Desiree Perez on the Future of Roc Nation.

Desiree Perez is one of the mostly hidden forces behind the rise of Roc Nation, the legendary hip-hop company established by Jay Z. In 2008, Jay Z and Roc Nation signed a contract with the company Live Nation for 10 years, $150 million. The contract helped to elevate Jay Z’s already sizable profile while also helping to raise the bar for the musicians at Roc Nation. Now, with the deal set to expire, Roc Nation and Live Nation have some very serious conversations to engage in. Roc Nation, with Jay Z and Desiree Perez in charge, are now looking at potential options for future endeavors.

Live Nation deal with Roc Nation has a ‘buy-sell’ clause triggered in 2018 and that means that Roc Nation could be a free agent in as little as a year. Roc Nation has a roster of talented, in-demand artists, including Meek Mill, Rihanna, Jay Z, Fat Joe and Shakira. Perez has been hands-on in cultivating the rise of Rihanna into a worldwide megastar. It makes sense that Perez would be included in potential deals and that is why eyebrows were raised when Jay and Perez sat down with Sir Lucian Grainge of Universal Music Group. UMG and Jay Z have had a quality relationship for years but now their contact is taking on renewed focus. An insider close to UMG said of their meeting with Jay, “Our partnership is pretty significant as it is. Jay Z is phenomenal and it would be great to get further into business with him.”

Jay Z and Desiree Perez have a variety of different options to consider before signing on the new dotted line for Roc Nation’s future. Roc Nation and Jay Z have played their cards relatively close to the vest over the past year so it remains to be seen what direction they will be going in.

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Equities First Holdings UK

Get to know one of the top lenders now working in the United Kingdom. Borrowers simply trust an experienced lending team that understands basic finance. They can extend capital to the right borrowers who need that money. Equities First Holdings, LLC is a company that was founded to serve citizens of London. People want to see the business expand in ways that are important for everyone involved. Equities First Holdings is a popular new institution and has a lot of potential.

Their office was first opened back in 2002 for prospective customers. It is located in London and works to serve the needs of consumers. People simply trust the business model touted by Equities First Holdings overall. That has also helped them expand to new locations around the world. The team now has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. They even work with clients located in Thailand, giving them an international presence, and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Whitney Wolfe and Her Great Love for Technology

Whitney Wolfe is great American based entrepreneur serving people from across the globe. She was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America by a great developer whose name is Michael and the mother Kelly who dedicated her life towards caring for their daughter. She used to live with her mother at home and usually says that her life was cool and was under the best care of parents. She used to be a very good and creative student while in high school and always thought of humanity. She also had the passion for technology of dating apps, and her parents gave her a chance to choose her career.

Wolfe after performing well in high school joined the famous Southern Methodist University and specialized in International studies. She went on and became a very good student. There happened to be BP oil spill, and some people were affected, but Whitney Wolfe stood their ground. She immediately started selling Bamboo tote bags while still in school. She started partnering with the celebrity known as Patrick Aufdenkamp for the launch of a nongovernmental organization called Help Us Project which has helped so many people across the globe. The company performed well nationally but it was until Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe were photographed with them and thus attracted global recognition. This helped them especially Wolfe become more interested in helping fellow humankind. She is always passionate about the better treatment of other people. After she graduated, she left for South East Asia to start her career with orphanages. At the company, she does all her level best to make the orphanage favorable for children just because of love.

Whitney Wolfe at 22 years joined Hatch Labs. This is the company that brought her dreams so close. She could not be where she is if she had not joined the company. The young Wolfe was involved in the starting up of Cardify which was a project that was being led by Sean Rad. They used Hatch Labs Incubator, but later the project was abandoned. That is when they started working on Tinder together with other three partners. After the launching, she was involved in the marketing of the company to University Students. She later left the company and founded the famous Bumble dating app which she established in the year 2014. The app has over 20 million users and keeps on growing every day.

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Life Line Screening – Preparing For Your Healthcare Screening

Life Line Screening is a well-known healthcare company that provides many types of preventative screenings that are catered to each patient. The medical professionals at Life Line Screening are trained to assess family history, risk factors, medical history and personal preferences to make sure you get the proper screening for your needs. Each test is intended for patients with relatable health risk factors. They are dedicated to identifying health care concerns and help with the prevention of certain diseases. Life Line Screening and it’s highly educated physicians and nurses believe that everyone should consider a prevention plan to ensure their overall health remains positive.

