Dr. Jennifer Walden, Super Woman

A stunningly beautiful blond, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an aesthetic plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Jennifer is trained in cosmetic surgery. She is the mother of two gorgeous twin boys, named Houston and Rex, her most important job to date according to her. She relocated her practice from New York City to Austin, Texas so her sons can be raised near her family.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is at the pinnacle of her career. She is the commissioner of communications at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP). Dr. Jennifer is the first woman to be elected to the ASAP board of directors. She is also part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a member of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Associations of Plastic Surgeons.

It is evident that Dr. Jennifer Walden is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. Apart from mother and surgeon, she adds entrepreneur and businesswoman to her list of achievements. She has been featured in favorite magazines such as Best Surgeon, Plastic Surgeons in America, MD Monthly, and Harper Bazar.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is considered one of the top plastic surgeon in America. Her name has appeared on several peer-nominated lists. She is the founder of the Walden Cosmetic and Laser Centre, which offers procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelifts, liposuction and hair removal. Her practices are considered cutting edge; apparently, she has a waiting list for a variety of face and body surgeries. Her practice uses groundbreaking technology that allows her patients to see the after-effects of the surgery beforehand.

She is widely sort after, for being the first surgeon to use Therm VA radiofrequency and diVA laser for virginal rejuvenation without having to go under the knife. She uses the Smargraft device for hair transplantation and for laser fat reduction she uses sculpsure. Dr. Jennifer Walden continues to break new ground, and her future is bright.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for overall health. A key element in this mission is establishing patterns that produce a healthy body weight. In America, obesity rates are increasing and Americans are slowly becoming more concerned with nutrition. Watching what you eat can help your body be more healthy. During day-to-day activities, many Americans find themselves extremely busy. Is becoming increasingly common for Americans to seek out quick alternatives in regards to food. This pattern leads to the consumption of more fast food in a typical American diet. Most fast food items tend to be packed with more calories than food prepared at home. Another problem is the fact that consumers lack a clear idea of what exactly is in their food. This leads to a lack of information on exactly how many calories, fat, or cholesterol they are consuming.


An article provided on Herbalife site talks about a new solution that may be available to Americans looking to watch what they eat. As of May 2018 chain restaurants across America will be required to have calorie counts listed on the menu. By having calorie counts readily accessible to their customer’s consumers can make better choices and what they choose to eat. Unfortunately, these calorie counts are only estimated as variation is typical in these environments. However, they are significantly better than the guessing game consumers have had to play in the past. The website on Herbalife advises that people watching what they eat should do everything they can together’s much information as possible. They also believe that people should use as much common sense as possible when it comes to nutrition.

Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes. The company originated in 1980 and has grown exponentially since then. Herbal life currently estimates that they employ about 8000 people across the world and they boast net sales of $4.488 billion as of 2016. The company also has 3.2 million independent distributors. Herbalife is organized in a direct selling multilevel marketing model. Mark Hughes began the company in February 1980 by selling weight management products from the trunk of his car. His earliest product was a protein shake. The establishment of herbal life was inspired by the early death of Mark Hughes’s mother. He claims that her unhealthy approach to weight management inspired him. He also believes that she developed an eating disorder in order to address weight loss.


The One of a Kind OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions was awarded a worldwide award in 2016 by the British Safety Council in the United Kingdom for their excellent work in the management of the environmental pollution. This prestigious award was awarded at a luncheon at the Drapers’ Hall in London on November 25, 2016. The organization was one of the eighteen organizations that had shown great work of minimizing the environmental risks and hence deserved the award. The British Safety Council awards the Globe of Honor to those organizations who have first met the five stars in the audit scheme give on August 2015 – July 2016. The organizations also had to demonstrate to the independent panel their excellent ways of managing the environmental crisis in their company which included showcasing almost everything from the shop floor to the boardroom.

The award was presented by Mike Robinson, the Chief Executive in the British Safety Council to Kelly Grimwood, Environmental Manager Europe at OSI Food Solutions. In his introductory speech, Kelly maintained that leadership is a critical factor in organizations and a significant determinant of success. He also said that although compliance is essential, inspiration towards success is the primary determinant of how far people can achieve their goals. Kelly congratulated the winners of the award and encouraged them to even continue with the spirit of environmental conservation saying that they did an exemplary work to deserve it. OSI Food Solutions has operated in the United Kingdom since 1989 at Scunthorpe dealing with the production of beef and pork products in the restaurant sector and also got the Globe of Honour award again in 2013 and 2015.

