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George Soros: EU Can Handle the Asylum Seekers Issue Crisis-Free Each of the European Union countries has selfishly been focusing on their own interests and often acting without considering the other. This selfishness has lead to widespread panic not only among the Asylum seekers but also the public and authorities involved in keeping law and order. The lack of a standard policy, which the European Union has not yet accepted to be the biggest obstacle, has led to the growth of the refugees numbers entering the member states. A comprehensive plan that will ensure that the asylum seekers intake happens in a safe and orderly manner and at a pace that will not overwhelm Europe’s capacity to accommodate them is required. A plan on how the Asylum seekers can be maintained at their present locations or close to these areas will be much cheaper and less disruptive. This means that the plan has to extend beyond the EU borders. The Union must also find a way to work with all global states especially the United Nations members’ states. In an article by Market Watch on Sept 29, 2015, George Soros, gave out a plan that if followed by the EU the issue of Asylum seekers will be dealt with once and for all. According to Soros, it is entirely the EU member states responsibility to tackle the problem. Soros first principle is to accept at least one million refugees in a year. Finances to help provide for housing, education costs and healthcare can be raised by issuing of the long-term bonds. This can use the largely untapped AAA borrowing capacity. The second thing will be helping Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon in supporting the over four million refugees already living there by providing the countries with adequate funding. Special economic zones should also be created so as to attract investments and also create jobs for locals and the refugees. Third is creating a single asylum, and migration agency, and a single EU border guard. The agency will streamline procedures and develop a very efficient return policy for migrants not qualifying for asylum. Soros says that to calm the current panic, safe channels for getting the refugees from Greece to Italy be established. Safe avenues should be extended to the frontline region so as to reduce the migrants’ numbers that cross through the dangerous Mediterranean. The EU should mobilize parties in the private sector – churches, NGOs, and business to be sponsors. George Soros, a Hungarian-born investor, has been very vocal about the issues affecting the EU especially the refugees’ crisis. He is also very committed to having an open society for which reason he founded the Open Society. He has been involved in philanthropy work since 1979. SOROS is a successful businessman. Apart from being an activist for an open society and being philanthropy, Soros makes political donations. He got the name Soros after his family changed its name from Schwartz to Soros due to the growing anti-Semitism in 1936.

Each of the European Union countries has selfishly been focusing on their own interests and… Read More »

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