After your assessment is completed and your testing procedure can be determined, it’s time to get prepared. Each test requires specific preparation and certain steps should be followed to ensure that the screening is accurate. All of their procedures require very little preparation, however, it’s important to know what your screening involves. The non-invasive procedure for the screenings that are most associated with stroke risks needs to come prepared with loose clothing and short sleeved shirts. There are two types of screenings for a stroke, so it’s imperative that you understand which one you’re having so that you can prepare accordingly. The carotid artery disease screening requires only loose clothing. The atrial fibrillation screening requires loose clothing in addition to no watches, no pantyhose, no cell phones and not lotions. These types of tests are essential for those that are at risk for cardiovascular diseases. Many of the screenings require fasting and it’s also very important that you know how long you need to fast for dependent upon which type of screening you’re having. The aortic aneurysm screening requires at least four hours of fasting and comfortable, loose clothing as well. They advise that you continue to take all of your medication as prescribed by your physician and also follow your diabetic care plan if you have diabetes. If you are getting tested for diabetes, you will want to make sure you fast for at least 12 hours. They also do a bone mineral density screening which has very little preparation and the only requirement is no pantyhose. If you’re interested in more than one of the screenings offered, you can elect to opt for the 6 for Life Package where you will receive multiple testings. There are many other types of testings that they provide and they are committed to ensuring that you will receive the best treatment possible for a healthier you.



Eric Lefkofsky; Leading the Trail in Medical Discovery

Scientists have concluded that both the environment and genetics play a significant role in the progress of lung cancer. For a long time, we’ve all known that Tobacco is on top of the list of the most significant risk factors that are related to lung cancer. According to a Dartmouth research group that was headed by Yafang Li, Ph.D. there is irrefutable evidence that shows that the development of lung cancer is accelerated when genes that predispose someone to the ailment interact with Tobacco through smoking.

During the research, a group of SNPs that predispose someone to the development of the disease was singled out, and their interaction analyzed. The findings from the study established an active link between the advancement of lung cancer with the introduction of smoking. The research team published its results in Carcinogenesis.

The genotypic and phenotypic data that was utilized by the Dartmouth team was obtained by the OncoArray Consortium. According to the don who spearheaded the research, interaction analyses have fallen back in the recent past because genome-wide association researchers are tailored to show the main effect rather than the interaction effect.

The group of three Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) used for the research by the Yafang Li team underscore the risk of an individual developing lung through dangerous habits such as smoking. The SNPs have the potential of becoming the most precise biomarkers used by professionals in the field of oncology to categorize someone’s risk for lung cancer. These findings will help experts in the medical field whenever they want to come up individual prognosis and future therapy plans.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the few high-net-worth individuals who’ve decided to lead the race in the fight for cancer. The businessman has co-established Tempus, an enterprise that relies on bleeding-edge technology to build a data repository for all matters cancer. Tempus works closely with other stakeholders in the field of oncology to come up with meaningful data that can help discover individualized therapies for cancer patients.

Apart from leading the pack in the field of medical research, Eric Lefkofsky has carved his niche in the corporate world. The businessman has co-founded numerous ventures in different sectors of the American economy. Eric is a co-founder of Lightbank, an enterprise that has hallmarked itself as a funder of disruptive technologies. Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder of an e-commerce giant, Groupon. Eric also serves at Groupon as the company’s chairman.

Avi Weisfogel Contributions in Sleep Apnea Patients

For all human beings, sleep plays a primary role. Without it, it is almost impossible to remain healthy and beautiful. In the modern setting, however, people have very busy schedules, and they have disrupted their sleep patterns so that they can remain awake for longer hours while working. Others will remain awake when they are traveling for official or fun activities. Nowadays, it is very common to find professionals taking coffee so that they can remain awake for more hours. Although people think that avoiding sleep for work purposes is good, they tend to forget that they are harming their health. When you do not get adequate sleep, you are likely to get several medical conditions. You will also appear older and tired because you have not given your body enough rest.