OSI Food Solutions Recent Purchase of Baho Food

David G. McDonald who is the president and chief operating officer at OSI Food Solutions was very optimistic about purchasing Baho food saying that the company would have developed in the whole of Europe. He believed that Baho’s portfolio of products was a major compliment to the company’s processing capabilities and would, therefore, widen the scope of their services of their clients at large. Baho was a great resource to the company since they have five other subsidiaries located in Germany and Netherlands. John Balvers who is the managing director at Baho Foods also said that becoming part of the company would be a significant advantage to offering excellent services to the customers and was excited to join the OSI Company where the goal would be realized in the supply of products and services.

About OSI Food Solutions: de.osigroup.com/locations/

Academy of Art University Designers Dare To Experiment With Different Designs

While there are some really established styles in the fashion industry, there is a lot of room for experimentation. For one thing, the runway events are filled with a lot of outrageous designs that bring out all kinds of reactions from people. Some of these designs can cause people to gag. Either way, the designs are pretty far from the norm because of the experimental nature of these designs. Academy of Art University brings forth classes that encourage and inspire people to play around with fashion. They can come up with the designs that are very similar to what is being shown at fashion runway shows.

One of the reasons that people bring out some of the craziest designs is because this is the chance for them to express themselves. Buyers are looking for some of the more expressive items they can get their hands on. Academy of Art University has classes that help people learn how to let their creative minds flow. With the right flow of creativity, people are going to inspire and even gain the curiosity of buyers. This can land them some gigs as designers. One of the best things about landing gigs is that they might be able to take part in some of the projects that are being brought forth.

With fashion, Academy of Art University teaches designers to express themselves with the tools they have. Among the many different ways that people learn how to express themselves with the use of fashion is by learning about all of the different eras and purposes behind the clothes that have been made in those times and cultures. Once they know enough, they can use everything they have learned to come up with their own ideas and designs. With the right sensibilities, they can change the fashion industry in a significant manner.


Richard Dwayne Blair Is Prepared To Teach You About Financial Planning

You can’t really go wrong when you listen to someone like Richard Dwayne Blair for financial planning. He is an executive at Wealth Solutions Inc that has helped thousands get their financial life figured out in ways that they simply did not have beforehand. He understands that all of this takes hard work and dedication, but that is exactly what he is prepared to put into it. He wants people to walk away from the lessons that he teaches feeling like they have a better grasp on their own finances.

Make A Plan

Richard Dwayne Blair says that you should bring him your plan as soon as possible. He wants to go over something concrete with you. He does not see the point of wasting time talking about the future and your finances if you have taken the time to put in the effort to actually figure out what kind of plan you have for your future in the first place.

Pick Investments For That Plan

After you have a plan, you need to actually pick the right investments to make it work. You might need certain types of investments that others do not require depending entirely upon the plans that you have for your future versus someone else. Just remember that each case is unique and that you may need to do things differently from the other guy.

Make The Plan A Reality

The last part is to actually bring the plan that you and Richard Dwayne Blair came up with into reality. Nothing happens with your plan until there is real money at stake and on the table. You may succeed or fail, but there is going to be no way to measure this until you just go ahead and put your dollars on the line with it. That is what you have to follow through on with this last step of your plan. Otherwise it was a waste.


Alex Pall Explains the Future of The Chainsmokers

In the past couple of years, The Chainsmokers have taken the music world by storm. The release of their first single “#Selfie” sent them into super stardom, and the hits have not let up since their debut. Each song released by The Chainsmokers seems to differ from the last, but it doesn’t make their sound unrecognizable. The Chainsmokers currently have some of the most recognizable music in the mainstream music scene today.


The Chainsmokers produce pop/EDM/dance music, but unlike most of the music in these genres, their music has meaningful lyrics and important messages hidden behind synths and drums. Some of their greatest works to date include “Paris,” “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”


The music act is a duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. After the release of “Closer,” the group conducted an interview discussing their formation and plans for the future. Halsey, the singer featured in “Closer,” was also a topic of the interview.


