upgrade it. This upgrade has been good for the local Toledo economy as twenty new positions had to be filled with the new upgrades in place. The new production line that has been installed in the Toledo facility is top of the line. Overall the facility is producing more than forty thousand tons of meat products per year now. This has been a huge move toward ensuring that OSI is able to meet customer demand in this important market which includes both Spain and Portugal.


Learn From Mike Nierenberg and His Wisdom To Become An Executive

The first question on a potential reader’s mind might be, who is Mike Nierenberg and why should I pay attention to him and his past? Well, that is certainly a great question and can be answered simply by stating his different accomplishments. Mike Nierenberg is the current Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corporation.

The funny thing is, he didn’t wake up one day and become the head honcho of New Residential Investment Corporation. He had quite a career that led him from Lehman Brothers to Fortress Investment Group to becoming part of the Executive Leadership Team at New Residential Investment Corporation.

We can learn a lot about a person from their history and their present, one of the key lessons we can learn from Mike Nierenberg is where he started off in his career. This is important because it shows individuals the importance of affiliation. Mike Nierenberg was able to be a part of strong culture, and organization that, for lack of a better term, was truly organized, and had been building up for some time.

To truly understand why a job at Lehman Brothers was a great choice it is important to understand how Lehman Brothers grew and became a key part of the financial industry. These lessons will be key to know as this would help us understand why Lehman Brothers was a great incubation space for the mind of Mike Nierenberg.

Lehman Brothers – The Progression

Lehman Brothers started out small, they started with a simple storefront, they took that opportunity and parlayed it into something much more, a trading and financial services business.

The firm then progressed to becoming a key player in the financial services industry pioneering different services and becoming members of different exchanges.

Did you know that Lehman Brothers was able to underwrite a public offering in 1889? It did so for a business that was in the sector of steam pumping. It stayed true to its commodities roots for quite a while and then it progressed to becoming a much larger powerhouse. It transitioned from being a simple commodities business to becoming a larger financial firm about fifteen years later.

We can learn the importance of patience, perseverance, and the importance of capturing value by studying these firms and the life of Mike Nierenberg as well. He had the good insight to choose Lehman Brothers because of its history.

To know more visit @: www.corporationwiki.com/p/ia2v9/michael-nierenberg