Medical experts have now come out to tell people about the effects of sleep in their lives. According to Avi Weisfogel, one of the most respected dental practitioners in the United States, lack of sleep in human beings can lead to puffy eyes that make them very ugly. No one wants to have these types of eyes. Lack of sleep will also make you appear older because it will result in wrinkles in your eyes. After getting enough sleep, the body will have enough rest, and you will appear young and energetic so that you can carry out normal activities in the next day. Medical practitioners want to create awareness about sleep conditions.

Sleep comes with several conditions. Although very little is known about sleep conditions, people are suffering in silence. The most common sleep condition among people at the moment is Sleep apnea. People with the condition will stop breathing during their sleep. Dentists in the world, led by Avi Weisfogel are doing their best so that they can come up with the right and most effective treatment for the condition. Avi Weisfogel has founded an institution where he is teaching other medical professionals concerning the medical problem. The renowned dentist has also introduced several equipment so that the patients with the condition can live a better life without having to worry.

Norman Pattiz Success in the Podcast Advertising Industry

Norman Pattiz, the Chief Executive Officer of PodcastOne, has teamed up with Tom Webster, the Vice President of Edison Research Strategy to announce the final results of progressive studies conducted to determine the impact of podcast advertising. The first pre-promotion brand boost took place in 2016 and revealed the significant effect of podcast advertising, messaging, and the purchasing pattern.


The study found that over 60% of Podcast listeners refer to a brand after its Ad runs. Furthermore, independent product responsiveness improved by 37% for a car aftermarket merchandise, 47% for financial service products, and 24% for garden and grass products. Post-research findings showed that more than a third of respondents had a positive view of podcast advertising, up from 18% in pre-research. Respondents in the post-research felt convinced about using a lawn product than before the research.


The response to a particular podcast ad improved by 60% before and after the study, and 76% for an informal restaurant. In 2016, Edison Research undertook three surveys on behalf of PodcastOne to determine the effectiveness of podcast ads for five national brands. While some brands were seeking to intensify their awareness, established brands were launching new campaigns. In all studies, online surveys of five top brands were conducted before the launch of advertising campaigns. The findings of these campaign studies revealed that podcast listeners were receptive to brand messaging and convinced to purchase those brands. According to Norman Pattiz, PodcasttOne’s CEO, podcast ads provide superior brand awareness ahead of other marketing techniques.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the founder and chief executive officer of Westwood One, a radio giant that recently became the America’s largest news, sports, traffic programming, and talk provider. In 2010, Norman Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group, a Los-Angeles-based media platform that finances and produces quality programming services. Courtside Entertainment is radio home to high-profile personalities such as Ron Paul, Laura Ingraham, and Drew Pinsky.


In 2013, Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, which has quickly become the world’s leader in audio on-demand programming. Its line-up of brands and personalities include Adam Carolla, Jay Mohr, NRP New York, Kathie Lee Gifford, and NRP Los Angeles. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Norman Pattiz to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S. He was reappointed to serve on the board in 2002 by President Bush. Shortly after joining the National Radio Hall of Fame, Norman Pattiz was honored by the Library of American Broadcasting with the Giant of Broadcasting Award. Learn more:

Lori Senecal Great Accomplishment at Different Organization

Lori Senecal I is one of the prospering entrepreneurs in the corporate world. Furthermore, the beneficiary of the employment of Lori Senecal is both Crispin Porter an Bogusky who are marketing agency whereby they gave her the job as the International Chief Executive Officer from March 2015.her better management in expertise and level to develop organization into more prolific organization enabled her to be recognized all over the world. She got a degree in sales and marketing from the University of McGill and was born and raised in Canada. Through offering innovative marketing, designing brands, data analysis and capability to control financial record such as foreign accounts he is able to assist top organization and clients to achieve their full potential goals.

Lori Senecal has also worked and hold a position in the different organization all over the world such as the Coca-Cola as acted as the accountant director. Also, DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc also employed her in the year 2009 and served as the organization marketing officer but later on she was chosen as the overall sales and marketing sector. She as well was appointed at McCann Ericson Worldwide which had offices out from McCann Worldwide Inc as the account management director and also the executive and the president of the organization. Furthermore, she held a position at TAG-New York as the assistant director. For more details visit Ideamensch.