“I was a DJ growing up,” Pall said, beginning the interview. He went on to explain that DJing was simply a hobby for him until he realized that music was taking over his life. He was working in the band at the time, but Andrew Taggart had yet to join him. After Pall’s previous musical partner left, Pall’s manager introduced him to Taggart. Taggart and Pall immediately began making original music.


“She’s incredible,” said Pall, referring to Halsey, the female vocalist on “Closer.” Pall told the interviewer that Halsey was high on their list of future collaborations. Now that “Closer” has been released, Pall can mark Halsey off that list.


“Closer” isn’t only famous for featuring such a talented female vocalist. The song also made history for The Chainsmokers, as Andrew Taggart took over the band’s role as lead singer.


The decision to move Andrew Taggart to singer was ultimately a good move. Now The Chainsmokers are able to provide their fans with a more enjoyable concert experience. The days of guest vocals blasting guest vocals out of loud speakers are over. Now Andrew Taggart can fill in for missing vocalists.



Malcolm CasSelle: Looking to the Future

There many industries growing as a result of the tech boom. It takes a very special mind to understand the expected shifts in needs in such an uncertain time. However, it takes this kind of knowledge in order to be successful as an entrepreneur. Creating a viable business means displaying the ability to recognize the needs of various demographics and then provide for those needs in an efficient and accessible manner. A demographic that is expanding rapidly is that of gamers. Millions of more people play video games now than they did before with increasingly larger numbers in younger populations. Those entrepreneurs that can best identify and cater to the new means of these gamers will find themselves in a comfortable position as time marches on.

Many people wish it had the knowledge they have today when companies like Facebook were being established. With hindsight granted by time, they recognize the value of investing in these types of companies early on. Hindsight for everyone maybe 20/20 but foresight for an entrepreneur Malcolm CasSelle seems to be almost is clear. Before everyone knew what successful companies like Facebook or Zynga would be he saw the potential. An even more modern example is his timely investment in Bitcoin. Malcolm has always displayed a passion for technology. He earned his bachelors and Masters degree in computer science. The undergrad was earned from MIT while the graduate’s degree was earned from Stanford. Since graduation, he has dedicated his expertise to the business world.

He currently applies his skill as CIO of OPSkins and also acts as president of worldwide asset exchange. The two companies create the most popular marketplace for digital assets. The digital assets in question are those obtained through video games. As a company, they recognize the need for gamers to have such a marketplace available to them. Detailed research indicates that them that there were two major problems with selling and buying these virtual items. Those problems are fraud and the fragmented nature of the marketplace. They corrected these issues by creating a popular and secure marketplace through the use of a newly developed blockchain.


The RealReal’s Instagram Is … Real

The RealReal is a company based in San Francisco Bay area with a brick and mortar store in New York. Their sales are primarily done online with both domestic and international shipping options. Their company is based on selling secondhand luxury goods in every category with a 100% guarantee of authenticity. This allows for consumers of the middle class to indulge in the luxury lifestyle in a more affordable fashion.

In order to showcase their inventory and display a life of luxury, The RealReal uses their Instagram page to promote the site. With over 130 thousand followers, the instagram page is quite popular and features items in women’s wear, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and more.

The company uses Instagram to promote their goods and share information about products and new events happening. One image from last February featured an image of their new pop-up store with the caption: “Gearing up for our next pop-up opening February 12 at the Forum Shops at Caesers Palace. Viva Las Vegas!” They also promote celebrities and celebrity lifestyle with frequent images of their quotes.

With over 3,000 posts on their page, The RealReal showcases their items along with images of a luxury lifestyle through their clothing, location, and accessories. Most models remain anonymous with their faces hidden, but one post showed a handful of the 600 employees working for The RealReal with their children to honor the mother’s of the company for Mother’s Day. They also have occasional promotional posts with the chance for followers to win luxury items such as a post to win a Gucci bag and an opportunity to win a Stella McCartney bag.

The site also uses Instagram to announce new store openings like the ones in New York and Las Vegas, which makes their Instagram page a must follow for those loyal customers wanting the first look and notice into new events and updates from the company. All in all, the Instagram page is a great way for the company to reach out and connect with their buyers and sellers on a more personal level while also promoting the company.

Find out more about The RealReal: https://www.recode.net/2018/4/11/17219742/realreal-funding-ipo-online-luxury-consignment

Deirdre Baggot’s Opinion On Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot is a medical practitioner who has grown to gain a great reputation due to her achievements. She acquired her bachelor’s degree in nursing as well as in business administration in the United States. As she studied, she was exceptional at making her get the selection to be in charge of some executive roles. She has had the opportunity to work with many organizations both in the medical sector and also those involving management.

She has grown to gain a lot of experience in the fields she has been involved with. Deirdre Baggot uses the knowledge she has to help others get informed. For this reason, she is a known speaker who has reached the chance to talk to many people, organizations as well as nations. Moreover, she is an author who uses writing to express her opinions and inform people on the platform. She has written many articles which involve various aspects such as health care reform, physician integration and bundled payments among many other elements. The writings mostly touch on ways to improve medical care. Read More articles at acc.org to learn more.

Deirdre views the success of bundled payment to be accredited by visionary leadership and active decision-making process. She emphasizes that every healthcare organization should take time to comprehend what it makes use of bundled payments for lack of knowledge will be a disaster. Deirdre Baggot assists in exposing the functions of bundled payments and the things one should observe.

One of the truths is that bundled payments work with the principle of using fixed volume. There is no promise to have a discount, and if it occurs, it is difficult for one to get incremental volume. Therefore, the cost of care may be expensive if the cost of care is not lowered. On the other hand, the offer to have exclusivity is not present making the volumes available minimal.

Secondly, flexibility is crucial in the management of bundled payments. For effective functioning, there should be effective leaders who are open to new ideas and can conduct restructuring if required. Therefore, the leaders present should be observant and keen not to ignore unquestioned routines. They should be free to bring new strategies that can cause better services.

Read more: https://www.worldcongress.com/speakerBio.cfm?speakerID=3998&confcode=HL17004


An Insight In Peter Briger’s Biography

Peter Lionel Briger Jr is the head of Credit and Real Estate Business at Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the principal and president of Fortress Investment Group, an investment management company whose headquarter is in New York City.

The American citizen joined Fortress Investment Group as a member of the management committee in 3003, people witnessed his hard work make him rise to the rank that that required him to create and oversee Fortress Credit Business which has a workforce of 300 individuals.

The credit team role is to check into the underrated and distress illiquid credit investments in the entire firm. Peter Briger joined Princeton University and acquired an Associate in Arts/Sciences. He furthered his studies at the University of Pennsylvania and achieved a Master of Business Administration.

The self-made billionaire in the finance industry was ranked number 963 in Forbes with a net worth of $1.3 billion. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, he worked at Goldman Sachs and Co for over 15years as a partner.

This position allowed him to attend various committees like Asian Management Committee, Japan Executive Committee and Global control and compliance committee. At, Princeton Entrepreneurship,Peter Briger offers funds to startup companies and recent entrepreneurs for Princeton alumni.

His move has encouraged creativity and innovation among the alumni. Peter Briger also offered help to Wall Street in the long slow process of new technology development. This was after Wall Street announced its entry in bitcoin technology.

Peter Briger confidently said that bitcoin technology was digital gold, he credited this fact that bitcoins are an instant way to diversify money in the world and more so, the presence of bitcoin deficiency in America.

Fortress Investment Group was featured with a four-star rating by Indeed Company. This was credited to an average of categories like pay and benefits, work-life balance, job security and advancement, management and culture.

Peter Briger has devoted himself towards giving back to the society through charity work based on children, education and alleviating poverty among the society. He contributes to charity events like playing the leadership role at Silicon Valley council that funds needy children globally.

He is also a member of the council on foreign matters, the organization that works on promoting and improving people’s understanding of foreign issues. He works towards ensuring quality services reach less privileged persons in the society and also increase the capacity of children to access better services.

He also supports Central Park Conservancy and other organizations of such caliber. Peter is known to have broad networks and connections.