As a partner of Kirshenbaum and Partners, she was also chosen to be the president and chief executive in the year 2009. He enabled the organization to develop and recognized all over the world these enabled the organization to increase the number of workers in the organization from 25o to 900 workers. Also, he made the organization to be highlighted on the list of Advertising Ages steadily for three years. Lori Senecal in the year 2014 he joined MDC Partners and acted as the director and chief executive officer then she later joined CP&B and was able to develop a business network by making techniques plans and advancement working representation.

Lori Senecal’s main agenda at CP&B is controlling the direction and enlargement of the company offices. Through receiving the various awards because of the great work she did enable her to be motivated and provide efficient services to clients. Check out  GCReport to see more.

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The Relevance of Sussex HealthCare in the Sussex

     Sussex Health Care is a renowned provider of health care homes and has been operational for more than twenty-five years now. The healthcare organization offers a variety of versatile person-centered care services in a house defined environment. The company’s business model is pioneered in different nursing care providers within the area of Sussex. Sussex Health Care’s mission is to meet the evolving needs of people with complex ailments and disorders like learning disabilities, neurological conditions and autism among others. Additionally, the company’s line of services ranges from attending to the elderly individuals to providing health care needs to sick people. Sussex Health Care compliance with the health requirements of its clients is achieved through the utilization of the latest and innovative technologies.

Other services that Sussex Health Care offers include daycare, gymnasium, physiotherapies and hydrotherapy pool services. The company’s activities are facilitated by its hardworking and dedicated employees. The staff of Sussex Health Care attends to their respected in-house intending to provide quality services that generate sustainable solutions. The motive for the employees to offer impeccable services is achieved by Sussex Health Care’s incentives provided. According to the former Care Assistant of the group, Sussex Health Care creates a fun and conducive environment to work in through the providence of employee training. Additionally, the company gives the workers orientations characterized by vacations and exclusive bonuses. Also, Sussex’s vision geared towards helping people with general health problems gives the employees a chance to interact with individuals from across the globe. They are then equipped with kindness and politeness as part of their attributes.

For quality attainment, the Sussex-based healthcare facility works towards the providence of well-balanced meals to its patients. Usually, the main ingredients of the food prepared are local and fresh. Additionally, Sussex Health Care has expanded its operations since its founding in 1985. At the moment, the organization possesses more than 580 beds and has grown to be the leading provider of nursing care throughout Sussex. Different prestigious groups have recognized Sussex’s impeccable work. Recently, the company’s information manager was presented with the monthly staff prize for the appreciation of the augmentation of a new IT system for the company.

Glen Wakeman Start-Up Advisor

Glen Wakeman has made a successful career in business and finance in the past twenty years. In 2015 he co-founded the LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a company of which today he is the CEO.

Glen Wakeman has acquired a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981. He also has an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago from 1993. His career as P&L and business development began in GE Capital. He served as CEO of the last one. He was named a Growth Leadership role model by GE’s Board of Directors. Wakeman has taken pride in being an entrepreneur and a mentor to others, transforming large staff businesses and helping others achieve their development goals and success. He specializes in advising start-up entrepreneurs, M&As, divestitures, and others. He applies his strategy of covering execution, governance, human capital, leadership and risk management areas.

glen wakeman picsss

Combining the occupations as an investor and a writer, Wakeman shares his insights into regular blog posts. In them, he talks about fiscal matters, management, strategy, and administration. He is currently an advisor to Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. In his blogs, Wakeman writes on business revolutionization, global matters, new markets, and leadership. His experience as a resident of 6 countries and as a head of 30 different regional operations worldwide give him all the knowledge to be competent on his writings.

His idea for starting LaunchPad Holdings LLC came about to Wakeman as a hobby of matching money and ideas. He acknowledged the fact that talented startups often fail, due to a lack of structure to their otherwise genius ideas. LaunchPad Holdings LLC is a software platform which helps turn ideas into a concrete plan for entrepreneurs to follow.

A typical day for Wakeman begins with reviewing the numbers from the day before, going over service performance, sales, and cash totals. A conference with partners and dividing of daily routines is essential. Researching into current trends, reviews, communicating, and analyzing competition is a general part of the work as a CEO. His role as a leader and a mentor gives him an insight into his fresh ideas and their implementation into reality.

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